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There's nothing better than a little "me time" with my OG EVO running AOKP ICS 4.0.3 on my "coffee break".

vlimon83 says:

Hahaha doing it

dskwerl says:

Oh man, bathroom time just isn't the same without my tablet. That's excellent.

tcmeiss says:

+1 to that!

Toilet time is Xoom time!

84guy says:

i miss my tablet, had to return for financial reasons :( but my evo 3d does suffice

heyguido says:

Now that's some funny sh**.

robertw0925 says:

What's the deal with the banana????

darklordzim says:

first thing i thought when i saw the banana was "banana phone"

sifriheavy says:

I hope Jerry finds this funny haha...

romma says:

Was that Ellen Barkin's daughter?

ScottJ says:

Maybe Ellen Barkin mated with Jewel.

Kegman says:

thank god she's hot, that video is unbearable

jfultz14976 says:

Worst song I've ever heard!

ScottJ says:

jfultz14976 says:

This might be bad, but at least it's funny. The other is just dumb.

therddler says:

I need this as a fucking ringtone.