Phone for piercing

We've seen these "free" phone deals before. Try on a pair of jeans, get a "free" phone. But we're a little intrigued about the prospect of getting a "free" phone (you still have to sign a contract and, you know, pay your bill every month) in exchange for putting holes in your body. But that's what you can get from the Piercing Pagoda, apparently. You've got to be 18, and be able to pass a credit check. And, you know, have a hole put in your body.

Source: Piercing Pagoda; thanks, Justice

Update: Whoops. Piercing Pagoda doesn't do nipples. That was an embarrassing trip to the mall.


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Pierce your nipples, get a 'free' phone


Attention-getting, no less. In my personal opinion (and feel free to disagree), despite finding out they don't pierce nipples I hope he leaves the title the way it is. After seeing the title and reading the article, I got a pretty hearty laugh out of it.

Actually doing the triple-phone thing now. Primary is Android, two secondary BlackBerry's. I use the Android the most as of 2 months ago. After I rooted my Thunderbolt and put CM7 on it, it went from a mostly crappy phone to the best I've ever owned.

It actually doesn't say you have to get a piercing in this ad, just that you have to buy something from them.

No extra holes required.

Yeah, you can order online too. Unless virtual reality has greatly improved, I don't see any way they can pierce your body through a web browser. LOL