Thank you Twitter. Or more specifically, thank you Cory O'Brien's Twitter for snapping a picture of the Nexus One aka Google Phone and posting it for all to see. The Nexus One (doesn't exactly roll off the tongue) looks exactly like the HTC Passion/Dragon we saw months ago, which gives credence to the idea that the Google Phone is simply a re-branded HTC Passion/Dragon.

Interestingly enough however is that the 4 Android hardware buttons are in a different order from what we previously saw in HTC-built Android devices. The one above goes 'Back, Menu, Home, Search' while the one that originally popped up went 'Home, Menu, Back, Search'. Other HTC devices are ordered like the latter, so it's a noteworthy switch. Delving deeper, the menu button carries the same look as the Motorola Droid, unlike HTC devices which have simply said 'menu'.

The details don't particularly have to stay consistent with HTC's previous efforts, given it's supposed to be a Google branded phone and not a HTC branded one, but it's definitely something worth pointing out. Either way, the design of the Nexus One basically hinges on the quality of the screen, if it's amazing the look is amazing, if it's not, well let's not go down that route yet. What do you guys think?

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Picture Of Nexus One aka Google Phone Pops Up


Kind of funny hat it looks like his pic was shot with a wbite iphone, but this whole situation looks to be very interesting on a couple of fronts. Its interesting that HTC was willing to do this when it seemed that in the US, they were thin tobget away from selling non branded phones. They used to make phones for wireless carriers all the time and were really trying to establish themselves. I would think that they would have picked motorola for their google phone because they are known for their sturdy hardware. Htc is more known for how the revamp software thsn their hardware design prowess. I also hope that whatever that N1 (yes I have already coined a nickname) can do other phbones will eventually be able to do as well. As a person wriring this on his droid, I would be just a tad annoyed if a new os comes out after a freaking month and mine doesn't get an upgrade too. I really wonder what the plan is.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: this is a developer phone. The only dev phones are G1 and myTouch versions. None meet the specs of a DROID or X10.

Come back tomorrow and re-read this prophecy.

I've given up on posting on the various forums that this is a developer phone. I've even posted the link to Google's dev page that shows it. This is the biggest non story of late 2009.

A google phone? that will never happen, it will be a google experience phone, not a google phone designed and built by google. The day google manufacturers a phone, that is the day they can call it a google phone.

Ok so I keep reading about the Google phone and its saying that it will be an unlocked, so my question is will there be both an unlocked gsm and cdma version of the phone, because I have Sprint and I'm very happy with them. I do not want to switch companies cause the phone only has an unlocked gsm version

"Mario didn’t say a word about a Google phone. This is an HTC Passion fun running an internal alpha version of Android 2.1 (instead of the about-to-be-release 2.01). Why make a story out of that? Google did this twice before: they handed out an unlocked dev version of the G1 HTC Dream exactly a year ago to employees and then the Google Ion/HTC Magic at Google i/o to developers. There’s no story here."

What's wrong with Nexus One? You do realise it is a reference to the first generation replicants from BladeRunner right?

The question is, will it run on ATT's 3G network. If its another TMO phone, then it will be nothing but 100% FAIL.

It is prob making it's way to AT&T.. bad move since their ratings have been down, worst of the major carriers in reception, customer service, and coverage

Worst in reception and coverage?? You are really clueless. You must be thinking of TMO, they have least amount of coverage of the big 4.

Google is moving down in the stack to challenge B2C opponents with an open architecture and new sets of standards. In creating a post-revenue business model, Google can only manage success if consumers accept a co-branding and outsourced manufactured device ... NQ Logic recommends reading the rest of the new Google's mobile strategy at

Listen to cj100570....

This is a developer's phone.

If it doesn't work on AT&T it will fail??? Obviously you're new to the Android world. AT&T doesn't even want Android right now. So they are a non factor in Android's success (which is phenomenal by the way despite AT&T not signing on).

Since everyone wants to over analyse this, look at the android logo on the back of the phone. Every dev phone has it. What commercially released android phone has that?

You'll NEVER have this phone in your hand unless you're a developer. When the G1 dev phone was announced Google did the same thing in passing them around to employees.