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UK phone retailer Phones 4u has started to carry the Samsung Galaxy S3 in amber brown. It will sell the brown version alongside the stock “marble white” and “pebble blue” versions, but the brown is a web-exclusive, it says. Phones 4u’s S3 is the international quad-core Exynos version, with 16Gb of internal memory.

Consumers can get the device for about £49 with a £26-per-month, 2-year contract with Orange. Other options include a 2-year plan with Vodafone for £37 a month, and the device is yours for free.

In the US, Verizon announced black and brown flavors of Samsung’s superphone last week, in the dual-core Snapdragon version that the country's telcos have been carrying.

We’ve known about the various colors for a while now. Samsung announced the brown, “garnet red”, “sapphire black” and “titanium gray” in late August. In some countries, these have gone on to be carrier or retailer exclusives.

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cjbrigol says:

That thing is ugly...

ucfgrad93 says:

Agreed. It reminds me of the brown Zune.

Looks like sh!t.

law2138#AC says:

If they're going to introduce new colors, is it so hard to change the featured wallpaper/background to compliment the phone? How about some nice fall colors (maybe some leaves)or some beige/tans.

I'm not a fan of the S3, but something so subtle could make it a lot more appealing.

gottria says:

Phones should not be brown, that thing is fricken nasty looking.

PlatinuM195 says:

Finally my favorite color, classic Zune brown!

the way they treated the color actually reminds me of a faux wood finish inside of a car interior. its actually not quite bad.

Surprised that color didn't come out for T-Mobile's version and Verizon didn't get the Red one AT&T got.

xforce_dac says:

Well that color may not be for everyone. I personally don’t find it that offensive and it sure is nice to see a company provide the consumer with an option. However, if you hate having choices I know of a company based in Cupertino that would love to sell you a device that is the same as every other one they make!

hellrod87 says:

While the brown isn't a color I would buy (or white for that matter), it's good to see Manufacturers offering more choices. It is almost like the current version of interchangeable face plates on old school nokias

feenixfly says:

I guess it's only me and few people who actually thinks brown looks awesome. (would actually trade my blue with this brown)

someguy01234 says:

It's a nice cafe color, too bad it doesn't do anything for the durability.

biln says:

wow, a brown phone what will they think of next? this is innovation.

davidk365 says:

Next, they'll patent it.
A brown phone is as innovative as a rounded rectangular phone, or a 5th row of icons, or a bigger screen that only stretched vertically, or a new proprietary cable, or....