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Pick up a companion tablet for signing a contract on your new Note 3

Although it may not be the same great deal as getting a free Galaxy Gear, Phones 4U is offering a free Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with purchase of a new Galaxy Note 3. For one week only, if you buy Samsung's latest Note 3 from Phones 4U and sign up for a contract to get it, you'll get the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (a £149.95 value) for free along with it.

Plans on offer range from £49 up-front and £43 per month to free and £48 per month depending on the carrier, and if you happen to go with a 2-year contract on EE you'll get a free wireless speaker to go along with your phone and tablet.

While signing up for a 2-year contract may not be the best of choices, if you were going that route and wanted a Note 3 you might as well grab your free tablet at the same time. Hit the source link if you're interested in the proposition — you'll have the choice of black, white or pink for your new Note 3.

Source: Phones 4U


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Phones 4U offering free Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with on-contract Galaxy Note 3


Wow, so you could get a free tablet and wireless speaker, just for signing a contract? And I'm sure, you don't need to put the tablet on a contract, which is what AT&T is offering.

Damn, color me jealous, lol.

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People, people...the two year contract in itself is the problem. It doesn't matter that they're throwing in a tablet. They know that they will make that back many times over during the course of your two year indentureship. Just stay away...


Why can't we get great deals like these in North America? So jealous coming from Canadian who's a Rogers customer which are no different than AT&T.

Because in America we're surrounded by dense people who believe the free tablet AT&T gives is really free despite the fact you have to add a data plan to it (don't belive me.....check the comments in that story a couple of weeks back).

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I would have liked a free Galaxy Gear with my Note 3. Even if I didn't like it at least it was free.

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At the very last minute I picked up a galaxy note 3 and galaxy gear from phone 4 u. Whilst i like the phone ...I may sell the watch. I use the phone mainly as a tablet..for all my interneting stuff...therefore I don't have much use 4 the watch. Having said that, having a camera on hand,video and voice recording is real handy. Probably end up keeping the gear 4 that reason

The phone is really cool though I have a note 1 and the note 3 is an excellent upgrade. Now to sell the note 1

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Just saw the web that carphone warehouse is offering the galaxy note 3 plus the gear watch for £37 a month. You get unlimited internet (3g will get the 4g for free when they launch it), 500 minutes,5000 text

Guess what, i will be returning my phone to phones 4 you ( i am on £45 a month...5 gigs of 4g data, unlimited text and minutes) as i more comfortable paying £37 a month for unlimited internet...than £45 a month for 5gigs

Cheers everyone

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The other day I saw a guy with the Note 3 attached to a belt holster. The screen is beautiful, but at that size it looked like a tablet attached to his hip. haha. I can't lie I was totally jealous.

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