We weren't aware that Philips had been meddling with Android but with Android's growth and popularity, it should come as no surprise. So reports have been surfacing that points the Philips V808, the phone pictured above, as Philips' first android device and it looks, okay.

The Philips V808 is rumored to have a 3.2 inch HVGA display and 3.2 megapixel camera and video. We’re not sure if Philips cooked something on top of Android like HTC and Sony Ericsson have done. What do you guys think about Philips’ reportedly first Android Phone? 



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Philips V808 Android Phone Pictures


I don't know. It's not necessarily a bad design, but it seems sort of uninspired. I think what really bothers me is all the wasted real estate at the top and bottom of the phone. There does seem to be three buttons on the bottom part, it just seem like it takes up far too much space. If not for the Philips logo I may as well be looking at the latest Samsung.

Can't buy this one. That center button looks like the iPhone or Pre center button. Android "requires" either a D-pad or trackball. The red and green buttons are standard call/answer & power/end. A home button and a menu button are also required for an Android device.

Note too that it's not powered up. Windows Mobile devices require a Windows key so; so it's probably not that. My guess is that it's a Symbian device with that button layout.

The picture is probably not the actual device or even prototype since the required Android hardware buttons aren't all there. The more important news is that Philips has one in the plans which is good in driving costs down and features up for all other Android devices.