Nokia XL

Mobile World Congress

Nokia wasn't content with announcing just two Android-powered phones today at Mobile World Congress — CEO Stephen Elop rolled out the oversized Nokia XL as well!

Nokia XL is sporting a 5-inch IPS display. It'll be available early Q2 for 109 Euros in "growth markets."

Nokia's Windows Phone-powered Lumia line is still its flagship product, Elop said here in Barcelona. "The X family serves the fast-growing, affordable smartphone segment," Elop said. It'll continue to be priced beneath its Lumia line.

Again, Nokia XL is running an AOSP build of Android (Elop didn't say what version it's based off), but it's all about getting folks into Microsoft's cloud.

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Ry says:


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brainimpact says:

109 euro is a very competitive price but its still going to be hard to compete in the markets they are targeting with the rise of home grown Companies in those places in China and India

BldyIdt says:


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talhamid says:

GIven the right price, this will blow Chinese Droids out of the water. Seriously.

Tosse Kling says:

Interesting, but why stick to Microsoft apps? Not like they are better or anything. But a phone in that price range should be fun to have as a toy to root and put it CM in.
Question I ask myself is thought, what will the specs be like? I guess that will come later on.

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jimbo says:

Read. It's Android AOSP!

brainimpact says:

based on Android 4.1.2

TheMimic12 says:

Where'd you get the info on them using Android 4.1?

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Price: Nokia X - 89 Euros Specs
Nokia X+ - 99 Euros Specs -
Nokia XL- 109 Euros Specs:
Android 4.1.2 os

With Nokia Glance Screen, Double Tap to unlock, Nokia MixRadio and Here Maps

patfactorx says:

Priced well but Nokia is going to feel pressured by Lenovo and Huawei since they have better partnerships in Asia.

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jimbo says:

Yes but Nokia has great brand and build reputation globally. OEM's are really shaking things up at MWC.

chenchfort says:

Does Nokia have to pay Google ?
lol at "extra large"

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kinster02 says:

That's a big I'll "PASS" Nokia.

From my Note 2 to you

TheMimic12 says:

This is a combination of an asha feature phone and an unholy lovechild of Android and windows phone.

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Boot loader is unlockable or not?

If it's unlockable, I will unlock it, root, flash g apps.

If its not unlockable then pass

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