Verizon NFL app

There you go, folks. If you were holding out for Verizon to officially launch its NFL service, it's now available. All you have to do is text NFL to 8915 or go to, and you can snag the official app.


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NFL now officially available on Verizon Android smartphones


Neither method has worked for me. I get the text message to click an included link, and it takes me to a "does not exist" page.


Thanks, it worked fine that way. I checked the Verizon tab in the Market, and it wasn't there about 30 min ago. Now it's there.

Yeah, I originally went and looked at the Verizon tab and didn't see it, so I decided to search for it. Glad I could help someone out heh.

i really like this app, im a football junkie so being able to watch nfl network live from my phone brings tears of joy to my eyes

My fiancee will be thrilled, yet another way for me to watch sports.

Awesome app though, I like the individualized team sections and the front page.

Former Alltel customers, be aware there are issues with this app not working. I am a former Alltel customer with the correct SID and a VZW number (checked with tech support), but it still says the app is only for Verizon customers.

They had to submit a ticket to network to have it checked out.

Not optimized for the Droid?!?!?!?! This app looks like crap. The text is squished together. No landscape support and the video (though it at least fills the screen) is crappy quality.

This isn't even that good of a free app; they better improve some things if they are going to try and charge for it next year.