We've seen how the cost of the Google Nexus One stacks up against, well, itself. But  how does the Nexus One and its official T-Mobile plan stack up against the iPhone 3GS (AT&T), Palm Pre (Sprint) and its Android cousin, the Motorola Droid (Verizon)?

See the bottom line after the break, brought to you by BillShrink, which does the math so you (and we) don't have to. [via TechCrunch]


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Nexus One priced against iPhone 3GS, Pre, Droid


Android Market 20,000? Appstore only 93,200? Maybe billshrink.com is owned by Google. I hear Appstore has more than 100,000 with now 3 billion downloads. Oh, and iPhone 4.0 is in the pipeline.

Full price on the Droid is $569 not $599. As far as total cost of ownership, not bad for almost getting a laptop in your hand. Much easier to swallow if you look at the cost on a month to month basis.

You are missing one more piece of data - how much for a full price phone with a cheaper plan, e.g. part of a family plan, over the same 24 months?

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They left out family plans which are the main reason I won't be getting a Nexus one on TMo (at least not until they change the plan availability). Multiple $80 plans will cost me a lot more than a single $120 family plan on another carrier.