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You'll have to excuse us if we tend to think that anytime a carrier says it has a new phone on the way it'll be an Android phone. But seeing as how around these here parts when it rains it pours, we've got a better than average chance of seeing a new Android device announced this Thursday.

What will it be? A follow-up to the still wildly popular HTC Evo? Another Samsung device? More 4G? Something with three screens? (Ooooo, sorry.) Windows Phone 7? Pre 3? We'll just have to see, won't we. [@sprint] More in our Rumored Devices forum


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New Sprint phone coming Feb. 24 -- but is it Android?


Man! I wouldn't be laughing because I have Sprint. The only thing I can think of would be either the Pre 3 or the Pro 7. EVO 2 will be announced at CTIA! :D

Yea , most likely
It could be the Pro 7 , since HTC said it will come to Sprint
Whatever its , don't get your hopes up
Even if it was the Evo 2 , there is a big chance that it will be other version of Desire HD\Inspire 4G\ThunderBolt

It won't be the Evo 2. The Evo is legendary- it is Sprint's flagship, their most popular high-end phone they EVER sold, and one of the leading phones across all carriers and manufacturers.

They will have a LOT more hype before releasing the Evo 2 than just a twitter post saying "guess what is coming" just 3 days in advance. I mean, look at the incredible advanced hype for that crazy dual-screen phone that nobody cares about!

Plus, they will probably want to time it with CTIA and release it for Premiere customers coming off the Evo after their 1 year.

That's great thinking. I was hoping for EVO 2 but reading what you wrote, it makes sense that they'd do something a bit more major

Ugh let's not get excited for this...we remember last time.

I think it's probably the HTC Arrive (HTC 7 Pro). It can't be anything big because they'll probably save it for CTIA next month.

Sprint would be stupid to not have it be an android device...its the only thing thats saving them...granted i am a sprint user but if their service gets anymore crappy i will pay more to get more...

They would be stupid not to have it be a webOS-based device since they have many, many current webOS users clamoring for a new device.

At this point, Sprint have many Android-based devices and need to take care of current customers quickly. I'm quite sure they'll have other Android-based devices in late spring, but they need to reassure their Pre and Pixi customers now.

There is always going to be another phone. So when one comes out that you don't like, try not freak out about it.

I don't think it is going to be anything too big. We would have seen leaks by now if it was going to be a new high end Android phone.

Its a industry first, the (veer)first phone that you have to use a magnified glass in oder to use it, about that.

Not nessessrelly , no leaks doesn't mean its not big
Examples :
Motorola Droid Pro (the only thing was leaked is the name)
Motorola Atrix (aka Olympic & the only thing was known about it is its Dual core , but the docks , the specs & the carrier were a huge superise)
Motorola Cliq 2 , its not a high end but it can match\out perform high ends phones
& the same with leaked phones
Examples :
HTC incredible S

I doubt it will be an Evo2. If it is, I will be highed disappointed as they had a huge event for a mediocre phone will two screens. It would be a slap in the face of HTC to simply announce the successor to one of the most popular phones on the market.

with how many subscribers they'll lose to the Thunderbolt this Thursday (rumored date--but we've seen that fiasco before), i hope it's the Evo2.
i love my Evo...but after seeing the hype they made for the Echo--i'm really timid of any industry-first or next-big-thing device they're going to be pushing that's not an Evo or the counterpart to the HTCPyramid

No, its NOT Pre3 unfortunatelly because pre3 is coming "sometime in summer".

Could be Veer though, since its suposed to. ..oh nevermnd just remembered - veer is gsm only (afaik).

Epic 2 w/ gb 2.4?

Not Pre3 and thank Goodness, not Veer. Could be Pre2, but who on Sprint would buy a Pre2 after the way HP shafted the installed base? Hopefully it will be an EVO 2, but God forbid, what if it's the iPhone and someone let Flash onto it? That would be funny.. LOL!!

I honestly hope it's NOT EVO 2 yet...I can't upgrade my EVO until July and I don't need the temptation to do so early!

Yea I am not going to get my hopes up. I am itching so bad for a new phone. By the time a worthy phone is released on Sprint i will have the cash to buy it w/o having to do a contract.
I hope that If there is an EVO 2 It is a tegra2 w/1gb ram with the typical EVO style specs upgraded. Then i would feel comfortable in buying w/o contract.

probably Sprints first WP7 phone. Either from Samsung or HTC. I would be floored if it was the iPhone.

How lame would it be if the Echo got a huge built-up press event, and the EVO2 got announced over twitter? Given how little build up there is I'd suspect a low end phone announcement of some sort. Optimus S follow up?

Either the Touch Pro 7 or the Pre 3. 173% certain it's not a new Evo. Although, wouldn't it be cool for HTC to torpedo the excitement of the Thunderbolt launch with "It's not your dream phone. It's the one after the one that's after that!" Lmao!!!!

I hope it is not Android. Already too many Android phones on the market. I hope it is Webos or Windows Phone 7 at least and not just another Android phone.

I don't read WPCentral nearly as regularly as I read Android Central, but wasn't there recently some pretty official-sounding buzz about WP coming to Sprint very soon? My money's on that.

A Sprint rep told me that another Sprint rep told her that his store manager told him that he wasn't sure what the next phone would be. :-)

I have conformed from an industry insider that it will be a Nexus S 4g3dHDTHX w/ TV. You heard it hear first!

Wouldn't make sense to release another Wimax 4G device now (which the Evo 2 would be) if Sprint is contemplating the switch to LTE. I think they'll release Pre 3. If so, ill stick with my Evo.

Sprint has stated on numerous occasions that the upgrade to LTE from Wimax would only require a software patch for phones.

I call BS so prove me wrong!

I've never heard or read Sprint say the current handsets could be upgraded to LTE with just a software patch. What I have heard Sprint say is that they can make the switch to LTE, from WiMax, with a software patch on the network (Clearwire owns the the WiMax network). Changing to LTE on the network is different then current WiMax phones being able to switch to LTE with just a software patch.

As for going to LTE on the EVO or Epic... It ain't gonna happen. The reason isn't the software or Clearwire owning Sprint's Wimax network, but the phone hardware. There's this little thing in the phone called an antenna that would need to be changed. You see WiMax runs at 2.5ghz; Sprint's TD-LTE has been approved at 800/1900 mhz, so just a software patch on the phone won't work.

Antenna's are a given length for a given frequency; you can't make a 2.5ghz antenna work at 800/1900 mhz.

Who knows what this rumor may hold -- Android, Win Phone 7, webOS -- there is one FACT I can guarantee you about: It will not be available until May 1st or later (inline with the new Premier program).

Most people will have to break their contract or pay almost full price to upgrade to a new phone from the EVO this year unless they have the most expensive data plan. It is too bad that Premium Member service is getting changed just a few months too early for most EVO owners to upgrade this year if they are on the $69.99(+$10 premium data) plan.

I think it is fair. I have been a customer over 10 years and it was silly that anyone coming off the street as a new customer could be a "Premier" customer just because they had a plan over $60 or something! It is an insult to the long term customers.

Either that, or they should give long term customers EVEN MORE incentives over the Premier plan, to remain loyal- like yearly upgrades PLUS a $50 credit on the phone.

I didnt come off the street. I have been with Sprint for 7 years and it does suck they promised 1 year new phones and now they take it away.

It most likely is a Windows 7 phone by HTC. It is too early to announce a Sprint iPhone. If they would get the iPhone, it wouldn't be released till late in the Summer, with iPhone 5. My long shot pick would be either an LG or HTC 3D phone.

It'll be the "Echo Echo." A 4 screen phone that can turn itself into a 7" tablet, but is only running Android 1.6. :p

LOL you guys are funny. If Sprint is actually considering going to LTE then you know any phone that comes out till that is decided will be 3g right?

Makes sense, but it doesn't make sense also.

Sprint's current 4G offering is Sprint reselling Clearwire's service. It wouldn't make sense for Sprint to say "We no longer have 4G, until LTE is up" as long as Clearwire keeps wholesaling.

If I were Sprint, I'd keep putting out WiMax phones until I got to a phone where I could offer 4G on LTE. This could be done by Sprint reselling Verizon's 4G LTE (there are FD/TD LTE chipset already on the market) until they get their TD-LTE network operational or just keep pushing WiMax phones until their 4G LTE network is operational.

Windows Phone 7. Two Sprint announcements, two Sprint disappointments. Plus the change to the Premier program. Strike 3 anyone?

I am betting it will be the Kyocera Echo Echo.

Kyocera Echo:
Twice as thick. Twice as ugly.

Kyocera Echo Echo:
Twice as thick. Twice as ugly. Squared.

Given Sprint's latest tweet, it's either the Veer or, far more likely, the HD7 Pro:

Our upcoming phone puts your contacts, from email to Twitter in one place. How many of yours would overlap?

It's officially the HTC Arrive (WP7). I'm really sad right now. I had a small amount of hope still going for the Nexus S.