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The latest data from research firm comScore shows Android remaining on top of the smartphone OS industry in the US during June 2014 with a 51.9 percent share.

Android's market share actually went down three tenths of a percent between March and June but iOS, the number two smartphone OS, saw its market share rise from 41.4 percent to 42.1 percent in the same time frame. Windows Phone was third, and its share went up from 3.3 to 3.4 percent. BlackBerry is fourth and saw its share drop from 2.7 to 2.4 percent. Symbian is fifth, dropping from 0.2 to 0.1 percent

The leading smartphone OEM in the US continues to be Apple, with 42.1 percent of subscribers in June, up from 41.4 percent in March, Samsung is second with 28.6 percent, up from 27.0 percent. LG is a distant third with 6.4 percent, followed by Motorola at 5.9 percent and HTC at 4.8 percent.

173 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones in June, up by four percent compared to March, according to comScore. Facebook, YouTube Google Play, Google Search, Pandora Radio, Google Maps, Gmail, Instagram, Yahoo Stocks and Facebook Messenger were the top 10 smartphone apps used by U.S. residents in June.

Source: comScore


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New comScore data shows Android remains number one smartphone OS in US


Once the iPhone 6 with larger screens come out. It's gonna be a different scope for Android.

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Who knows? We will have to see when it comes out! I know I don't choose Android just for the screen size .. there are many other reasons as well :).

Competition always! But that's actually the only reason why I bought an Android. Different screen sizes. I still love many things about Android though, no hate.
Oh yeah, cheaper too.

I buy Android because of the customization, hackability, ability to save apps and app data and restore them, navigating the OS is more consistent, and more hardware choices.

I'm sure there are many who chose Android because of the larger screen sizes, there are also many who choose iPhone because of the smaller size, so there will be some offset

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Exactly, the Apple apologists said the same when the iPad Mini came. A larger iPhone will just take sales away from smaller iPhones and probably even make typical Apple buyers more aware of the Android alternatives.

Maybe but most people who get the larger screen will be iPhone users I think. I don't like iOS regardless of screen size.

AC App via Nexus 5

That was my original reason for going to Android. Since then, I've realized that Apple has been late to everything. Android does something, iPhone gets something similar a year or more later. Finally a large screen. Who knows, Maybe they finally get NFC or ways to customize the home screen NEXT year.

"Once the iPhone 6 with larger screens come out. It's gonna be a different scope for Android."

It's always "once iPhone does X, it's gonna be different", and yet, here we are.

How much will apple charge for a phone with a larger screen? As they have to make a HUGE mark up you can probably expect to pay £800

Exactly. Big screen iPhone no less than 1200$ USD. $400-$500 with 2yr contract. $40-$50 a month on installment billing, if its even offered. What a joke. Still might get one for kicks though :pppp

Apple hasn't changed the price of the latest iPhone since the 3G. Don't expect it to change now. Apple rarely raises the price of new hardware.

Yes, but speculation isn´t a new thing when it comes to what Apple will or will not do. The probability of the iPhone 6 being the same price as all other "new" iphones since the 3G is higher than it having higher price, simply because there are years of precedents to take into account.

That's interesting...

Wonder if the iPhone 6 will bring more people to Android or help iOS take back market share.

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Samsung market share went up. Good news for them considering the loss of market share on a global level.

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If the Note 4 does as well as the Note 3, then you can expect for Samsung's market share to go up and possibly for it to affect I-phone sales.
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