Android Central​Update: Nothing to see here, folks -- turns Moto's just "engaging with Facebook fans." We'll have to wait awhile longer for our RAZR HD fix. (thanks @ChloeAlbanesius)

Original: Today Motorola's taken to Facebook to tease what seems to be an upcoming smartphone, and it's promising an "big reveal" before the end of the week.

Motorola says, "We'll give a clue each day all week and make the big reveal on Friday." The first clue states that the phone has "the power of 4G LTE," which doesn't give too much away. Of course, it's possible that Moto's just engaging in Facebook banter with its fans, but to us this bears the hallmark of pre-release hype.

We've seen plenty of (Droid) RAZR HD leakage over the past month or so. The device has shown up at the FCC, as well as in a series of leaked images, some of which bear Verizon's 4G LTE branding. From what we can tell, the RAZR HD looks like a cross between the Atrix HD and last year's RAZR MAXX, with the former's 720p display and on-screen buttons, and the latter's chassis style and kevlar back panel.

We'll be watching closely later this week for the eventual reveal. Moto fans, are you hoping for a RAZR successor on Verizon this fall? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Motorola on Facebook


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Motorola teases 4G LTE phone; Update: Nothing to see here


A couple of things about it has piqued my interest although I'm planning on holding out till the end of the year to see whatever new Nexus device(s) will be released. However, I love Moto build if they can get the camera and display to be as good as the current crop of phones, then it should definitely be a contender!

Does it have a large display (4.8 or bigger)? Does it have a large removeable battery? Will it be global ready? If not, I am holding my breath for Verizon to offer the Galaxy Note or Note 2.

Supposed to be 4.6" with a reduced HD720p (1196x720) display. Battery rumored to be the MAXX's 3300mAh, but I doubt it, at that size (too thin). With the original rumored specs, it's got exactly what the SIII has (Qual Snap S4 MSM8960 / Adreno 225), minus the 2GB RAM the SIII has (only rumored to be at 1GB RAM for the 'Vanquish'. Add no mention of NFC and possibly ICS instead of JB (I think this might change though), you still have just a current gen phone that should've been released in May and not August or September.

I'm more interested in the Intel chipped Moto beast that should debut by December. Medfield may be garbage to some, but I'm sick of the current crop of S4, Tegra 3, and Exynos phones. And would they hurry up with the OMAP 5 already...

Nice, thanks for the confirmation. I knew it couldn't have been 3300mAh from that profile shot.

And about that camera. Was originally rumored to be the 13MP they used for China Telecom's XT928 (the 'Qinara'), but I have a feeling it might end up being a 8MP camera. Maybe...not sure. Also not sure about the $299 contract price... seeing ATT's Atrix HD's $99 contract price, I'd say VZW should probably charge around $150-$200 max for this one. But being Moto's only phone to launch on VZW in both Q2 and Q3, they might end up setting it at $199 on contract.

EDIT: wait and correction; the XT926, is that the vanquish or the fighter? The 926 has Global radios and NFC.

And people continue to think its a war of specs....

As long as this device is on par with the current devices it will do well.

Without Jelly Bean I doubt it can compete well against the Galaxy SIII without an all out media blitz and of course a big push by Verizon salespersons.

Its biggest asset is the established "DROID" and "RAZR" branding. As long as they go with the robot themed ads and keep the price at $199 max (better at $150), it should sell to the exact demo (opposite) that the SIII failed to catch this summer for the top tier phones. (precludes the iP5, WP7, and BB buyers of course)

lol, harsh, but traditionally true. I do prefer Moto styling and build the most over the other big 4 (HTC, Sammy, LG, and Sony).

Looking forward to this release. I don't think I'll buy another Samsung made phone with their currently crummy radios.

I loved my OG Droid, but everything from Moto save for the DX has been a resounding 'MEH' from me. The hardware got stale, then the software went to shit.

This thing is also getting a big 'MEH' from me again. I'm impatiently awaiting my SGS3 and 64gb card to show up. Phone should be here tomorrow!