Droid X screen issues

This doesn't really fix things if you're one the few whose Droid X screen was a bit borked, but Verizon has acknowledged the existence of "a very small number of Droid X units that have experienced a flickering or banding display." And that's largely what we've expected, as it's not like forums the Internet over lit up with the screams of a million. Moto told Engadget it's continuing to ship X's, which hopefully will help with that backorder issue -- Verzion now says phones will ship "By Aug. 3." [Engadget, Android Central Forums, Verizon]


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Motorola: Droid X screen issues fixed, didn't affect many phones


That's awesome. Hats off to Motorola and Verizon for admitting the mistake and attempting to fix the problem right away.

Happy Moto X owner...

Everyone knows you're supposed to deny the problem exists, have the CEO send messages telling users it's their fault, then hold a press conference showing that every phone has screen issues if you squeeze it hard enough.

Just got the word that my X shipped today! Will be here Friday. Now I can see what all the fuss is about and if MOTO corrected the problem properly! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have minor horizontal banding since the update. Does this mean I should wait for a software update or exchange the unit?

Good luck exchanging it. I am screwed with mine, got it at Best Buy they can't even tell me when they might get them. Verizon could care less about replacing it, even though I am a new customer when I got the phone, and Motorola won't replace it.

So just a comment about the Droid X. And this is not to bad mouth it really, just my own observation. I'm sure for some it will be a great phone.

So I own an EVO, and I was helping a friend configure and learn Android with their newly purchased Droid X. I figured, beyond "Blur" and a few Verizon apps it couldn't be that much different. Quite the contrary. If I had picked up this phone as my first Android device, I don't think I would have been quite as enamored as I was with the EVO. Yes I realize the CPU and graphics/screen are slightly better than the EVO, though the improvements were hardly noticeable. The Droid X seemed a little bit laggy to me, plus very "held back" it felt in its own functionality (probably a Verizon thing...the dumbing down of their phones), the "haptic feedback" was like needles on my fingers (dislike), and the experience with Motoblur was attrocious! I would have preferred either stock Android or HTC Sense (love the Sense and not just because I'm used to it) over the Blur, and besides that it seemed extremely limited in widgets and graphically appealing screens from Blur or even Android itself. Plus also the phone honestly felt quite cheap in my hands, and I disliked the static buttons, which is so not needed on any Android device. Definitely was not as user friendly as my EVO or even other Android devices I've played around with, and again I blame almost more Verizon than Motorola because they were probably limited with their design and functionality due to cumbersome stipulations.

My 2 cents.

verizon actually rarely touches anything with the phone. Motoblur is 100% motorola.

If I had the device personally, I would just clean out default desktop and load ADW and be done with it.

this kid obviously has no idea what he is talking about. first of all you say the droid x feels cheap when it's made out of metal and the EVO is made out of what? oh yeah that's right PLASTIC. another thing, if you knew a tiny little bit about Android then you would know that this blur crap is just a launcher. Once replaced with another it's EXACTLY the same as vanilla besides some of the icons being different. so half of your argument is thrown out right there. static buttons are good because once again if you knew anything you would know that the buttons on phones like the nexus one and evo are very unresponsive at times AND THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN. OK, so there goes your other part of your argument. User friendly? If you can not figure out how to use this phone then you should not even be able to own one. considering it's insanely simple to figure out. The way the UI is setup is no different then vanilla AT ALL. Once again, so that part of your argument is thrown out. The widgets are more limited then vanilla Android you say also. Well from all these statements it's clear that you have NEVER even touched a vanilla Android phone. Considering the fact that it has all of the Android widgets PLUS some of Motorolas own widgets. I swear some people should have to pass a test to be able to get a smartphone, REMEMBER YOUR SMARTPHONE IS ONLY AS SMART AS THE USER IS!!!!!!

Seriously? Do you just sit here and troll your jacked up assumptions all day? This is a forum, and not "lets judge our fellow Android users on their opinions or impressions of different models because they are different than your own", or did you get that memo? Apparently not. Why? Because it's simple common sense, something you seem to lack along with tact.

I didn't ever say that the Droid X is plastic, just that it felt cheap. The EVO feels a bit more solid. If something plastic can feel more solid than it's metal cousin, what does this mean about the product? This is something called an opinion. Learn it.

Blur is a launcher, yes I realize that just as Sense is, but the average user of an Android phone may not bother with nor know how to change or update a launcher. The person I was instructing was that such customer. And again, it was an opinion.

As far as the touch sensitive buttons on the EVO or N1 not being responsive, I admit I had not seen much at all about their lack of responsiveness. Just the same I have never had any problem with the sensitivity of the touch buttons on my EVO. Maybe this only affects some users, ever think of that? You're probably the kind of person who thinks that if a company produces one lemon than the whole company is bad. Again WRONG! I think HTC and Motorola are competitive with each other in a good way and that keeps them on their toes creating better products. And my opinion is that a static button on an Android phone is unecessary, and that statement is after all an OPINION. Have you looked up the definition of opinion yet troll?

And finally, I never said I couldn't figure it out, I very much took the time and learned this phone and its useability factor so I could have an educated OPINION about it. Which I then shared. If you don't want to hear opinions, than don't read them. If you have a response, you don't have to be an a**hole about it, just simply state your own opinions or retort if you feel the need to contribute.

I think all people should have to pass a test of tact and common sense to be able to post in public forums or talk to people at all. Go yell at your significant other about some meaningless thing and leave those in public forums (who were obviously NOT taking things out on you) to post in peace. Stop taking things personal when they weren't meant to be. People like you give forum posters a bad reputation.

Hey, you like your Evo great, but don't come here trying to piss on the X. I got my hands on an Evo finally and here's the cold hard facts:
1. The X has a better, crisper more colorful screen hands down.
2. The X has more space for apps.
3. The X's camera is superior in color reproduction although the Evo takes slightly crisper pics.
4. The X rapes the Evo in game play for most titles although there are a few that play well on the Evo.
5. The X takes noticeably better video.
6. The X felt more solidly built (subjective to a point, but to me the Evo felt like it wouldn't take a hard fall very well).
7. Even with Blur the X is just as fast as the Evo in most tasks. However for anything processor intensive, IMO, the X had the edge.
8. Yeah the Evo has a FF cam - who cares? There's hardly anyone for me to call. This will be more important a year or 2 from now.
9. I'll admit, having 4g capability is an advantage but because it's not robust or widely available yet, it's really not as big an advantage right now.
10. The X has dlna which is a very convenient feature.

Yeah they're both great phones but the X, even with its issues, seems to be superior in build quality IMO and I'm sure many would agree. It seems HTC loves to skimp on some rather important features - one being screen quality. And except for flash lite (something I wish the X came with), sense is one of the most over-hyped UIs I've ever seen. There's nothing it has that can't be matched by an App or service from the Market. It's also laggy on some phones.

i see your point. I own an evo honestly they are both 2 great phones and if you pick either or its a win win for android. Isnt that the whole point of this site? Android central

darreno1...I totally agree with you on your base points. There are advantages to the X that my EVO does not have, and that's great for whomever chooses to buy one. Point taken, and in tow. I certainly did not mean to "piss on the X" as you stated, it was simply my initial opinion. I appreciate however your tact which the original responder lacks.

My harsher response toward the other responder was that he totally didn't "get it" that what I was stating was opinion, and not even a harsh one at that. I know the X is a great phone in its own right, and put to the test, it may score a little higher on some things. Awesome. Hopefully Froyo might change the game a little bit, but I know that it certainly won't change hardware limitations. All in all, I like the useability of the EVO better despite some of the limitations.

My wife called VZW about 2 hours ago because she done a warranty exchange on her Storm monday since she was told she couldn't upgrade until September. She called because she wasn't receiving emails. Long story short the rep tells her that she is now eligible to upgrade and that the Droid-X WAS IN STOCK and she could pay $8 to have it shipped over night. Also he waived the early upgrade fee and automatically deducted the mail in rebate.

Needless to say my wife, who has been jealous since I got my Droid in December, has been bouncing off the walls ever since!

They cover this in Anandtech's review too. His problem was all related to the 'N' standard as his 'G' connected and stayed connected. I wonder if the 'N' is the problem. Or maybe he just got one that didn't have the same problem.

Could be that his wireless router does Draft-N, whereas Draft-N 2 and the final are different and work with other chipsets properly? Early Draft-N wireless devices had problems working with adapters and chipsets from competing brands. This has largely been eliminated on the standard, just as it was on G before it. G is completely standardized, and therefore, works as expected.

If u look at very site(engadget, phonedog,jkontherun,gizmodo..) that compares the Evo vs X, the Evo is the clear winner.

That's cute. I really wanted an Evo, I really DID. I was looking at the EVO because of this wonderful "4G" that exists almost nowhere. The fact is that phones are only as good as the providers. 4G is the ONLY selling point of the EVO (which would be nice if you live in one of the few areas that actually has it). How many places actually have this??? I travel all over the US regularly and have not stopped in a single area that could utilize this 4G service (Houston,Tx; Birmingham,Al; Atlanta, Ga; Kansas City, KS and Memphis). And oh yeah... Coverage. What good is a 4G when you can't even get coverage, at least 1X? Many of us cannot with Sprint. That's why I just dropped them on their ass and they agreed to drop the ETF. And oh yeah... HTC... Ha ha ha. Come on dude! WTF? How diluted are you? Is saving a few bucks on your plan and a cheaper phone really worth that much aggrivation? WAKE UP! Most of us would be better off with a dumb phone or iPhone than an Evo. Placing it above the X (which I DO have, along with the original Droid and a BB Tour that my employer provides) is ignorant. You want a TRUE 4G experience on your mobile? Turn on Wifi, which exists in a Hell of a lot more places that 4G! Stuff that up your Evo.

Folks, it amazes me that y'all are bickering about which is better...Evo this X that. We're all Android fans, let's stick together and stick it to the man (competition).