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And now, an epic battle between the Motorola Droid and the Palm Pre Plus -- Verizon phones, both -- in the finals of Laptopmag's March Smartphone Madness tournament. The poll closes April 5, so vote early and often. And let's not let our cousins at go away with bragging rights, m'kay? Vote!!!



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Motorola Droid versus Palm Pre Plus in March Smartphone Madness final


how you figure that palm is about to go under???? one phone cant save an entire company... so your statment is very ignorant... webOS is the future of smartphones

The issue is which Phone/OS is better, not which is financially more secure. Palm has been around for at least a few weeks (ok, since 1992 or so), and has strong backing from its backers. Yes, it is in dire straits, but if I recall, so was Apple at one time (early 2000's), and even Motorola was hurting a few years ago, though that really can't be said about Google (Android OS).

If you are talking about the OS - Palm webOS is superior in almost all aspects.
If you are talking about the phone only, the Pre is good, but still needs some improvements, about the same can be said of the Droid. - advantage about equal.
If you are talking about company stability, Palm has some large hurdles to overcome - advantage Google (and Motorola),

The perfect phone still doesn't exist, and probably never will. Just like the perfect computer or even the perfect politician. Each person will have their biases.

I can't speak for anyone else but I've got a Droid and I still voted for the Pre Plus. WebOS is the best mobile OS I've ever used and I love the form factor of the Pre. The Droid definitely has better build quality than the Pre, but overall I'd still go with the Pre.

I use to be a die-hard Palm owner.. Palm VII --> Handspring + Visorphone --> Treo 600p --> Treo 700p . After 5 Treo 700's I decided to call it quits and went blackberry. Now on droid and not looking back. The Droid is what the Treo could've been but isnt.

Psh, I'm a former Pre owner. I've had my Hero since December. I can't even begin to explain how much better the Hero is at being a phone, and being smart, and being durable. I went through 5 of them, my gf is about ready to toss her's into the river as the power button stopped working, and she's getting the "Too Many Cards" syndrome only remidied by a reboot... of which if she does, she can't start her phone back up. Total piece of crap hardware. Couple that with the fact that it lacks any features for development and you got a beautiful box with nothing but total shiot on the inside

Get real! The Hero is better than the Pre? I'd agree if you said the Nexus or the Droid.

If I didn't get a Droid Eris, I was going to get a Pre Plus. What it boiled down to me in the end was what was truly going to be supported in another two years. I didn't think Palm had the steam to keep going. The Pre looks and feels like a device I would own. As a Palm loyalist for years, the Pre was the device I held out for. But then again, you can only hold out for so long. Love my Eris, and every now and then wish I had a Moto Droid. (Not for the bulk, though)

See the problem is that all the people with the Droid are actually off doing interesting things with it. The Pre Folks are voting like crazy because thats all they can do :)

F the palm pre I wanted one hella bad before I used my friends and it sucks slow camera sucks can't even compain to the droid this poll is lame ova a million droids were soid int the first 72 hours of release better than the first iphone number speak for them self how many palms have been sold and they are on a few networks and still can't compete wit sales!

there is a possibility that alot of the people who bought the droid, wanted to be, or were already with verizon and didnt want to leave. they could have wanted the pre, and not wanted sprint... probably not millions, but some for sure.

The pre is also on verizon they wouldn't need to switch networks the pre is on pretty much every network (at&t,sprint,verizon) and they still are going under the phone sucks....

but for 7 months (thanks to the spring 6mo exclusive deal) it was only on one carrier. Now other carriers have it in a slightly newer/better version and Verizon practically has to give them away. They are $49.99 or $29.99 now respectively so if you have a NE2 you do get them free. They have only been on the the carrier since early Feb. That's 3 months and they are already basically free.

I am not sure what OS I like more, webOS or andriod, probably webOS. but I know I like the pres keyboard a hell of a lot better than that POS keyboard on the droid.

at first, the droid keyboard was terrible, flat, etc, started usimg terminal emulator a lot, got the hand of the keyboard, and for some reason, the keys bubble up a bit, easier to type, feels a bit better then it once did, etc

I've had both and think Pre has the edge as an OS but not on the hardware side. Droid has better marketing is all, it's really not the better OS and Android is becoming very fragmented. webOS is much more polished and easier to develop for with good one-handed operation. Just ask Gameloft... they have ported almost entire 3D library in almost no time. They put out one 3D game on Droid and it doesn't even work on other Android phones.

Droid all the way sorry pre yer days our over even if the pre wins we all no that the pre doesn't and our droid does

Sorry Pre fanboys...winning this awesome competition will not save your beloved Palm as they will be out of business in 12 months. The worst run company in the market right now.

Rubenstein will certainly have this article printed out and framed so he can hang it on his wall as the best accomlishment of his short career as a CEO. What a loser.

Palm Pre is the best smartphone on the market. The three reasons that Palm has not taken of are:

1) When people walk into a Verizon store to see a Pre Plus, the salespeople say "go to Droid." Not because it's better (it's really not better), just because it's what they have been excited about since it's launch. Verizon did a horrible job with the launch. Horrible.

2) webOS takes brains to use. People really don't understand the abilities of the gesture area. If people just took a chance at learning how the OS works, they will realize that it is extremely powerful and incredibly easy to use. Android is much more clunky, reminds me of Windows Mobile.

3) Lack of true advertising. Slef-explanatory.

Android has nothing on webOS. If Pre looses this, it will be because of hardware, definitely not software. I can and will say that the Pre's hardware is lacking, and if my choice came down to hardware alone, I would go for the Droid, unfortunately, hardware is nothing without a program that runs it. I pick software first, and webOS is truly unmatched in that area.

WRONG. Palm loses because of software. I had a palm pre (not plus) and I have switched over to the T-Mobile G1, which is waaaaay better.

Pre was beta software. The interface was very nice to switch back and forth between cards and receive notifications, but that was it. In order to configure it so that it was usable I had to install a whole bunch of patches every time there was an update.

There's not enough good apps in the app catalog either. All I REALLY wanted was a good todo app. The builtin todo app was slow, didn't show enough of the task name in the list view, didn't sync with ANYTHING, and was very cumbersome to use. When I got the G1 all I had to do is install the remember the milk app and problem was solved. There were zero other todo apps that I could find in the palm market.

Palm loses because of software.

You still get that beta feel, even after 1.4
I don't get the point of the monthly updates if every update messes up the phone, requiring them another update. Use a less rigorous update schedule with everything tested and working properly with all the features needed. Palm doesn't have the time to financially support that. Thats why after almost a year and a half after being announced, their flagship phone is still running the same hardware.

Ala original iPhone? The Pre is incredible considering its infancy and Palms size. It's powerful and with the latest update, it is smooth as can be.

And well, if you know what you're doing, you can take it sooo much further with patches and other mods.

But the Droid won Engadget's gadget of the year... as in the best overall gadget to be released in 2009. I'd imagine there's a lot more people that read that site than LaptopMag

Agreed. The whole thing looks like a way to pit Verizon users against everyone else. I realize that carrier wars get website hits, but this was just too transparent from the start.

Now that it's Vzw vs Vzw it's kinda fun to sit back and watch though :)





Hey Hondacop, its good to see that you are still being a troll. how many phones do you have? glad precentral kicked you out for posting and acting like a troll. so now you are with android i see, and just a few days ago you was with crackberry. I think ever since precentral kicked you out you been trolling all the other sites of the smartphone experts cause you cant get over it, get a life dick head.

It's not stickied at the top, the poll is, but the post about it isn't. It's floating it's way down to the bottom just like yours is.

you can keep making excuses bout how droids advertising is what's selling it but that's all you can say cuz you know pre is dust in the wind and its droid nation!

idont think it was the Droids advertising that made it what it is ... I honestly believe it was word of mouth and actually seeing how amazing the phone is. All my friends played with my Droid when I first got it and they were blown away at how awesome it is (rooted @ 1ghz) and quickly after went out and got one from Verizon.

The Droid is a powerful machine.

The Pre is pretty bad ass as well but after all is said and done, the Droid as a phone > Pre.

I agree with you I was talkin bout advertisment because other people were saying that's why droid is selling when I agree with you I used a friends palm pre plus on verizon and didn't like it I played with the droid didn't even touch the app market and loved it I bought it about a month ago just got my upgrade wit hellix 5 screens and I can't get off my phone my girl hates my phone now ;) and all my friends are hella jellious

I wasn't even thinking about getting a new phone until the Pre Plus came out on Verizon. I was actually pretty excited about it. My phone at the time was a Palm Centro. The more I read about the Pre such as syncing to the cloud (I wanted a desktop sync like the Centro), most apps paid, the build quality not looking that good, and Palm's declining stock due to lack of sales.
I started looking at Android devices,actually wanting the Eris until I tried using one. The apps are mostly free and very useful. The Eris was, in my opinion obviously slower than the Motorola Droid. I finally made the decision last week and got the Droid. While I'm not exactly in love with it (no desktop, my biggest bitch), it has great reception, is, as the Verizon rep said "wicked fast", has a beautiful screen. Generally pretty happy altough I have to admit I didn't spend much time playing with the Pre. It didn't seem to have a future. My vote is for the Droid.

I also just came from the Centro. I also refuse to sync to the cloud (that is company-confidential info) I could be fired for routing my stuf through google.

I bit the bullet and got PocketMirror so I could sync with my local exchange client like I did with Treo/Centro. Annoying that I had to buy that, but otherwide I would still be using my Centro.

If you are a long-time Palm user, you should reconsider. THe sync software comes with a trial period so you could always return the phone within 30 days and you wouldn't be out a thing. I can almost gurantee you that the Pre would be a keeper if you have been a Palm user previously

Pre sucks monkey balls. The keyboard is worse then the droids, it was made for the fingers of a 5 year old girl

I have both the palm pre and the Droid there is no competiton the droid wins, the palm's camra sucks, no removeable memory the keyboard is crap, its slow not responsive, and very few apps. I wouldnt trade my droid for 10 palm pre's.

I have the Droid but my vote has to go with the Pre Plus. I really want that phone. My friend has it and the games are just amazing! and WebOS is definitely better Android. They use the same CPU but I do like my droid screen size much more. People bash about the Pre but use it and make your own judgment. Everything just works so well on the Pre.

Is this poll run by the WWE ? this is a fixed poll. iPhone got beat by a what a joke. Let me guess an Android will win a poll on Android central....................

I wish my webos was in the droid body, how hard can it be. But we are drilling you guys a new a-hole btw, Palm FTW

Hardware, Droid 100%

Software, Pre 100%

I would jump carriers in seconds if there was a phone coming out that matched the two together.

Within a year Palm will be bankrupt and Google will buy them for their patent library and then incorporate the good elements of WebOS into Android..

How can the pre plus have more votes since it JUST was released VZW???? WTF this doesnt make sense!!!!!

I have a co-worker that has a droid, he's happy with it, but has admitted to me many times that it's way over his head on how to do much with it.

imo, he bought it because of the huge advertising, I'd assume that's why say... 50% of the droids were sold, not because it's a 'good smartphone', but because "Droid Does". Those that bought the palm pre were probably 50% or more people that have had palm phones / pdas for a long time and love the abilities they offer and are probably more 'techy' (not saying droid people are not as techy, just not as a % of their userbase). That's why we see the palm pre winning, those that bought the palm pre for the most part knew what they were getting and LOVE the phone, those with droid mostly got it because it's the hot thing out there and then are 'meh' about it. In a way, it is fan-boy-ism, in a way it's not.

Palm isn't going anywhere, they've seen worse (much like Apple and Motorola).

Granted the 9700 vs Pre was a battle. It was the two titans of the smart phone industry going head to head. Palm the innovator of smart phones and BB the leader of the business smart phones. Sure Palm has had some issues of late and they could have just faded away. But they came out with a whole new OS and phone design. For a new first generation Palm came swinging hard. We members at PreCentral have gone back and forth with you all here many times but in the end we always respect the other. Palm is having hardware issues and low selection. BB is in need of a true OS makeover. Vote for the Droid as I understand you must. In the end even if the Pre wins it will not be of much gain for Palm in the true market. However, if palm wins by a large margin it could be seen by BB (RIM) as a wake up call and maybe just maybe BB (RIM) will be in talks with Palm about WebOS. I would hope that RIM can improve their current OS in using some of the WebOS software. If that can be done than the next BB would rock the world. I also hope that Palm could use some tips from RIM and use some of the BB designs. After all I like many of you am sick of Apple and their we will dictate attitude. As I said vote for the Droid as you must but if you would like to send a message to RIM then maybe you could vote for the Pre.

wow its amazing to see that all the droid fan bois got nothing bad to say about the palm pre plus other than the fact that the company is doing bad.Besides this is a phone competition not a company comp. if it was then google or apple would win even microsoft. Hey the pre has some not so great hardware how about that? but software wise nothing can hold a candle to the webOS! droid is decent all the way around but no multitasking makes it seem dated like every other OS. and being monopolized by google is lame. Even if palm goes under that doesnt make the droid any better it just looks worse that a multi-billion dollar company cant create a phone that can do even half the things a failing company can. pathetic really. i would expect more from google. motorola... the razr is out dated. palm pre plus wins all the way by a lot. in a world of droid the pre does it better,faster,easier all at the same time

pre plus vs droid = pre plus in a close win

hacked pre plus vs any other phone out now = hacked pre plus wins hands down and blindfolded with ear muffs and feet shackled

Ever wonder what Palm would come out with if they were a multi billion dollar company like MS. Take WebOS and but it into a Driod style phone. IMO you would have a true monster. Oh wait. Palm said they are bringing out new hardware this summer...hmm

The reason why the Droid got off to a good start on Verizon is because so many VZW customers want the iPhone but abhor AT&T. The Droid was the closest thing to the iPhone on VZW at the time of the Droid's launch, it was the "next-best-thing" to the iPhone; I'd say about 50% of Droid owners are owners that 'settled'. Admit it, VZW had a sorry selection of smart-phones at the time (Blackberry Storm anyone?), and VZW knew it, thus the Droid Does campaign.

If a CDMA iPhone were to come out on VZW, the Droid would immediately be a has-been (as well as the Pre+). VZW customers wouldn't even wait to be eligible for an upgrade to get it.

My point is that the Droid sales figure alone doesn't tell the whole story.

I'm not an iPhone fan. I'm a proud owner of a Pre. In my opinion the software makes the phone and WebOS is hands-down the best out there. Granted it is not perfect, but nothing will ever be.

Just popping over from PreCentral to give you all a nod. I've got a lot of respect for the Droid.

The hardware makes me a bit jealous, though I prefer the smaller, portrait slider after years of using bigger landscape sliders. And most importantly, you'd have to pry webOS from my cold, dead hands. Android still reminds me too much of the WinMo scene.

At any rate, I'd be totally down with the Droid and the Pre having babies. That'd be some mighty fine gadget pr0n.

Had a sprint Pre before the droid and I can tell you that webOS is the biggest piece of overhyped crap on the planet which is the reason Palm will still lose. This poll obviously means zilch as they can't give the pieces of crap away. It's a myth that webos can multitask better. While the card view and gestures are admittedly nice features the OS itself is laggy and slow with memory leak issues when multiple cards are open. Android on the other hand is less prone to this and because the apps are coded natively, they start up much quicker and the overall os handles memory better. switching between apps is just as fast or faster with android and the quantity and quality of apps are superior.

The Pre was destined for failure from day one because it lacked the basic features present on other smartphones and the form factor and hardware were questionable (and still is). Just in terms of overal ruggedness and reliability, I'd easily without question pick any of the Android handsets available over the Pre/ Pre Plus.

And once the Evo 4g becomes available on Sprint, that would be the final nail in the coffin.

Pre fans, the Pre didn't fail because of advertising (although it played a small role), it failed simply because Palm dropped the ball and put out a mediocre product with a potentially great beta OS at the wrong time.

Used WebOs for for about 7 months with the Palm Pixi. Every major update released by Palm crippled my phone. Also, sometimes I would get "Too Many Card" errors with just 3 cards open. Needless to say, I went to Sprint 4+ times for them to re-install phone OS. I am 99% sure it was my Pixi that had the issues because everyone else's worked i'm assuming. It really burned me out having to take so many trips, and Sprint wouldn't replace my phone so I made the switch to the Android side with my new Nexus One.

I like WebOS more. Granted I had the Pixi, even the Pre in terms of hardware does not match the NExus One in terms of gorgeous hardware. As customizable and robust (app store) Android is, I like WebOs and how polished it looks, and how it manages multitasking, despite all the issues I had. It's unfortunate WebOS does not have the support like Android does.

I prefer the Pre's form factor much more than the Droid. I just can't stand the Droid's physical size and, unlike other horizontal sliders, the poor keyboard does not justify the added heft. This factor alone is key for me since I hate having something the size of a brick with the harsh edges in my pocket. I would end up leaving the phone on the desk, to which point defeats the purpose of a mobile phone.

And while feature wise the Pre is not the greatest and latest, neither is the Droid. The Droid, as far as the android OS phones, will be the next 21st century mobile version of the Mac 128k. The specs don't hold water to the newer snapdragon units.

And yes, I do like the Nexus one but there are a lot of issues with the glass breaking, plus the Nexus doesn't have a physical keyboard. I want a phone with a physical keyboard. Even the upcoming Incredible will lack a physical keyboard. An equivalent Nexus-Incredible phone with a slider is still a long way ahead.

In addition, throw in 4g support from Sprint in the later half of the year and that places additional instability in what phone to purchase NOW.

So what am I going to do? I will purchase a Pre Plus with a one year contract only!

wow can i say it again WOW im saying that because Im a pre owner myself and I must admit its very honorable that alot of droid owners on this site is not ignorant bashing the Web OS platform. I myself like Androids OS, but prefer Web OS to me its preference nothing more. Yes Palm has been here before, but in reality they have always been here they never had alot of money if you check finacial reports, and stock prices in the 90's you would see that. Though they hold more patents then apple, and microsoft and really all the important ones (the reason why Apple nor microsoft would dare sue them) why do you think even with the itunes thing in the begining all Apple could do was just break the sync with the pre, otherwise they would have sewed them but in reality they couldnt. In the end my opinion is Palm is a great company and so is Google, and I hope which ever anyone picks out there (wether it be a Web OS device or a Android device) they do it because they want to and it fits their lifestyle, not because of childish media hype, or incomplete information from ignorant fans.

I had to vote Droid here....

I had a Pre and currently own a Droid. If we were voting
OS vs OS, I would vote WebOS. When it comes to device quality,
the Droid takes it in a landslide. So when comparing the two as
a whole, I have to pick the Droid.

And the PRE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!