If you're interested in taking full advantage of the Motorola DROID, you might consider purchasing the two DROID accessories that extend the functionality of the DROID.

The first is the Phone Holder for DROID which can provide a great place for you to store your Motorola DROID while you drive and mimics a typical standalone GPS-unit. This is obviously great for using Google Maps Navigation in Android 2.0 (Droid ships with 2.0) and the unique aspects of Google Maps. The Phone Holder for DROID doesn't have any pricing and is not available yet, with only a vague 'Coming Soon' date listed. In the mean time, the Android Central store has great options for car docks that you might be interested in.

The second accessory is a Multimedia Station that can best be described as a dock that turns your DROID into an all around multimedia powerhouse. The Multimedia Station allows your DROID to display photos and movies, play music, shows the weather and time, and works as an alarm clock, all while charging your phone. We have to say, the Multimedia Station looks like a very tempting purchase and could be highly useful on either a desk or a nightstand.

You can find the Phone Holder & Multimedia Station and all other Motorola DROID accessories here!


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Motorola Droid Accessories: Phone Holder & Multimedia Stations


Well, the whole point of the docks that are coming out with the Droid is so it detects what type of dock it is in and pops up an interface useful for that dock. Unless I'm mistaken, the docks you offer do not have that integration.

they probably don't (at the moment at least) but the docks just cause the application (or mode) to launch when it is inserted, you can get to the car mode or the home dock mode by clicking it's launch icon.

it might be a good alternative (the car dock especially) if vzw/moto decide to gouge consumers with really high pricing (i'm not paying more than $25 for the car dock and $30 for the home dock.)

that being said, i'm REALLY curious to see the pricing. i'm hoping similar price to my tour's charging pod (~$20)

Incorrect. A magnet can activate either dock mode in the exact manner as the official docks. I put my own dock together with some cardboard and tape in about 15 minutes.

you can download an app that will put it in multimedia mode as if it were in the dock. or, since it detects which holder it's in based on magnets, you could build your own custom one with a magnet placed properly to trigger the different modes.

There is an app called "Dock Runner" that switches the Droid from standard use to horizontal dock mode without magnets or a special docking station.

well that media dock is a great idea, i would really use it as an alarm stand really, very cool.. however im getting a Hero! i would love this for my upcoming phone!

I've got the light bulb on my Motorola Droid. Got it last week.?? maybe its got a different version software. But as the person above says it does dim it down a lot.

I've got the light bulb on my Motorola Droid. Got it last week.?? maybe its got a different version software. But as the person above says it does dim it down a lot.

the light bulb shows up only if your download the App Droidlight.
This app turns on the flash for the camera when you hit the lightbulb icon. It is useful when trying to get keys into the lock at night or finding anything other than your droid in the dark... hahaha.

Mobius, the light bulb icon appears when the machine is in the Motorola dock and goes into clock/multimedia mode.

I think the DROID is VERY COOL, from what I've read. However, I don't like the bedside Dock. I had the dock for the STORM that is similar to the one for DROID. The light emitting from it when you turn off your bedroom lights is EXTREMELY distracting. I disliked the dock so much so that I returned it an just use the USB charger that comes with it and then I flip the phone over to hide the screen.

I like the concept of the dock but I'm not going to buy the very first accessories to be released. You can be sure that as popular as this phone is going to be, there will be plenty of third party devices and accessories released. I can wait.

I believe while the Droid is in the cradle, there is a dimmer function that you can turn on so you can sleep... 2nd icon from the right.

The various modes are triggered on the Motorola Droid using the strategic placement of magnets in the two cradles. This creates a larger problem when selecting a case. I got my Droid Monday (and really like it by the way) and as with any new phone, the availability and selection of cases and other accessories is pretty limited. I went to Best Buy and picked out a very nice Eddie Bauer leather case. The phone fit in it perfectly. Problem solved, Right?? Not so fast... The case (like many others) has a magnetic closure which is very convenient but drives the phone crazy switching it in and out of the two modes. Since it is waking it up constantly, battery life suffers. Hopefully, someone will write an app to disable auto-mode switching!! or a Velcro closure case will be needed.

That's why you should purchase the Droid leather pouch..... guess what.... it has velcro strips.... Nice belt clip on it as well.

After speaking with my phone rep we found out that the only dock that will work properly is the dock Verizon sells for the Droid. All the after market docks wont function right.
Verizon has no docks by the way. They sold out launch day. We will be lucky to have them by black friday the rep said.

Did you see what they guys at http://droidcellphone.com did? The guy mounted a Droid on a bicycle and uses it to train. They moded a iPhone case. Pretty cool really

I purchased the Multimedia Dock and the car dock FROM Verizon and:
1. YOU CANNOT use ANY case with either!! And the gell and snap on cases are a pain in the a## to take on and off.
2. Everytime I dock my phone in the Multimedia Dock, when I remove it, I get a beeping sound EVERY 10 SECONDS during ALL phone calls...until I remove the battery and replace it!!

get the free Dockrunner applicatino in the Android market place to put the phone in the Media mode without the dock

Great post! I was able to test out the docking app stuff before buying it - which I think I am-- it's pretty cool!

I went to a Verizon store last night to finally purchase some accessories for my Droid. I bought the charging dock, the sales rep was nice enough to put a protective case on to try it out. It will not fit in the dock with the case on. I purchased a pouch instead, this way I'm able to quickly dock my phone without having to remove the case each time. BTW, the charging dock is AWESOME!

I have the car dock and it is great! I run Pandora through my car stereo and no longer have to deal with CDs or an iPod. When a call comes in, music stops and you have hands free.

I just got the dock and I love it except for one thing. The power cord is just like the one they give you with the droid, SHORT. It's like 18 to 24", which isn't long enough for me to plug it into the nearest receptacle and put the dock on my nightstand. Now I have to go out and buy a longer USB to micro USB cable. Stupid motorola, just STPUID.

Droid excites me every day! i love reading these forums and finding new stuff out. the magnets who wouldve thought:)

The motorola droid dock is cool but, way to bright even when dimmed down when the lights are turned of. Very annoying. Is. there a way to dim it down alittle more. Thinking about returning it for his one reason. Plus you can down load dock runner and it does he same thing.

I too find the light way too bright at night. Motorola
needs a fix for that if there isn't one. I may return
mine for the same reason.


Thank goodness for this blog, I have a case with a magnetic closure and my phone kept coming on and I thought i was going crazy!