AT&T just announced what we already expected, that the Motorola Backflip will become the first Android device on the AT&T network. The Backflip will be available in AT&T stores and online beginning March 7th for $99.99 after $100 mail-in-rebate. Great news all around!

It's interesting that AT&T chose an oddball device (we like the Backflip but it's still an oddball) to be the first Android phone on their network. Plus, since the Backflip runs Motoblur, it's not as "Android-y" as say a Droid or Nexus One. But perhaps people will fall in love with the interesting form factor and unique touchpad, we became quite smitten when we played with it at CES. It doesn't hurt that it's at a great price point either. We'll definitely take this over the Cliq any day of the week.

Who's buying a Motorola Backflip?



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Motorola Backflip First Android Phone on AT&T, Available for $100 on March 7th


One of the things that interests us MOST is that physical QWERTY keyboard on the back. Our tipster says its always revealed and flips from the back as you can see in the picture. When the keyboard is open a touchpad on the back of the phone is revealed which allows you to easily scroll through webpages and apparently it works very well
slightly thinner, slightly shorter both length and width, and lighter than the G1. Hmm, that's more like it. backflip Details:

I agree I am so pissed I went with att with their gawd awful 3g service(thing is i live in a best 3g area but edge is way better never drop calls)...And yes i have that overrated Iphone.I hate that i dumped sprint for this company....

I like the form factor, but I don't like MotoBlur. I might consider this phone with a larger screen and if I could root it for stock Android.

I think this is a dumb form factor. Add that with MOTOBlur and your have a recipe for failure. The price tag is nice though. Probably will fool a lot of people, especially the dummy's on ATT ridiculous plans.

Not that I'm trying to justify my purchase, but I'm wondering what all of the bad publicity is about regarding the Cliq, or at least MOTOBlur? Considering I just bought a Cliq a couple of weeks ago, I can't see what there could be to dislike about this as I think it's an awesome Android phone. If you don't like the integration, then turn off the widgets. Am I missing something? And aside from the LED flash and the newer OS (for now) on the Droid, what else is that different? That aspect, honestly, I haven't bothered to research at all as I'm too tired to dig around online before I leave the office tonight.

So for the those of us who are trapped with att because their fiance loves the Iphone, and are hating their Samsung Propel is this really what I have been waiting for? I want Droid because of the power and qwerty in one with no motoblur. So i have two questions, Does this thing have 2.0? and will att be getting a better android based qwerty soon?
(Best guesses)