Mint for Android

That's right, folks, the Mint personal finance app [market link] is finally available for Android. For the uninitiated, Mint plugs into your bank accounts (kind of like Microsoft Money did back in the day) and helps you keep track of expenses, spending, budgeting and the like. It's free, it's a lifesaver. And if we didn't still keep our life savings in a sock in the top drawer, we'd probably use it, too. [Mint] Thanks to everyone who sent this in


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Mint personal finance app now available for Android smartphones


I'd love something like this, but I'm wary of the security in having all of my banking information transmitted on 3G. Maybe if there was an option to VPN?

well, it's all read only data. But if you don't want people knowing how much you have, then I can see it being a problem maybe.

Not a bad app, but doesn't look to be nearly as thorough as using Mint on a computer. It force closes on my Moto Droid when trying to view details of a specific transaction

Force closes on my Hero too. Read the reviews in the market and a lot of folks with Hero, Moment and a few others are complaining about this over and over. Hopefully they can fix it. Seems like a really neat app!

Hey, this is cool. One of the only iPhone apps I really thought I'd miss on my new Incredible.

FYI- Mint doesn't allow triple-verification security (three passwords or PIN/password), and my two major accounts (both through a credit union) are not accessible through Mint. I have discussed it with CS at Mint and they basically do not have a way to log in to these types of accounts.

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