LG LTE Android phone

Once upon a time (way back in early September) we relayed a tale of a mysterious Android phone with LTE markings being packed by none other than Verizon's chief financial officer. Might the above LG device, sent in to Engadget, be that mysterious device? Can't say at this point, but the LTE branding in unmistakable. The front-facing camera is pretty obvious, too, and the not-so-subtle "HD" logo near the rear-facing camera, which like means 720p or (gasp) 1080p video recording. Other than that? Gonna have to wait, folks. [Engadget]


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Is this the LTE Android smartphone Verizon's CFO has been carrying?


...the LG Ally is a very good phone-for what it is...

if this is the power house it looks to be, than bye bye Droid X!!

And I have to LOL at all the high-end devices hitting the markets lately - just in time for the major carriers to rape us with expensive tiered data plans. What a colossal failure trying to squeeze every last remaining red cent out of the very same hardworking folks who are driving this puttering economy. A dose of reality might be needed for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Especially Verizon. Rather than offering a flat $30 unlimited data plan, they're going to offer a $30 unlimited data plan and cheaper tiers below it. How dare they provide their customers with options to suit their budgets! I'm going to be taking my business elsewhere, personally.

You don't have the money for it, don't buy it. I despise hearing complaints about businesses trying to make a good profit. If there are resources to be exploited, they should be exploited. Would YOU lower your prices to bare minimum if you owned a business? No. you wouldn't. You would charge what the maximum willingness to pay is from your customers. If they are willing to pay more, then they should charge according to demand.

Stop acting like you have a right to data. You don't. You pay for it. And if you think its too expensive, then don't buy it. If enough people think its too expensive, then prices will drop.

Outstanding how many people don't grasp simple economics.


Your an idiot.

I have unlimited data and pay $30 and use on average 2gb a month. My girlfriend uses about 30mb per month and has to pay the same $30. Now how is verizon doing an injustice by saving me and, I'm sure, many others $15 a month?

I gotta say that's a good lookin ' phone. That's the first one I've seen from LG I would actually consider buying... given the specs are right.

This looks pretty sweet. I will wait to see all the specs for this and the Motorola LTE, Tegra 2 device to see which one I choose to get...but I will be getting one of them.

Looks nice but im not trusting any other carriers other than htc now im tired of the problems th droid x has and motorola doesn't fix as fast as possible..next phone is htc hope they release an lte device for Verizon soon...as for this phone it ia very nice but idk how lg handles their phones in terms of updates and software fixes

Im in the same boat. I love the potential my DroidX has and I think it would be flawless if it was stock froyo. But that's never going to happen. I love sense ui and htc won my loyalties with the evi even on a low end (even w/4G) network like Sprint it is a beautiful powerful device. The glitches are fixed quickly and its smooth. I almost returned my DX ang got a Dinc. But there were none available and I found launcher pro+ it makes my X glorius

I guess u can say that but it's not wimax it's lte tower lo...search on googe Verizon lte it should come out

I've been waiting for LG to put out an android phone with some balls. I have no use for LTE, but I'll def put this thing to good use with my 3g service. Now just have to hope it's not Binged.....

The dot beside the logo at the top of the phone most likely is not a camera. My Motorola Droid has the same dot at that angle and it's the proximity sensor.

i dont like the idea of making the whole front or back of a phone glass, look at the iphone 4. If you drop it your screwed.
And ive never liked LG they make too many phones. way too many. They cant focus on any phone. Like motorola and htc have a good phone production amount

I played with a dummy model of this phone at a focus group and it was pretty heavy and bulky. Hope they attempted to slim it down

It's nice to see LG getting in the mix of smartphones.Before getting my Droid Incredible I used nothing but LG phones for years and loved them. I think I would take the LG phone over a Motorola anyday.

The first VZW LTE phone should be a Motorola Droid AOSP developer-friendly phone with vanilla Android, slide-out landscape keyboard (a GOOD one this time), 4.3 inch HD screen, Gorilla Glass, water resistance, front-facing camera, kickstand, 1.4GHz processor, 16GB internal memory, 32GB microSD capable, not Binged, mobile wifi/4G hotspot, loaded stock with Froyo, and space for an extended battery pack. The keys should be "Back, Menu, Home, Search" just like the OG Droid.

Hell, I really don't care if this is first as long as they make one exactly like this.

EDIT: It should also work globally like the Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro.