Best dumb phone 2023

Smartphones are all the rage but not everyone wants one. Looking for a dumb feature phone that's easy to use and cheap to maintain? You're in the right place. Maybe you want a dumb phone for your kid, or maybe you want one for gramps who doesn't get what Google is and why you would want it in your mobile phone. Whatever the case, these are the best dumb phones that you can buy.

These dumb phones are actually pretty smart

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Dumb phones can be pretty handy

Unlike the best Android phones, feature phones don't come with every spec under the sun. You won't find a touch screen, loads of apps, or state-of-the-art mobile cameras in dumb phones, but that's kind of the point. It's a great idea to take some time off social media and connect with the real world once in a while, and dumb phones help you do that with ease. Besides, physical buttons have a great tactile feel, and dumb phones that flip are extremely good fun to use.

When choosing the best dumb phone, your decision hinges on who you're buying it for and why. If it's to disconnect from the world or for a child, your best bet is the Nokia 2780 Flip. This fantastic feature phone has physical buttons, a small display, and it folds in half. It has all the makings of a great dumb phone, with a few extras thrown in the mix. This is a good thing since you or your child could definitely use an app like Google Maps during emergencies.

On the other hand, if you want something for seniors then you should stick with simpler options like the Easyfone Prime A6. The Prime A6 has large buttons and an exceedingly simple UI so anyone can use it. This phone is built from the ground up to be highly accessible to all, making it one of the best dumb phones for anyone. If you don't want large chunky buttons though, the ZTE Cymbal U offers a sleeker build and more compact size.

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