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Technicial manual for an LG Nexus leaks out

Curious about the next Nexus on the technical level? If so, you're in for a treat. What's supposedly a draft of the official LG service manual for the next Nexus has been posted online. It's a 281 page document, filled with troubleshooting materials, circuit schematics and pinouts, but it does have a couple really interesting things hidden inside.

First of all, the line drawing (seen above) gives us the complete look at the overall device design. Picture the G2, with some minor cosmetic changes and no weird button placement. The back of the unit is also pictured, and it matches up well with some previously leaked images and looks similar to the Nexus 7 from a materials stand point. But most important to many Nexus fans are the specs, which we can glean from the document.

  • 4.95-inch 1080p IPS LCD
  • Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU (MSM8947) at 2.3GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB storage
  • Wireless charging
  • 8MP rear camera with OIS; 1.3MP front camera
  • 2300mAh battery
  • Accelerometer; ambient light sensor; Compass; Gyroscope; Proximity; Pressure sensors
  • HDMI out via Slimport
  • Notification LED
  • NFC; Bluetooth 3 (?); A-GPS; 802.11 b/g/n wifi

It is worth noting that this is a draft, and of course it could be an elaborate hoax. Some glaring errors are present (page 8 and page 11 give conflicting info about Bluetooth specs for starters), but it sure is some juicy juice to pore through on a Saturday night. You'll find the complete doc embedded after the break.

Via: Android Police

Update: Unfortunately, the manual has been taken down at the request of LG and so we have removed the PDF viewer.


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LG Nexus service manual posted online, gives us specs of the next Nexus phone


Some more RAM would have been nice. The Nexus logo written upright on the back panel would have been nice.


Was thinking the same thing but then I guess a nexus shouldn't need what a note 3 does right?

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+ 4.4 is rumored to run on devices with 512MB. If this turns out true, 2GB would be like having 3GB or 4GB (64bits of course).

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32-bit architecture will support 3 and 4GB of memory. It just won't support MORE than 4GB. 64-bit architecture is only necessary if you want to address more than 4GB of RAM at once.

Can you explain this 4GB ceiling or provide a link that explains it? Correct where my logic fails? 4GB is the absolute ceiling, but because their are several bytes scattered throughout the motherboard, this 4GB translates to something lower just for RAM, like 3.5GB of usable RAM. Such as memory in the CPU, etc.

Surprisingly, 4.2 runs pretty well on my old HTC G2 (Desire Z). It only has 512MB of memory. Obviously, the old CPU holds it back a bit, but the idea that Android absolutely has to have gobs of RAM to work reasonably is misguided, IMO.

Yep, I run 4.2.2 on my HTC One V that has a single core CPU and 512mb of RAM. It runs just fine as is, aside from obviously taking longer to open apps.

You do know that Samsung and others chRge the same $100 premium and the only differentiator is the internal space, right? Are you really that ignorant? If you don't believe me then look it up. This whole labeling people with childish names because of the phone/platform they choose to spend their money on is silly. Not to mention I can't even see why you chose to make this statement in the first place especially since In a couple weeks this nexus 5 will be announced and there will be multiple models at different price points and the only differentiator will be how much internal space it will have just like apple has done with their iProducts.

You could have saved some time writing that long response by simply looking at his tag name and moving on...

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If you think about it, the only time you expose the back of the phone for others to see it is when you're holding it up to take a picture. Then the sideways logo makes sense.

Any other time, you're holding it in portrait orientation and the Nexus logo would be hidden by your hand regardless of orientation.

They invented the rectangle too, man. Don't you forget it. Just like Al Gore invented the Internet. They'll probably claim they invented phone screens before it's over too.

Don't complain about battery life before you try it. Battery life is not always the size of battery, but how the software is optimized. I mean iPhones only have 1500 mah battery and has decent battery life.

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The battery will probably be OK guys... Yes bigger would have been nice, but the snapdragon 800 slips juice. Its definitely more efficient than even the lower spec'd snapdragon 600.

IPhones has the worst battery life, one of the only things I hate about iPhone ( have to charge it twice a day) people used their iPhone was to moderately

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No way! Sorry, this is just not true.. Ever use a Thunderbolt, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4? Even my girlfriends iPhone 5 got better battery life than my S3. iOS is more gentle battery life..

I had a thunderbolt the day it was released, that has to be the number one worst phone ever for battery life, just sat on the desk doing nothing.... Dead in 4 hours.... Needless to say I got Verizon to swap the phone for the Samsung droid charge..... Got about an extra hour lol

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I'm still using the Thunderbolt, and the battery life isn't terrible. (Although the 2750mAh extended life battery helps.)

Posted via an HTC Thunderbolt

At first, I was pretty critical about the battery size, but then I remembered that my Xperia ZL had a 2370mAh battery and had great battery life. The only difference is the processor. So, the battery life should be alright. Then again, the Nexus 4 had pretty dreadful battery life compared to it's "brother" the Optimus G. Let's hope they can deliver some great battery life.

i was joking :) i picked it because it was the least exciting thing on the list to get excited over.

Obviously neither of you noticed the accelerometer! Spared no expense.

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Phonearena seems to be saying verizon is going to get this...everyone else has been leery about saying they will. I dont know if pg 12 actually spells that out cuz that's a lot of Greek that I dont know how to read...

Edit: sorry I guess CDMA is page 13...

I saw no frequencies for CDMA.  WCDMA is GSM 3G, not Sprint and Verizon 3G.  

Of course, this is a service manual for one model of the phone, but that's doesn't mean their isn't a different model for those carriers.  Can't say for sure, though.

Still a bunch of greek. I can only hope. I like the G2, but with the smaller buttons on VZW and the lack of cases avail for that phone makes me pause before buying. My GS3 is still a pretty good phone.

+1. Verizon doesn't get nice things cause they always ruin them. See Note 2 home button and Galaxy Nexus updates for evidence

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That is 2 things on an unbelievably long list. They messed up on 2013 Nexus 7 most recently not enabling activations. They probably won't see another Nexus I agree. Google dropped CDMA support on the Gnex

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It seems like VZW is so unpopular with the Android community yet so many members use it, what keeps you from switching providers to something GSM based?

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Coverage... In some areas they are virtually an monopoly.

But I'll be rid of VZW soon now that AT&T has improved their coverage.

1 Coverage - Smokes the others in rural areas.
2 Corporate discount - Cheaper than the others after the discount.


Nothing is cheaper than T-Mobile, especially when you account for the phone being paid off at the end of the 2 year period.

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Not necessarily true. If your employer discount is large enough, your Verizon bill could be less than any other carrier (I am comparing on a cost per-line, unlimited everything basis, so the $30 "Walmart" plan does not apply).

And unless you live near a metroplex, T-mobile's service is marginal at best. It may be cheap, but what is the point if you don't get adequate service?

When I was with Verizon, my bill was $80 per month: 450 minutes, unlimited text and data. The service was amazing, and the LTE was blazing fast.

One faithful day, I gave a girl my number, and she wouldn't stop calling or texting me. So, I decided to add caller blocking, to my plan. Unbeknownst to myself, I lost unlimited data, because of a change to my plan.

Since then, I decided to give Nexus devices and GSM a try. So far, having had a GNex, Nexus 4 and 7, and having used T-Mobile for about a year, I have to say that neither handsets nor service have been a disappointment.

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Is caller blocking a fee service, and because so it's considered a change in the plan? I didn't even know that. I assume you tried to fight it to undo the changes?

Remember, this is Verizon we're taking about... Doesn't matter if it's a free or fee service, if they can justify it as a plan change, they will.

I just finished porting over our last few lines to T*Mobile today, and will be canceling our Verizon service tomorrow. Dropped them for home internet earlier this year. They're just a horrible, horrible company. They might serve their shareholder's interests very well, but the only concern they have for their customers is how much more money they can squeeze out of 'em. Sure, T*Mobile's network isn't as complete as Verizon's, but that'll never change while everyone's giving their money to Verizon.

It was/is a fee service, that costs about $4.99 per month. To be honest, I didn't realize I had lost my unlimited data, until around two weeks later. I received an email, "congratulating" me on my plan change down to 2GB. They had the audacity to "congratulate" me, lol.

Yea I never knew this & it isn't just for big corps. I just found out that by being a member of my local builders exchange (I'm a contractor) that I get a VZW discount. Some people have been getting 20-30% off. So I called them last week and have fingers crossed.

If we are talking about Verizon,it would be -satan....not -suntan

posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

That's terrible, so it sounds like nearly anyone who doesn't live in a major metropolitan area is stuck w VZW by default, remind me to never move from the city

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...maybe not because there's still no mention of Verizon's LTE bands and, of course, Verizon wouldn't be releasing a CDMA-only phone. Unfortunately for us Verizon users we need to really stop dreaming of a Nexus least this year. It's not happening people until VOLTE where it's a more open network and phones won't have to go through Verizon's approval process to register it to their CDMA network (which won't be needed with an all VOLTE device). Just get a sim card and pop it in.

Keep in mind that even Sprint had the same limitations when it came to CDMA and their Nexus wasn't much better than Verizon's... they at least updated it a little quicker, but it wasn't in line with the rest of the official nexus line.

Granted, Verizon and Sprint COULD register these smartphones and then just choose to allow Google to control the updates (similar to how the iPhone is still the only smartphone on a carrier where the carrier doesn't control the updates)...but we all know that won't happen... unfortunately Apple continues to get preferential treatment because of their guaranteed high volume sales and Android will be treated more poorly... at least until OEM's either stand up to the carriers or they release something that year after year is guaranteed to sell like crazy (Samsung could arguably play hard ball with Verizon if they want with their galaxy and note line).

Yeah, that's too bad that Google can't just release a phone on Verizon and control the updates themselves. When my contract is up next April, I plan on switching to T-Mobile, so I shouldn't have to deal with this VZW update and phone release crap much longer.

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This is one area that I give Apple credit. When an os is released, everyone gets it. Vzw CDMA and sprint CDMA do not slow it down. Maybe they get to test the software a lot faster and earlier in the process than Google.

But Google needs to do this on CDMA like Apple.

Verizon and Sprint give priority to the iPhone, and now the galaxy phones because they sell in such huge numbers.

Nexus won't get that treatment on Verizon because it doesn't sell enough phones.
And that's why a nexus on Verizon doesn't work well.
Maybe once they go VoLTE only, but not until that.

VoLTE will NOT fix Verizon. Just look at the Nexus 7 LTE debacle. No activations because the device is not "certified" to work on their network. They will always have the certification clause in the fine print and it is not a violation of the C-Block rules.

So once VOLTE is rolled out do you honestly think Verizon won't go through an approval process?
Do we honestly think they will just allow Google to apply an update every year without
Verizon putting a halt to the process until you buy a new phone or sign a new contract?

I just don't see this happening.

Pretty sure this is for the 821. 820 had the CDMA support. This one is more geared towards Europe and rest of the world. New Nexus 7 LTE has multiple LTE models as well for North America and then the rest of the world.

"...but it sure is some juicy juice to pore through on a Saturday night..."

Only Jerry would write a line like that! :)

I'll let the hardcore geeks dig through the manual, most of it would probably go over my head anyway. Still, it's exciting to see more stuff about the Nexus5 (or whatever its going to be called) starting to leak out!

If it happens I will have to change my name, if not, I get another year of giving sh*t.

I would love to change my name...

I like it. Hell, I'm already a fan of it. YesNexus... I think we've got a hit, on our hands, boys!

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How about gonexus? Majority rules, and it has to be 32gb

Posted via your wifes, girlfriends phone

Let's bit get happy yet. There has to be a 32gb version.

I do love my nexus 7 though. Vanilla on a tablet is the way to go. Not sure about phones

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Yeah, the Nexus 7 is one of the best tablets I've ever used. For the price, you get your money's worth.

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Easy, he would just tri-boot a phone with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Now what hardware... :)

You can change your username? I've tried but it won't let me. But still sounds awesome

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Not sure if you can change it or not, but I will make a new one if need be. I am not married to the name, just think the nexus 4 was a fail

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Seriously, lighten up and get a life, Matt.

How can I sound like I'm 12? You've never heard me talk.

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Hard to be excited about only 32. That is what I would consider the bare minimum. On a 32, maybe only 24 would be available. Without an SD card, I want 32 usable, which this could not provide.

It is nearly 2014, there is no reason they can't offer a 48 or 64GB version now!

Only 24 would be available? This isn't a Samsung phone. I'd estimate 28 or 29.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

The guy can't make a joke? Maybe you need to sleep off that seriousness :P

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It's funny, a lot of people like to make fun of iPhone users over their fanaticism in defending the shortcomings of Apple's platform. Here we see Jerry displaying the same type of behavior when it comes to defending the shortcomings in a device he likes.

Except you made the same joke less than a month ago not directed at anyone. We get it: 8GB is all the local storage you could ever want. For a lot of people, it isn't.

I was waiting for this comment, lol. You give them 2GB of storage, and they complain that 16GB should be the bare minimum.

You give them 16GB, and they complain that 32GB should be the bare minimum.

You give them 32GB, and they complain that 48/64GB should be the bare minimum.

This is a device that is probably going to be sold at cost. I'm not sure, where the buck stops, in regards to satisfaction with onboard storage.

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The only reason that storage is kept low is because it forces you to use Google's services. It's 2013: storage is ridiculously inexpensive and it would be trivial to add more if they wanted to. Even better, there's a whole class of technology that deal with storage that can be added or removed at will. People have no problem paying the insane markups for devices for larger storage capacities either when they're given a choice. The ONLY reason that storage is limited is because it forces you to use Google's services.

Except for the part where there are numerous options that are not Google services. Nobody is forced to do anything. If you do a little homework you will discover a world of options that have nothing to do with Google

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It doesnt force me to use Google cloud services, it forces me to buy a different phone that has more built in storage. 32GB is the minimum and it appears Google is finally going to offer it. I'm excited because I would never buy past Nexus devices, now I can!

Don't forget that people pay for data. So you pay your wireless corp to get to your google drive or whatever data. (unless on an unlimited corp - Sprint doesn't count, no LTE anywhere close to me)

Needs change. Files get bigger. Data plans shrink. When I had 4MP cameras I only needed 2GB memory cards. I need 16GB now.

I'll give you a use case for storage:

I have a digital SLR. A professional grade one. Big files, fast shooting (10 frames per second). I slap an Eye-Fi in it and transmit those images to the phone in my pocket. I couldn't do it with only 8 or 16 GB of space. Luckily I chose a phone with external storage. It has a 32 in it now but will be swapped for a 64 soon. When 64 isn't enough I'll go to 128 and so on.

Point proven, lol. Like I told crxssi, I might have been a little hasty in my reply. That's a great example: so, the Eye-fi can send your recently-acquired images straight to the SD card?

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Yep they go straight to the SDXC card WiFi direct. Downside is having WiFi on kills the data connection because it assumes you're hooking up to an AP but transfers are nice & quick.

Since I have Photomate on my phone and it can read and edit raw files from my camera, it saves me from jumping to the computer when all I want to do is get some basic work done. Or I can send JPEGs straight over for thinks like eBay and Craigslist. Watermark, upload. Boom. Done. No need for the computer at all.

Same is true for the tablet if I want a bigger screen and to keep the phone data alive.

My complaint is not a complaint just to complain. I use Android phones and will be in the market for one in perhaps 6 months. And I would like to have a Nexus option on the plate.

I genuinely need 32GB to store what I want to take with me. Not 16, not 24, not 28. As a potential consumer of this product, I have every right to be unhappy with their selection of storage options. And "Cloud storage" is not storage. It is not accessible 100% of the time, it is not fast, it is not private, it is not under my control, and it will not do what I want.

The Nexus 4's 8/16GB storage options were a total joke and way below ANY high-end Android phone. So at least they got the message with 32GB, but that is still a huge "yawn" in late 2013. I (and probably lots of others) am willing to pay for 64.

That's fair, brother. I'll admit, I was a little hasty in my reply. It would be awesome, if they had a 64GB option available. Hell, I'd be in line for it, for sure.

Yeah, when you really think about it, 8GB (with 5.5 free) can be seen as a slap in the face, to some.

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I am not going through all the comments here, just wanted to say that I have always said 32gb or no deal. I know I use my phone differently than what seems like everyone on the planet but that is my requirements.

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I am not going through all the comments here, just wanted to say that I have always said 32gb or no deal. I know I use my phone differently than what seems like everyone on the planet but that is my requirements.

Posted via your wifes, girlfriends phone

For me I can comfortably use 16 GB with a few gbs left over. Some music stored and some in the cloud. But if a 32 GB option is available the extra breathing room will be much appreciated.


Cloud storage is not real storage.

It is not accessible 100% of the time, it is not fast, it is not private, it is not as secure, it is not under full user control, it uses up data allocation, and it uses far more battery, and it will not do what many people want.

I am getting really sick of people pointing to cloud "storage" as if it is a great solution to lack of local storage when it is not. I understand the reasons to not have an SD card slot, and most people are fine with that as long as you can get some reasonable storage options. Flash storage is *CHEAP* now, the only reason to not offer good local storage options is political, and that is not consumer friendly.

It has 32GB storage storage?

"Yo, dawg I heard you like storage, so we put storage in your storage so you can store files while you store files!" :)

Seriously though, sounds pretty solid if those are the actual specs. Won't be upgrading from my N4, at least not right away. LTE would be awesome to have, but considering I don't live in an LTE area, there's no rush for me to go get one. It's also nice to see they have moved the speaker to the bottom from the back.

I enjoy this rumor stuff before phones actually hit market, it is like a nerd soap opera, lol. I even read one rumor that said 3-4gb of ram that would be insane.

Posted via a SkyRocket running LiquidSmooth 3.0

I have a N4 and a G2, while I agree the N4 is amazing it's a big improvement using the G2 in specs/screen/camera/battery life. That doesn't mean the N4 is bad in anyway because I think it's a wonderful phone and for what they cost it was a steal. I never felt the Snapdragon 600 was worth an upgrade from the S4 PRO but the S800 is legit.

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Nexus 4 was pretty top of the line when it came out. The s4 and the one were the only phones that really topped it. Those came out like 5 months down the road from it. I think they can pull off the price point.

Do more research, I can think of one without looking up specs, the Note 2. I *think* the Optimus G was better as well. but that is just off the top of my head. Maybe it was the G Pro.

Either way, the Nexus 4 was ...lacking

No.  The Note 2 was the last phone with "last-gen" specs.  Quad-core A9 based chip was outclassed by the S4 Pro, by a long shot.  So, do more research.  :P


The G Pro and N4 had identical specs save for LTE.

Optimus G, not G Pro. G Pro is Snapdragon 600 and 5.5" 1080p screen.

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The Nexus 4 was based off of the Optimus G like the Nexus 5 is based off the G2. We can go further back. The Galaxy Nexus was based on the Galaxy S2/S3, the Nexus S was based off the Galaxy S/S2, and the Nexus One was based on the HTC Desire. Nexus always has a basis in an OEM's flagship at the time, but tweaked by Google design and spec-wise and has the newest version of Android launch with it. To this day there is no true Nexus designed and built from the ground up by Google (a la what they did with the Chromebook Pixel). This is likely because retooling an existing design is cheaper and can keep the phone at cost at a decent price so as many people can get in on the "developers' phone" as possible.

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Did u see the story about the Note 3 costing $250 to produce? They might can pull it off

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Agreed. The nexus brand was meant to be sold closer to at cost than other phones, which is why their price point is so cheap. Of the note 3 costs around $250 to make, the nexus 5 could be made at around $200, and be sold possibly at price points to the nexus 4: maybe $299 for the 16 GB version and $349 for the 32 GB version.

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I'm predicting higher prices by $30-50 each model(16GB and 32GB). New Nexus 7 went up, Nexus 5 I think will be around the asme.

Sounds like a nice new Nexus. Been rocking the G2 now for a couple weeks and these specs will make a great experience. The battery will do well if it's anything like the G2. Finally 32GB on a GSM Nexus as well and sounds like an improvement on the camera from the N4.

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Me too! This G2 is a beast and since the Nexus 5 won't be coming to Verizon its really the only choice IMO.

Google always seems to low ball the battery. It should have been in the 2,500 - 2,800 range battery.

I am so tired of companies not putting in a decent battery. Motorola is the only one that gets it with their Razr MAXX line of phones.

The iPhone is no different. Apple should be at atleast a 2,000 mah batter by now. It doesn't add much to the price to bump up the battery.

Could not agree more. I have the Nexus4 and the battery stinks for a power user. 3.2 hrs of screen time is inadequate for me. Now, we don't know what the story will be here exactly of course, but I expect with the larger screen yet better power management of the 800 etc it will be status quo or slight improvement. I was looking for better than that. The battery could have been made 2800 for a minimal thickness impact, although granted it would also affect the price a little. But I am sick of continually having to carry an external battery every day. I'm likely now to switch to something else over this...

I saw an FM radio listed. That would be a nice touch. Anything about an IR blaster? Not that I would use 802.11ac, but it would be nice to have that capability.

I noticed the FM radio as well. I hope it isn't a misprint like the conflicting bluetooth 3 and 4. I don't have unlimited data and my wifi sucks, so FM would be great! I didn't notice anything on IR blaster in the document, but then again they had detailed trouble shooting on a lot of stuff, but lots missing too, for example nothing on GPS/GLONASS, I hope it has glonass too.

Both of the Broadcom chips listed in the manual(BCM4335 and BCM4339)are 802:11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.0 chips. So at the very least Bluetooth 4.0 will be there.

Hell yes 32 GB and OiS I have gotten a lot better battery life since 4.3 I'm hoping 4.4 will make it a little better

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Indeed.. I recently re-ran a battery life endurance test on my N4 and it got nearly 4 days (stock, nothing disabled). That's a noticeable improvement from release.

Oddly though the opposite on my 2012 N7. I do wonder if the battery on that is dying though.

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My 2012 N7 still has good battery and runs like butter since 4.3 and I use it everyday at home and work.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't see reference to 32 Gigabytes. I see 16 Gb of RAM and 16 GB of storage. 16 Gb = 2 GB. You can't add those two things. One is RAM the other is storage.

Gb does not equal GB.

I wonder why it's inconsistent. Could these be the two models?

Also, image on page 31 confirms SanDisk 32GB chip.

Myself I'm still rockin my Gnex. I'm looking forward to this now even more. If and I know it's still an if, there is 32GB of storage. This will be mine.

I was hoping to get a custom Moto X once the exclusive is done. But if this is priced right in the play store. I could easily forget about all that.

Come on Google, MAKE MY DAY!!!

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Totally, it will really make or break it for me if its no more than $349.

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

What do you think would be more worth it if this were more than $349? Or are you just saying you wouldn't upgrade at all?

This is where I am. I have an HTC One. If the Nexus 5 is $350 I will switch no questions asked, if it is $400 I will have a conversation with myself about switching, if its over $400, I am happy with my One.

Posted via Android Central App

I am rocking a 32 GB Verizon "GNex" and am so excited for this. Leaving back to AT&T and getting a Nexus 5. The GNex has run like butter since 4.3 btw (Mmuzzy ROM if you were wondering)

Posted via Android Central App

I have been slacking on ROMs lately. My gnex has been annoyingly sluggish with 4.2. I need to update to 4.3 to hold me over until the N5 comes. Will try Mmuzzy..

U mean the thing under the power button? I think that's sim.

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

Do you also judge camera performance by the number of megapixels?


I get the point of having more capacity is better, but the capacity itself doesn't tell you that battery life is good or bad.

Not really.  You can't automatically say that phones with higher capacities get better real-world battery life.  Look at the Moto X.  Use it like it's meant to be used and it'll do fantastic.


I've heard reports of the idle time of the X being better than many of today's current "high-end" devices.

But it's certain true that on equal software (with all optimizations) a bigger battery would give you a longer stint per charge.

So it's legit, in my opinion, to ask for bigger batteries AND for software optimization (regarding power consumption).

Well when you got a 5" screen to power up it might be better to have a bigger battery and its non removable.
So I'm judging the hell out of the battery.

Posted from my Galaxy s4 or HTC One.

Didn't stop you from getting the One, which has the same exact capacity.  Also not removable.

4.4 could make a big difference, and nobody has any hands-on time with that.

It's "only" 8mp, so the pictures are going to be terrible compared to the S4 or G2.  Mostly because those have 13mp cameras. 

Get my point yet?

I couldn't agree more! This battery is abomination for a 5" screen. It was pretty bad on the One, 6 months ago and it will be even worst here on a larger screen. I understand the processor and 4.4 will address the power management, but they can only do so much. G2 has a 3000mah battery and its still thin and slick.

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I've seen battery drain tests with the HTC one compared to the iPhone 5, and the one actually had a longer video playback time at that capacity, nearly 14 hours. That has a snapdragon 600 chip, and this has the snapdragon 800, and the screen resolution is the same. The droid DNA and the one have very good battery life, so I would hope this could have very good battery life

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Looks like it ll have stereo speakers instead of mono like the g2. Hurray if true.

Posted via Android Central App

Based on what? The G2 had two grills on the bottom too, one's just fake and punched out merely for looks/symmetry (tho it hides a mic hole too I guess)... It's not like two grills on the phone's bottom would create enough separation for true stereo imaging, even HTC's front arrangement is kinda iffy on that tbh.

The G2 speaker wasn't the loudest either way, according to Anandtech, one of the few disappointments on that phone. Hopefully it's not as quiet as my old EVO 3D (awful speaker, the LTE/One X was a big improvement). I guess being bottom mounted it can't possibly be the worst out there since a soft back mounted speaker would be further muffled when you set the phone down.

I also think it will still come in at a low price . I think the type of people that buy nexus devices spend enough on apps and games to somewhat make up for that they spend.

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The manual lists cdma talk time of 691 minutes does this mean there is a chance for sprint?

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32 GB storage storage? See the "yo dawg" post above. Seriously, though, at last Google has learned to put enough storage in their devices. 32 GB = good.

5-inch screen = bad. The G-Nex and Nexus 4 had 4.7-inch displays, and that's the sweet spot IMO. HTC and Motorola seem to get that 5-inch phones aren't for everyone; why doesn't anyone else get it? I guess you could say Apple does, but 4-inch phones are on the completely other end of usability.

If the next Nexus is by LG again, that will make 4 Nexus phones in a row made by Korean OEM's. I don't have much against Samsung or LG (besides their software and recent screen size choices), but give HTC, Motorola, or another company a turn--one that makes truly excellent phones, not one who just knows how to monetize and advertise really well.

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I believe they've made the overall size of the device smaller than the n4 while still bumping the screen size up to 5 inches.

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Physical dimensions of the device are identical to the Nexus 4.  If you could comfortably hold that phone, you'll have no issues with this one.

That's assuming that the dimensions aren't one of the things that will change with the final release.  Bigger screen on the same body is something I think a lot of people would like.

The N5 is overall the same size as the N4. The screen is bigger because the bezel is smaller. Screen size matters less than dimensions in hand.
Personally, I'm thrilled about this device.

This. I certainly don't. .3 inches is the most absurd aspect to complain over.

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4.7 is your sweet spot, not everybody's, I loved the fact the S4 was the same size as the S3 but with a 5 inch screen, the device is the same size as the N4 so I don't see what your issue could possibly be regarding screen size

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I mean 4.7 is my sweet spot too, but since the Nexus 5 is the same overall size as the 4 and I'm happy.

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Cool! Hopefully this manual is legit. Looking forward to the release and will be especially interested in pricing.

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Curious how battery life will be. It seems a little small but might surprise me.

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I know it's silly but I've gotten used to my IR blaster on the S4 and would hate to lost that feature. Please let it have one... please!

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Oh well, says IRDA = No. :-(

So what is the deal with the round metal on the camera? What effect is OIS? Anything else have OIS where I can see how it performs?

What sort of things actually use the Snap800? Sorry I'm coming from a 3.5 year old HTC 4G so am just a bit confused about if these things work.

I am surprised there is no voice processor like the MotoX. I guess that is just Motoroloa? I had hoped that the whole OK Google thing was part of Android going forward.

What other phones have a pressure sensor and what does it do? My watch has a pressure sensor and it has to be calibrated to work right.

FM Radio is something people are missing.

No IR Blaster is a surprise.

With specs like that I would be amazed if this came In at under $400, I was thinking they would do a similar increase like they did with the N7 meaning $329 and $389 for the phone but I just don't see that big of a spec for that type of money, who in there right mind would buy the HTC one and Galaxy S4 Google Play Editions if this more powerful device would be over $200 less, if its under $400 take my money now!

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Yeah, I can't wait to see how Google prices this. But, I have the feeling that it won't be priced as cheap as the Nexus 4. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

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I will put $20 on $350 and $400. $299 and $350 will cause chaos though!

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Yeah, there's no doubt in my mind, it's going to sell out like last year. Hopefully, they limit the amount a person can order, because I absolutely HATE scalpers.

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I will put $20 on $350 and $400. $299 and $350 will cause chaos though!

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I think people are forgetting that the Nexus 4 (along with its Optimus G doppelganger) was the most powerful phone available when it launched. Nothing else had an S4 Pro yet, 720p was the standard on flagships, and it had a premium design and extra features like wireless charging. Yes, a year later it seems like a more d range device, but a year ago it was the top of the Android heap.

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The Droid DNA/HTC Butterfly and its 1080p screen disagrees with you

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The DNA was announced the same day the Nexus 4 went on sale (November 13, 2012). One phone being available (well, two if you count the Oppo Find 5) with a 1080 display does not make it the standard on high end phones at the time. The screen was pretty much the only area that the Nexus 4 was not the king of Android.

Well, I think it will be $299 because they have more sources of income this year. (Sprint, T-Mobile, Att, and maybe VZW) So that will make up for the cost. Also the Galaxy Note 3 costs $250 to make, and the screen was the most. Since the screen is smaller the price will be below $250 to make.

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Because I'm on a keyboard lagging nexus 7 2013..... You would be amazed at how long it can take to type 3 lines of text..... Its going back to best buy Tuesday!

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Looks like they put the headphone jack on the top. I really like the bottom arrangement that I have on the GN. The G2 has the bottom jack access, too, so I was hoping they would make the same choice on the N5. Oh well, I can live with that.

Nope.  I'm actually very happy with it.  They included optical image stabilization, which should help immensely with pics in lower light situations.

Only 8 mp? Really? The 4 ultra(really 4mp) pixel in the HTC One is better than most phones including the 8 mp on the nexus.

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Yeah I agree if it can match the HTC camera I would be happy ,my wife has the Htcone and its pictures are phenomenal and crush the 8mp on my optimus G. The nexus 5 or whatever y call it will be mine, can't wait.

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