Sprint LG LS680

For those of you pining for a new Android device on Sprint, you may soon get your wish. The Boy Genius Report has snagged a shot from Sprint's inventory screen that shows the LG LS680, clearly listing an Android handset. (Don't get crazy about the $1 listing, that's likely just a placeholder.)

No real world on what the LS680 might be, though it could lend credence to the recent Sprint-LG-WiMAX Prada III rumor floating around. We should learn more at CES next week, so stay tuned. (Thanks, gbhil, for the tip!)


Reader comments

LG LS680 Android phone shows up in Sprint's inventory system


I just hope this has at least a 3.5 screen and a processor that can come close to or is the snapdragon.

Im on sprint and was gonna buy the moment this week but once I heard the rumors that there may be a android based prada 3 announced at ces I decided to wait....but Im really starting to believe that the prada 3 will be a winmo phone and this android phone that is pictured above is just the cdma version of the LG EVE (gw620). looks like a nice phone has a 5 row keyboard which I like but it only has a 3inch screen (was hoping for a regular android spec screen of 3.2 or 3.7). I think if it is the gw620 im gonna just go ahead and get the moment