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The Intel Keynote is well underway at CES, and they dropped details on the first smartphone to run on their architecture, the Lenovo K800. With what looks to be a heavily skinned version of Android, reminscent of Lenovo's Mondrian UI, it brings a new chip and architecture to Android.

Packing a 4.5-inch 720p display, the K800 has Intel wireless display technology (WiDi) inside. It's due to arrive in China first, on the China Unicom network. No details as of yet on availability outside of China, but we're pretty sure we'll see Intel-powered Android phones in the rest of the world soon enough.

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radgatt says:

Not quite sure if i would pick this up or not...

patrixl says:

Can Intel-powered Android phones run all Android apps?

l00natic71 says:

They should. Android applications access API not the hardware directly. Intel did the porting of Android, so it shouldn't make a difference to the end user. Per
Market applications should run. 3rd party market apps may run.

HedonismBot says:

Many games and high-performance apps use native code, which needs to be recompiled to run on x86 devices. This is up to the app developer to release a new version that targets the new x86 processors as well.

icebike says:

Widi. Sigh.

Yet another video to the TV solution.
This is the great thing about Standards: there are so many to chose from.

You can finally buy a TV with DLNA. Now just try finding one to support widi.

carlos2384 says:

That's false. The blackberry 8700 series ran a intel CPU. Throwback