Windows Phone Central on Android

And with five, we have a family. Windows Phone Central is now the fifth Mobile Nations site — along with Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Smartwatch Fans — to have an official Android application.

Available now in Google Play, this is the same app you've come to know and love with all of our sites. You get all the latest in Windows Phone news, reviews of devices, apps and accessories, editorials, podcasts — all the best from the fine folks at Windows Phone Central.

Plus, you've got access to the WPC forums for even more help and discussion.

Give it a download. And because you'll ask — yes, we've got a combined Mobile Nations app on our roadmap for later this year. Thanks, folks!


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Introducing the Windows Phone Central App for Android!



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I would gladly add some ugly to the back of my Moto X if it meant getting Lumia 1020 quality imaging. Or even 920 quality.

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Definitely looking forward to the Mobile Nations App, this..... not so much.

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nice . the comments on google play are silly .... saying the android central app has a better UI ... ITS THE SAME UI

waste of resources IMO. unless a platform has at least a 10% market share you shouldn't waste programming resources on them. windows phone and especially those clowns at crockberry bring no value to the Android user.

+1! WP is a joke! With those stupid, stupid tiles!

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WP central isn't only about WP but also about everything Windows related (Xbox, PC, tablets). So unless all Android users only use Android/Google on all of their devices, it, in fact, brings value to some of us.

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Umm...I'm all Google/Android! Galaxy S4. Microsoft doesn't exist in the world I live in!

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Small world for you buddy. I used to have a blackberry and still own a playbook so I have crackberry. I now tote a note 3 so I have android central. If I done get the galaxy tab 8.4 I will possibly dabble in an I something (possibly) or maybe in a Windows tablet. I used to be short sighted like you to which is why I only got all things blackberry. Now I'm a platform slut. I'm pretty committed to my note 3 but who knows what the next best thing is? I may have a blackberry again ha.

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I wouldn't say "closed minded". I just like a company like Google, who innovstes, they are constantly innovating.

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Well if that's how it works for you then fine. Some people, like myself, like to take the best of each platform.

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I don't have a chromebook or have even used ChromeOS, but "capable" is going to be defined differenly by whomever is answering the question. It may be more computer than some people will _ever_ need, while remaining a useless toy to others.

I think you will find that when the new figures come out WP will have 10%, worldwide.

However i do agree that this app is pretty pointless, WHY would anyone on android care?

Because I am using my nexus 5 today. Next week maybe my lumia 925? I have 4 phones on different 3 platforms.

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Personally, I love the design principles behind WP. There's just enough customization to make it yours without bogging you down in countless hours of tweaking and experimentation. If you've ever picked one up, then you know there's all sorts of useful innovations built into the platform that neither Android or iOS has replicated. If they got some damn dev support, I'd happily use a Nokia.

I love my moto x. I love Android. But I'm not devoted to anyone, and if the other guy does something better, something that truly speaks to me as a user, then I'm happy to see how the other half lives.

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Because some people need to keep up on all platforms (myself) and others like to keep up on all platforms.

Besides, it is fun to go an poke the other hives once and awhile.

Nope, numbers are out. 4.1% worldwide. Nokia jumped for a reason.

Just think about it. 1 billion smartphones were sold last year. To have 10%, Nokia would need to average over 20 million phones per quarter. They weren't even close to half that.

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Chromebook, Android Phone, 2 Android tablets, Windows 8.1 Laptop,and Nokia Lumia 521.

When not carrying one of my devices nice to know I can still get information about it.

I thought most of us here are fans of the most innovative tech company in the world, Google. But I guess not.

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For large companies, innovation is measured by how many patents they successfully file. Google isn't even in the top 10. Hell, Canon and Sony are more "innovative" than is Google. Microsoft was #5 on the list of most innovative companies of 2013.

I for one I'm glad this has came around. Like the iMore and Crackberry apps, it'll allow me to keep up to date with everything in the mobile world.

WP Central isn't just about Windows Phones as others have correctly states, but it wouldn't be a bad thing if it were. Whilst I'm not a big fan of the whole tile layout, the Windows operating system is ground quite fast in a world where Google and Apple are kings.

If anyone has actually used a Windows phone (especially one of the Lumia's) you will see how ridiculously smooth the OS is. In my opinion its even smoother then Android, post Kit Kat.

Saying that though, Android devices are my weapons of choice but you'd be a fool to dismiss other devices and news from other platforms.

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Nice! As a cross platform user, I like this to keep up on my stuff. Unlike some others here who actually are wasting their time to out down something they do not want or have?

Thanks to mobile nations!

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The collection is complete.. Thank you mobile nations!

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Right cuz android users wanna no all bout windows phones... Wasted effort IMHO

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

*going to


I am not a grammar nazi but for you and that "interesting" comment I will make an exception

+2 lol

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Here's some news for you: I'm a Windows Phone user (because it's what runs on Nokia devices).
I will be switching to Android once Nokia leaves the mobile phones market. I will STILL want to read WPCentral. Because I want to be updated on stuff for my Nokia L1020 which I will keep as my camera (no Android phone has a camera that beats that one and I'm not going to buy a DSLR). And I still like to know what goes on in other platforms.

So there you have it. You do not represent neither current nor future Android users (and believe me, there will be a lot of them coming from Windows Phone once Nokia's out the door.)

OK so for anyone wondering; this app is actually far better than the "ACTUAL OFFICIAL" WPCentral app for Windows Phone!

It's great that we now have a Windows Phone Central Android app! How can anyone spin this into a negative!?

I won't be downloading the app, though. Until we get that all-encompassing Mobile Nations app (beside the Forums app), I'll be using the Android Central app for my Android news and the Web for all of the other Mobile Nations sites.

Still, kudos to everyone at Mobile Nations!! Thanks!!

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Ok, I've changed my mind! Downloading now!

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Nice addition. Much better than forums only app.

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Hahaha... Now my mobile nations folder is complete. Can't wait for the unified app. Kudos to all.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya EVERYBODY CLAP YO HANDS

No but seriously this is pretty cool

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Nice timing! It released the day I switched back to Android, but I still wanted to keep up with the WP world, and this app is awesome.

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