We've talked a bit in the past about URL shorteners and how they can save space -- or wreak havoc. It's really all about trust, right? We've used third-party shorteners like before, and since then we've been using Google's own shortener, Now we've got our own.

From here on out, if you see a link to (it's phones, get it?), you can rest assured that it's from us. Actually, it's from any one of the Mobile Nations sites, which comprises Android Central, CrackBerry, WPCentral, iMore and webOS Nation.

So when will you see a link? Most likely it'll be on a service like Twitter or, where characters are at a premium. So instead of, you'll see -- or something even shorter.

Nobody knows phones better the members of Mobile Nations, and is just one more way we're continuing to improve Android Central, the Mobile Nations network, and life on Earth in general. Enjoy!

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Wonderful association!

Pretty cool

AidanCheddar says:

What about tablets?

kstoutdog says:

I think you're missing the point...
It's about being able to identify the source of the URL...

K_Royther says:

No, YOU are missing the point. It was a joke.



AidanCheddar says:

Huh? So, we're gonna have URL known as that links to a tablet article? I think something a bit more OS-specific or universal like "mobi.le"?

return_0 says:

How about ""?
Although that would go against the point of making a URL shortener in the first place…

Mtn_Scott says:


PJMAN2952 says:

This would be good for sharing links on Twitter.

Cube1701 says:

No matter how long a link is, it will only take up a maximum of 20 characters on Twitter.

drathos says:

Twitter already forces urls through their own shortener, so this is just going to add another layer of obfuscation of links.. Ironic when Jerry posted an article a while back about not clicking unknown short urls.

punman says:

Less characters to transmit means less data transferred on non-unlimited data plans!

Nice! Mobile Nations is taking steps up nicely. :)

benurd says:

Nice! I like this.