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What do you get the Android Central reader who already has everything? You're already a part of the No. 1 site for all things Android. You're already a part of the most informative (and, just as important, friendly) Android forums around. So what else can we do for you to go along with providing the most in-depth reviews, the news behind the news, opinions and everything else that spews forth from Android Central 365 days a year?

Welcome to the all new Android Central Phone Store. We've teamed up with Best Buy Mobile Solutions to bring you great prices on your favorite phones, from the top manufacturers and carriers. You can browse and purchase Android smartphones from Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile right from the store, with the same selection and customer service you'd expect when the likes of Android Central and Best Buy come together.

It's really all a part of being the best source for all things Android. News, reviews, opinions, accessories and, now, phones. We'll help you choose the best phone for you. We'll help you learn to use it. And we'll help you find the accessories you need. And we're just getting warmed up, folks. There's more on the way. Stay tuned!

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Introducing the Android Central Phone Store, powered by Best Buy Mobile Solutions!


How about AT&T products? I love my Vivid and want Serious accessories for it (like a Seidio Convert case, or, failing that, the Otterbox or Trident equivalent. One thing I've noticed: you guys haven't done a formal review of the Vivid. I love the phone, but I'd also love to have your take on it.

Kind of funny the Evo is still $100, or the same price as some of the newer phones like the Photon. :)

As if there were not enough places to buy phones and accessories already?

AC, have you taken a look at "your" store accessory prices lately? They're overpriced by about a factor of 5. (I say "your" because all SPE sites seem to share the same lame storefront and prices, with minimal rebranding.)

What makes you think you can sell phones for a good deal when you can't even sell accessories for their true price?

Example: A travel charger for my Epic 4G, the same one that came in the box with the phone, that you sell for $23.90? ($17.95 + $5.95 shipping) It costs $4.35 on eBay with free shipping, and yeah, it's OEM.

This is a bad idea all around.

Seriously, tell me you did not just compare retail with eBay!!

Yes their prices are high, but I still buy some things at the spe store. Especially cases and stuff.

That being said, why in gods name team up with Worst Buy? EVEN car phone warehouse beats their prices. Im guessing its because only Worst Buy has enough bloat in their prices to throw SPE a few bucks for each phone sold.

Yes, I am comparing the AC store with eBay. Why not? They both sell the same products (cell phone accessory section only, as far as eBay is concerned), they're both primarily online presences, and they both compete for cell phone accessory business.

Seems fair to me.

"Yes their prices are high" - Sorry, but I refuse to spend ~500% more than I need to obtain items just to support a glorified blog, so they can post stories like the Galaxy Nexus one where they said essentially "Order an international GSM one here. There's limited stock, and it's even more limited since we bought ours first." (..With the money you suckers overpaid on accessories..)

I've gotta say...what is the point in this? It's not like they're cheaper than going to a sprint store or anything so i just don't see the point. Why would you buy from here and have to pay shipping probably?

The point is to have an all in one, info, accessories, and phones. Now i dont like best buy mobile so this upsets me just a lil. But i hope this increases yalls overall revenue!!

"The point is to have an all in one, info, accessories, and phones"

Amazon already does this, and has for quite some time. And when it comes to who I'd rather buy a phone from, "Best" Buy or Amazon? Amazon wins.

Of course, your carrier's local retail store also has the phones, accessories, and info in one place too, and you can get your stuff in a few minutes.

"i hope this increases yalls overall revenue!!"

Although AC does a passable (but not *great*) job of reporting on the Android scene, and I come here to read the articles - That's it. Their attempted expansion under the Mobile Nations banner? Their crappy overpriced accessory store? Keep it. They've done neither well. Neither has any advantages over anything/anyone that came before them. And let's not forget the stinker of an Android app they released. For cryin' out loud, they're an Android blog, it's part of their job to evaluate apps - And then to release that stinker and put their name on it? :-(

So although I don't exactly hope that they fail miserably at selling phones.. I guess I kinda do hope they fail at it. Badly. Why? Because their sense of superiority with their aforementioned crappy endeavors annoys me with how they trumpet them as great moves. Call a spade a spade. If your accessories are overpriced (and how can you not know it?) then admit it, and fold that part of the operation. There's no shame in admitting defeat. As far as Mobile Nations, I haven't seen a shred of any added value over the other copious Android, Apple, Blackberry, etc. blogs. In fact, blogs that focus on one area alone do a far better job of covering it in an in-depth manner.

It might sound like I hate AC. Nope. It's that I see that they have potential, and they're wasting it.

Spot on for the most part.

But your assessment of Mobil nations is a bit off.

Look at the podcast attendance and you see that Tipb and Crackberry and winphone are going nowhere. The only engine pulling this train is AC. There use to be a page that showed page hits for all SPE sites, but it long since disappeared. So mobile nations is an attempt to keep the rest afloat as readership falters along with market share for apple and rim and nokia.

That coupled with the arbitrary refusal to cover certain in stories just to keep the evaluation units flowing from the carriers is starting to get a little suspicious. CarrierIQ broke months before they would mention it here. Why? So that the next sweet phone arrives on Jerrys or Phils desk.

"Look at the podcast attendance and you see that Tipb and Crackberry and winphone are going nowhere. The only engine pulling this train is AC. There use to be a page that showed page hits for all SPE sites, but it long since disappeared. So mobile nations is an attempt to keep the rest afloat as readership falters along with market share for apple and rim and nokia."

Then it's time to unhitch AC from the rest of the Mobile Nations train. If the others cannot stand on their own - Then they don't deserve to be carried. Let them evolve into small niche sites, if that's what's happening with them. If the readership isn't enough to pay the bills - Put up a warning say 3 months in advance on the site, and if it's still too low after 3 months, inform the site editors that they're no longer needed, and close the site. It sucks, but oh well.

Isn't it sort of funny how Mobile Nations came into existence shortly after the main contributor on Nokia Experts abandoned that blog? It's SPE trying to paper over a loss of readership, and a bad attempt at that.

As far as the questionable editorial decisions on what stories to carry, likely to ensure that they don't peeve off their benefactors who send them review handsets, which generates pageviews and income for the site? On one hand I can't blame them. Everybody wants to keep the paychecks rolling in on time, and will likely do whatever they have to make sure of that. On the other hand, oh yeah, I can blame them.

As far as CarrierIQ specifically, yeah, it broke months before it was acknowledged here. The ROM devs for ACS had writeups on it long ago.

Thanks for your comments, it is alway insightful to hear from our readers.

We have never been able to compete with eBay on price, even going back to our first accessory store in 2003 when we operated out of a garage. Our product costs, specially when bought from official distributors, are higher than most eBay sellers' prices. Yet due to our large selection of accessories, same-day shipping, responsive customer service etc we have managed to ship over 2 million orders .

As you pointed out the store doesn't meet the needs of all of our readers, but a subset finds value in it so no plans to admit defeat. We are always open to suggestions on how to improve.

Marcus Adolfsson
Founder & CEO, Smartphone Experts / Mobile Nations
Office (888) 599-8998 x 111

Re: Mobile Nations. All the blogs in our network has always been part of "Smartphone Experts", but we never made an effort promoting this. With smartphone buyers switching more frequently between platforms, it made sense to push the network more. Each site still has their own editorial team that covers "their" platform in-depth.

All the traffic numbers are available on Quantcast (unlike many of our competition we keep the numbers public)

As you can see CB and TiPB stand on their own (2.9m and 1.4m monthly readers) next to AC (2.8m).  WPCentral is substantially smaller but trends that platform's marketshare. The closing of, which at its peak had 80k monthly readers (1% of the network), made sense considering Nokia's direction and was not material.

I agree that the Android app was not great. We got a great replacement coming next year.

Yep, and they're still selling the original Evo and Epic 4G for $100 too. Great phones for their time, but technology has moved on. BBY Mobile has not.

*I* give a crap as a reader. Do you really want to see a blog with potential hitch itself to one of the most hated consumer electronics stores, and trumpet terrible deals on phones as great? I don't.

I too think this is a bad idea. I come to AC for Android news and especially the reviews. I have noticed some things reported on other Android sites that don't get mentioned here, and I have long quit reading their reviews of accessories since they offer the same for sale in their store. Now I have to question the integrity of the device reviews as well. I would liken this to Consumer Reports announcing in their car buying guide that you can now purchase the cars from their website. If you need revenue stream it should be through advertising and/or subscriptions. I understand it takes money to do what you do, but you have to find a way to get it without selling your integrity.

Was there any specifc accessory review you read on AC that made you stop trusting our reviews?

We have been on the leading edge of "social commerce" since 2003 and never has a writer been asked compromise their opinion of a product. Writers are free to point out as many products faults as possible in reviews, it helps set customer expections and lower return rates.

BTW since launch AC has had an affiliate phone store powered by WireFly, but we felt BestBuy was a better partner going forward. There are very few companies that can do nationwide activations online (Amazon, Let's Talk, Wirefly).

Marcus Adolfsson
Founder & CEO, Smartphone Experts / Mobile Nations

I have not seen any items reviewed that AC also sells in its store, at least not very recently.

But like others here, if you sell it, my opinion of any post you make reviewing it is extremely tainted.

Sorry, I won't purchase anything from Best buy because of their business practices and I definitely won't purchase anything from you partnering with Best Buy. Good luck to you.

I do anything I can to not even set foot in a Best Buy. Add that to all the grammatical errors on this site along with a few other things I don't like and I'm thinking more and more of looking for a different site for my android news.