HTC One E8

We often forget about how big the smartphone market in China is. Here's a little reminder courtesy of HTC's own Jeff Gordon.

50,000 of anything in 15 minutes is pretty damn amazing.

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aitt says:

Wow. Love what HTC had been doing and getting back to their roots in phone quality

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Glad to see HTC starting to do a little better on sales of late - by far my favorite cell phone manufactorer

verpeiler089 says:

Really hope they'll be a second player to Samsung...

jayjay234 says:

Yeah right htc needs to beat LG first

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chenchfort says:

Yeah HTC does have better sales then LG , we'll see.

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Is this the plastic M8?

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mstrblueskys says:


Dizfunctions says:

I hope this phone comes to the USA.

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MarkSeven says:

They should bring that phone to the States.. If the price is good ppl will buy it. Let's face it, the M8 will not make them #1 no matter how great it is.

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RexMaximus says:

Even in plastic it's teh sexy. Still happy with my Droid Mini though, but it could probably sell in the States.

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ErnstMach says:

If they send it to the US and stick it at a lower price point, they'll have a real winner!

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aw1974 says:

OnePlus could have accomplished the same thing...IF they had 50,000 phones to sell.

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NoNexus says:

You mean if they were not a shady scummy company that should have stick to Blu Ray players?

How are they shady and scummy? Did they rip you off? Call your teddy bear a bad name?:(

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twolastnames says:

Well on their way to 144,000,000 this month. I would laugh a lot if they kill the M8 sales with a plastic phone. Will go a long way to listening to nerds about phone specs/wants.

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jimbo says:

Same specs as the M8 except single 13 Megapixel instead of duo UltraPixel on back. Polycarbonate instead metal with HTC's great build and design and $200 less expensive than M8 and S5.

DroidOn says:

If it has a removable battery and storage, I would probably prefer this phone to my HTC One M7.

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vtpmt81 says:

It does have SD card support - but only has 16gb of on board storage. That is still pretty good. This phone is a spec beast with the Snapdragon 801, 13 mp rear camera, 5 mp front camera, 2 gb RAM, etc.

tdizzel says:

48,000 were to Foxconn workers

Dizfunctions says:

Foxconn also makes chips for other phones, so I'm not sure what you're trying to get at...

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Was that an attempted joke or..?

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I absolutely love my m8 but even in Polycarbonate, it still looks Gorgeous. - D

deuceja says:

Why not the M8 Prime I was suppose to get that phone... not depend on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

That's brilliant!

If this goes on, things might hopefully turn things around for HTC.

jrb363 says:

Wow, that's great for HTC! Hopefully this can help them get back to profitability.

rampage1979 says:

The main thing about this phone is the price, similar specs to the s5 and m8 but $200 cheaper.

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