HTC One M8 with Windows Phone

As was widely rumored in recent weeks, HTC and Verizon Wireless have today unveiled the HTC One M8 with Windows Phone 8.1. This new flavor of M8 has Microsoft's mobile OS running the show, with the same specs and all-metal chassis we know from the original Android HTC One M8, and it'll be carried exclusively by Verizon. That means you've got a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor inside, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot, 2,600mAh battery and UltraPxel rear camera, backed up by HTC's depth-sensing Duo Camera. To sweeten the deal Microsoft's also throwing in 15GB of free OneDrive cloud storage.

This one's a Verizon exclusive, and it'll be available Aug. 20 for $99 on contract.

This new M8 is HTC's first major Windows Phone launch since the 8X series in late 2012, and while there's no indication of any wider launch beyond the U.S., our friends over at Windows Phone Central have already been getting stuck into the device. Head on over there to learn more.

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Verizon-exclusive HTC One M8 with Windows Phone is official


Except that Windows Phones actually receive updates even two years after the phones come out, something many Android phones don't know how to do.

Have you actually tried it? It's really not terrible. Sure I don't prefer it to Android, or even iOS, but it's not the terrible shit people make it out to be.

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I'm trying to figure out who is going to buy this. It's still windows phone. Although this might help to confuse some coustomers. Might actually work if that's what they were going for. Come in to buy an Android htc phone and leave with windows phone.

Have you actually TRIED Windows Phone 8.1? No? Though so.
Let me resume it for you: it's not as great as Android, it's miles better than iOS.

Miles ahead of iOS it is not. I have a 1520 and a OnePlus One, so I'm not talking from inexperience.

That would have been good to add, also! I've had the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5s. I've sold them both. For some reason, I just can't give up on WP even though it isn't as functional as the iOS and Android.

You have an Android and a Windows Phone and you're using them to justify your opinion on iOS? You know that makes no sense, right?

In any case, I think it's vastly superior to iOS7. The only thing iOS7 has over WP8.1.1 is the apps which are, admittedly, much much better on iOS. But that's not an OS problem.

I'm using my experience with iOS, WP, Android and Blackberry as the justification.

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I half agree with both of you. It technically isn't the OS fault, because its the developers who arent developing for the platform, but Microsoft isn't really offering any incentive to those developers so it's a little of both their faults.

The OS doesn't create apps. You can blame Microsoft for not giving any incentive to developers (which isn't fair as they often even do the apps for them offer the apps). But that doesn't mean the OS is to blame. There's not a single developer that can say "I want to put my app in the WPStore but the OS doesn't allow me".
Therefore, it's NOT a problem with the OS.

Lol...I use all the platforms, windows phone is no way better than iOS and android. The metro ui is a nice UI butc other than that don't see any advantages. Big thing is third party app performance is so bad, loads considerably slower than other platforms and apps don't get updated or made like other platforms. If you just want a nice UI and don't care about apps/their performance then sure.

I will give that the camera on the Lumia phones are probably one of the best.

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Ah but note that Apps are one thing, the OS is another. You can't blame the badness of the apps on the OS capabilities. And that's my point. I'm just comparing OSs, not apps.

You're kidding right? Most WP apps are just disguised web apps. And yes I own and use devices on all major platforms including WP. Have the 1020 sitting right here beside me.

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Windows phone actually imo is a great platform I've used a lumia 920 and it really is great I love the ui and actually think it's very intuitive I just wish there some more apps but is it as good as Android? No IOS? an overwhelming yes

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Shouldn't it have those logos though? If I recall the AT&T version has an AT&T logo right on the back also. Unless that is the Death Star...

What are you kidding? Google is not weak, don't you know how Google shows the middle finger to Verizon and no nexus. While we gsm folks enjoy nexus or any unlocked phone with no logos and carrier crap.
It's your Samsung, HTC and other OEM who don't have the balls to stand up against Verizon and say no crapping up the device. I understand why they do it, because Verizon is too big. Only Apple has that ability, love it when Verizon begged Apple to carry the iPhone and how apple denied crapping up their phone with Verizon stuff.

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Me? What did I do?

... And it's funny, my note 3 or the Nexus 5 thar is in the office are kinda devoid of any carrier branding. I don't think my s3 did either but I am not positive

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Wow. Google doesn't purposely show Verizon the middle finger. It isn't that simple. If there is money to be made, they will try to make it. Or is Motorola launching the Droid line exclusively on Verizon also part of the middle finger? Verizon doesn't get Nexus devices because they are GSM based. That is it. When Google wants to build a Nexus, they want to build one device...not one variant for T-Mobile, one for Verizon and one for AT&T then one for the rest of the world. They simply cram as many radio's as they can into that device and leave out the one that requires compromises in cost and manufacturing...Verizon/Sprint CDMA. 3G radio backwards compatibility.

Companies don't behave like adolescent boys arguing about which video game system has the most "power". There is almost always a logical reason behind why they do what they do.

Except when it is blatantly incorrect like the case of the Microsoft Youtube app that they left ads out of, fixed and then were required to build in HTML5 unlike Android or iOS apps, plus other apps on the Windows Phone store are not built in HTML5 and also don't serve ads. That was a case of Google giving someone the middle finger.

But it wasn't Verizon.

Because there are a lot of people who love the Windows Phone platform and are on Verizon who have been starved for excellent hardware for a while. HTC is giving them what they want. I think it will be a pretty decent seller.

On Sprint, I'd love to give this a go. I think the Windows Phone platform is for sure the most efficient platform right now. I love Android, but I am also a fan of Windows. I will say I'm quite jealous right now.

I can understand that there are people who love windows phone, it's a pretty decent OS.
But what to do with a smartphone with no apps? Developers don't care about windows phone at all. :/

That "no apps" comments for WP are getting very old dude. I have a Lumia 520, and all the apps I use on my S4 are present on the WP store as well. The only things that are less are games. This One M8 with Windows is a great phone. I'm sure many people will love this handset and buy it !

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The argument is just another spec whoring comment. People see that Windows has 50,000 apps and Android has 1,000,000 and all of a sudden WP HAS NO APPS.... OH NOES.

*Numbers quoted were just for the example, I do not know how many each platform has. I just know they fall above blackberry and below iOS

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When I said "no apps" I didn't meant ZERO apps, it was only an expression. I got a few friends who own WP phones and it's really frustrating when I want to share a cool app and it's not available for the system, and it happens ALL the time.

On the contrary WP is the most interested OS devs want to develop for. Do research before spewing.

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Yes there are are a few not a lot. Nothing wrong in choice, I'm waiting for flashing the windows phone on my existing M8 hardware.

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He was talking about Google, whose main business is actually advertising. Perhaps a short moment to think and reflect before offering a knee-jerk insult would have been helpful for you.

He know the poster was talking about Google, that's why he sarcastically commented about Microsoft, suggesting they too would collect data for advertising.

Yeah in some sense. Keeping something like this exclusive to Verizon doesn't really help pushing Windows platform in the mobile market...

Corrected for you.

Windows phone downfall... HTC One M8 android which is their main phone was not or is not exclusive to any crappy carrier. You can even buy unlocked from their online store.

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Corrected for you.

They gave the desire 816 in the US to Virgin Mobile,and I'm pretty sure ATT is the only one with the 610 atm. If they're whoring out their midrange like that their downfall will indeed be due to exclusivity. Flagships aren't everything, especially in this market.

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To all you asking why, you are clueless. Crawl out from under your rock and see what's going on in technology. There's more to life than that HTC Thunderbolt you are carrying around.

Go on holidays in some European country then.

There are WP ads everywhere here.

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I think the 50+ million people globally actually enjoys Window Phone. Additionally I think the 15+ OEM happy that MS dropped license fees are happy and gearing up to drop their WP phones...


Just to name a few high end OEM are excited about Window Phones. You can stop now.

I am excited for the platform hate to see them go the blackberry route and ride off of Android. It works for HTC because they already have the phone built, it sucks for Windows because that phone is entrenched in Android lore

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But that was the whole point of MS changing to on screen buttons. If it creates a way for MFR to cut cost and gain interest building for WP then MS succeeded in their ideology. The M8 is living proof. No new accessories needed. No new cost. MS has no choice but to ride off Android. The world needs a competitive 3rd option. I thinks it's great for competition.

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If they make it so that that you can flash from one OS to the other, that would be completely insane. Great way to get at least some Android users to try WP.
If not, it is still a decent device, but significantly less interesting. The One M8 wasn't eactly a doorbuster with Android, I somehow doubt that the WP version will be much better.

Oh, and the name definitely makes it seem like an afterthought: HTC One (M8) with Windows. Seriously? I think the One W8 would have been great.

Just like with the Android version, the only thing ruining this phone is that God awful crappy camera.

Had HTC put a decent camera into it, and I'd buy it since it's the only decent WP flagship available after the disaster that is the Lumia 930.

I would like to see Sony do this with the upcoming Z3/Z3 Compact. Have people chose on the merits of the OS and not the hardware. It will be more interesting.

(Oh, and yes, HTC will release this internationally. There's no way they'd going to waste money developing this phone to please ONE american carrier on a platform that has 2% market share in the US. This WILL be released internationally.)

You missed the point. Its the exact same phone so there would be very little development cost. And frankly they need the sales so if Verizon the largest carrier in the US wants it they would be fools not to give it to them.

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Even though I'm a fan of neither HTC nor Windows Phone, I think this is great for the consumers. More flavors, more choices.

This will not help Windows Phone too many people are simply too invested into Android/iOS at this point. The only reason to get this phone is for Cortana. Nearly every MS service works better on Android/iOS than on WP itself. Especially Skype.

And being a Verizon exclusive will make this phone DOA.
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A year ago I was telling friends that Nokia's newest hardware running pure android would be the best cell phone ever. This is....The exact opposite of that?

Because, as shocking as this may seem to most AC readers, there are people out there who can live outside of Google's ecosystem. Heck, I'd rather have this WP 8.1 One M8 over an Amazon phone with its forked Android any day.

yep i know lots of people who use windows phones now most are prepaid but they still use and love the windows phone

Only 3.4% of people using smartphones are outside of the Google ecosystem on WP. Quite a low number don't you think.

And that's not counting iOS users that also use Google apps.

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To be fair, I could show a pathetic percentage of people running OS X versus Windows as their desktop OS, that doesn't mean Mac users don't love their devices and people don't buy them, same with Windows Phone

This is unbelievable, once again it's us the consumers who are getting shafted by these exclusive carrier deals. Oh well, my wife will be getting the Nokia 1520 inn AT&T. Sorry HTC.

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Oh wait I can only get this on VZW? Oh I am heading down to AT&T today to cancel my contract and pay a huge cancellation fee just so I can get a WP 8.1 on VZW!!!! Yessiree BOB

I have to say. As a long time android guy and someone that is sick of the Galaxy S4 this might be something that I buy and use. It will pair nicely with my surface pro and my Xbox one and my sync in my explorer.

If Windows OS is really as bad as most folks seem to say (I've no idea, I've never used it) this could be horrible for HTC. If an uninformed or non-technical customer goes into Verizon and just simply knows they want to buy the One M8 and has this pushed on them, it could really leave a bad taste in the mouth for HTC with a lot of people.

Again, that's if WP OS is really as bad as people make it sound.

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Windows Phone isn't bad. WP7 was kind of crappy, but WP8/8.1 is a very good OS. Its only real issue is lack of apps. It's kind of a vicious cycle, in that people don't want to use an OS with poor app support, but developers don't want to spend time developing for a platform that doesn't have many users.

It isn't bad as it is portrayed to be.
WP 7-7.5 was crappy.. But it has grown and evolved a heck lot since then to its 8.1 transition... Many features(which MS should've definitely added a long time ago) and many more in the coming updates...

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Whats the point in posting this on AC?All you will get is Windows Phone bashing,dissing its marketshare and how Android is so superior etc etc.On WPC I am seeing ppl treat this phone as a

Because AC looking for click bait BS to make for a slow news day and it's utter BS. I don't understand why Mobile Nations felt the need of this being appropriate when they don't even allow it in the forums.

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There is nothing click bait about it. There are no hard and fast lines if you noticed. If it is relevant to two sites, they post on both

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There is absolutely no relevance of this needing to be on AC when it's fully covered on WPCentral and all it did is exactly was expected and create a flame war with people huffing and puffing.

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The relevance is that wp is using an android designed phone for their OS. I go to all the MN sites but not like I do here so I might have missed it.

What people do with the information is not the concern of ac

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So is AC going to need to post on every Android spin off phone now. Just because it was Android first. They should then do that for Hisense cause they did the same thing. Why no Hisense. It's not needed. Bout as much as WPC covering Nokia X

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They're posting on this one because of how well received the M8 was, and the fact that this device is the first to make use of new tools in the WP platform to allow manufacturers to easily change over android devices to WP.

So in other words, you need to sit down, shut up, and keep your comments to yourself.

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And this is explained WHERE? Oh yeah that's right in WPCentral. So how bout you sit down shut up and learn comprehensive skills cause the exact thing you just explained has everything to do with WP and explained in the sister site.

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I'm assuming he referring to flashing it to the Android version. Which I wish I could had done and immediately had put it on mines. I miss WP but don't miss the lack of support. I wish I could flash WP on my Z2

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But you can't say the same for a 512MB Ram Android phone like you can for WP. Nokia 520 in particular. Not even comparable

Not sure if this is smart branding or idiotic branding. Even Sammy keeps the Galaxy name tied to Android. Although Sammy is in much different financial space. This does leverage HTC's hardware strength.

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Im so sick of carrier exclusives, had this had come to sprint I woild have totally jumped on it.

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Probably the best WP yet... They need 3rd party app support... My biggest gripe was access to my memory on WP... With expandable memory this really helps...its a nice OS they're simply too late in the game... They should scrap the tiles and think of another way to get ahead of iOS and Android... The current set up isn't doing it...

If they had a different base besides the tiles and the same fluidity and traditional efx between apps... Plus better 3rd party support... (im asking for a lot... I know) then they would be a winner

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And they allow app to SD. Something Android figured you don't need anymore. You also have the option of transparent tiles that gives some customization and the live folders is an awesome add on.

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App to SD(and using Micro SD slots in general) on android just means more and more $$ for Microsoft due to its FAT patents, that's why it was canned by Google.

Yeah the tiles layout just suck to me... I've tried it... I do not like it... We have had icons forever on our PCs & phones... I have a surface and its barely okay on a tablet... But definitely not a phone... Scrapthe tiles please Windows

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It never will be in the US but some countries it's already number two.

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Sure, but they're the same countries that don't spend any money on apps or accessories. Not going to help WP ecosystem really.

If app sales are free how is that hurting WP? Devs yes but as long as WP keep attacking the low and mid range market in developing countries apps will rise. This is exactly how Android rose in numbers

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Hey, people are asking "why?"; but "why not?".
It's a computer and it's just an alternative OS. HTC didn't need to build new hardware.
It's the same hardware with a new OS.

I actually know a couple of people that love Windows Mobile. Go figure.

You're a few years out of date. Windows Phone and Windows Mobile are two completely different things. Only connection at all is the Microsoft Windows name. WP was rewritten from the ground up.

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What is going to totally pissoff all the folks who have Android devices that pick this one up, is having to use Xbox for music and video and Internet Explorer . The 3rd party solutions are weak and buggy.

As much as I enjoyed my 1520 and 1020 Luminas there was 2 main reasons I now have a m8. we're Xbox and Internet Explorer. Both of these ruined the experience completely.

I only hope that if anyone ports WP to Android that the development of the port gives ways around those 2 apps.

As to the rest those who love those 2 and the whole Microsoft ecosystem will appreciate this phone. The camera will always be a source of contention and will always be compared to the Luminas so the Nokia fan boys can feel superior, but as a phone it is better than any they have now.

If they ever allow different music and video players to work outside of Xbox and other browsers to work outside of Internet Explorer WP will be a platform to contend with.

Posted via Android Central App from my HTC M8

Internet explorer wasn't bad, and Microsoft has already committed to making changes to bring it more in line with WebKit, even though it isn't standardized.

There are also alternatives that aren't so bad for Xbox music. Some, like rhapsody unradio, depend on carrier, but there are also third party apps that hook into google music that are actually decent. (I used cloudmuzik, and it never gave me issues, but I know some people have had problems with it) Nokia's mix radio is pretty good too.

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This is great for HTC to do. Why not make their best phone in different flavors for everyone. I love my M8 and I'm happy that the WP Community get to have their kicks with one of the best smartphones in the market! #justmy2cents

Posted via HTC One M8 and Android Central App

I'm going to say Windows phone I had a few of them before and they lasted days on a charge

Posted from my LG G3 via the Android Central App

Not entirely true. It has more to do with the control Microsoft has over the os. Less open and more rigid.

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Yes but that results in less memory usage and more battery life and no bloat.I just bought a Android Asus Zenfone 5 just for laughs and out of the box its running 4 useless apps which I cant turn off without root.This kind of thing won't happen in WP

Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013

Maybe posting this article to AC was a bad idea.
I don't think many people on AC appreciate WPs.
I actually recommended the Nokia Icon to my little brother.
He wanted great battery life, fast phone, under 5", and great camera.
Only thing on Android that offered that is the Z1 compact which was not available on verizon.
He loves the phone. Huge upgrade from a 8GB iphone 4 too.

The icon is an awesome phone. Easily one of the better windows devices on the market.

Posted via Android Central App

1 of the better phones period.
I wouldn't recommend it to little brother otherwise

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I like the hardware. Problem is HTC isn't going to support this as much. We've seen that with the 8X. I'm sure VZW fans are glad they can pick between this, Ativ SE and the Icon as choices. More importantly, the question going forward is will HTC do a dual release simultaneously using the same hardware or will they space out the launch?

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They don't have to. The important part of the OS is pushed by Microsoft and Nerds can sign up to get those updates first regardless of the carrier by signing up for WP Dev Preview.

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Being exclusive to Verizon isn't doing HTC or Microsoft that much good I'm sure. That aside, pretty smart move by HTC I guess.

Making it available to a carrier with 110 million users isn't doing them any good? Screw logic right?

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Any one in Business would benefit from Windows. As a manager the windows phones work the best for all I do. looks like ATT is getting it too. I would like to try out the HTC version.

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I would love to be able to boot Windows 8.1 on my HTC One M8. I don't see why it would be a bad thing to be able to flip back and forth between Android and Windows 8.1 depending on your mood.

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Would love to see if there is a way to dual boot the phone. I really like my HTC One m8 and if I want a drastic change. Boom change OS's, then I can switch back as soon as I miss android.

Best hardware+my favorite Mobile OS=AWESOMENESS!

And this post should be edited, it isn't exclusive to Verizon forever, AT&T is getting it too!

I would love to dual boot this on my M8, and I'm sure someone will make it happen. Windows Phone is actually a pretty great platform, and it's super easy to develop for as well.

Okay, we get it with all the negativity toward Windows but I'm glad HTC did this.
I want competition in this market.
Competition breeds innovation.
I hope with fingers crossed that this is a success and more OEM would produce a Windows version.

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If windows phone had Google apps I would have one. That is the only thing holding wp8 back.

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If you ever do pick up a Windows Phone...even a cheap one like they sell unlocked for less than $100 on Amazon and Microsoft, try these apps:

Google Docs = Microsoft Office (built in)

Google Drive - OneDrive formerly SkyDrive by Microsoft

Google Maps = HERE Maps by Nokia or Bing Maps by Microsoft (HERE is superior to Bing and you can download entire states and get Turn-by-Turn with no signal. I have California and Nevada on my phone now and they update periodically with new data.

Google Search = Cortana

YouTube = Metrotube or MyTube 3rd party developers that aren't banned like MS from making a YouTube app.
Google Play Store: Not quite there yet haha...still working on the app selection.

Google Play Music: I use Xbox Music as I had a Zune way back when and get 10 songs to keep per month and unlimited streaming/downloading for $15/month. It is currently $10/month without the 10 keeper songs.

I get on just fine without Google in my phone now. Do I wish I had Google's support to choose the platform I want to use and still use their products? Of course? But when they blocked Windows Phone from accessing Google Maps through the browser and then lied about it, and demanded an HTML 5 YouTube app from ONLY Windows Phone, they insulted me, so I dropped them in return except for a throwaway email account which I use to give to stores and rewards points type things.

I'm aware this post is 2 weeks old but just thought I'd try to help out. Once I moved over to Windows Phone, I realized a few things were missing, so with Lyft I had to switch to Uber. Not a big deal. Lyft will realize when enough people switch/complain that they should support Windows Phone. My fiancée Now uses Uber with me, so there are 2 and hundreds of dollars (we ride a lot).