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A little information about the HTC One and BoomSound has been made available today, concerning the quality of audio captured by HTC's latest device. Very few of us know or care about things like the membranes over the microphone in our smart phones, but we all know what it's like to record some audio and hear the dreadful "hiss" when we play it back. It's also a great way to ruin an otherwise awesome video you've recorded. And it happens far too often.

HTC has found a way to correct this by using a twin-membrane microphone. Normally, only one membrane is used on a standard smart phone microphone, which means the sounds you want to hear aren't really separated from the sounds you don't want to hear, and loud, high pressure sounds can cut the mic completely. When the software does its job of leveling and equalizing the audio, we're often left with a background hiss and low levels. HTC says the twin-membrane setup will help make that a thing of the past.

With two microphones, each having a twin-membrane setup, there's more room for the mic to capture the sound you're trying to record via the extra sensitive membrane, while the high pressure membrane can handle the loud sounds that would normally shut a sensitive mic down. 

It sounds like a lot of voodoo that would be interesting to an audio engineer, but if HTC is correct and the outcome is "distortion free" then we all have reason to be excited. The release date is moving closer, and we'll soon be able to see for ourselves how well HTC's BoomSound operates.

Source: HTC blog


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HTC One allows for 'distortion free recording' with dual membrane microphones


The true test would be the outcome of the audio quality of a (loud) concert. Of course, don't be 'that person' holding up their phone throughout the entire show though.

I love this kind of shit. This is what I come to AC for. I tolerate the filler and the doorknobs on the forums for the good old fashioned geek info.

Yep, this actually had me more excited than ZOE! They are saying it can stand up to loud concert sound, so I am really hoping it delivers in that respect, as I do take video at concerts. (I'm not *that* person though, lol). Samples I've heard so far sound promising, although none have been from a loud concert.

This is REALLY cool information!
Thanks again!
Recording a clip at a loud concert is one place where most phones and even cameras fail.
This phone just keeps looking better and better!

Does anyone know if this will improve call quality, for filtering noise during calls in loud environments? I still feel like existing noise cancellation could get a lot better (filter more noise and not make the callers voice sound processed and robotic).

It will indeed. The dual mics are fast-response, auto-switch capable depending on the environment you're in or the level and type of noise in the background while you're on a call.