Android on iPhone

If you have an old iPhone 2G laying around (and chances are if you do have one, it's laying around, right?) and want to run Android on it like we saw the other day, instructions are now available. It's definitely not for the casual jailbreaker, and it's gonna take you a little while. But the instant karma you gain by putting the world's best smartphone operating system on the world's most ubiquitous phone is gonna be worth it. Video of how it's done after the break.  [AndroidaLot via Redmond Pie]

And if you're looking for even more resources, check out and the wiki, brought to you by the guys who got this done in the first place.


Reader comments

How to run Android on the iPhone 2G


Not a 3rd generation iTouch. Or a 3GS. Try it on either and you'll be firing up iTunes and starting fresh :P

Yeah, I know. But I HAD to try lol.

All we need is someone to package it up nice and neat an get it working on the lot.

Doubt it will ever be easy tho :(