Changing volume of ringtones on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Here’s how to get your Samsung Galaxy S4 to shut up.

When you get an incoming call from the Samsung Galaxy S4, a green and red circle show up on screen, and you have to swipe one or the other to either take or hang up on a call. In many cases, you might need a moment to figure out whether or not to take a call, but don’t want the ringtone still chirping away. Luckily, you can just tap the volume down button on the left side of the Samsung Galaxy S4 to mute a call without hanging up on it.

Other notification sounds can be turned down or muted by pressing down the volume key at any other time. Just make sure that it’s showing a phone icon when you do so; if it’s showing a speaker icon, then you’re adjusting the media volume, and not the ringtone volume. To get more granular control in notification volume, tap the gear next to the volume slider. From there you can adjust volume for ringtones, media, notifications, and other system sounds.

Sound profiles can also be toggled between on, off, and vibrate by swiping from the top of the screen to bring down the notification tray and tapping the Sound icon. If it’s not right at the top, tap the icon switch button in the top right to view every option, and it should be there. Tapping the gear settings icon, then the My Device tab, then Sounds will provide the full array of options. These include changing ringtones, vibration intensity, and enabling or disabling miscellaneous system sounds. 

Be sure to turn your notifications back up when you’re able to take calls and beeps again, otherwise you may miss important calls while on the move. Apps like Tasker can ensure sound profiles kick in automatically depending on time and location. 

That's about it on tweaking notification and ringtone volume on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Any questions?


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How to disable notification sounds and mute phone ringing on the Samsung Galaxy S4


Better yet, someone tell me how to fix the darned phone so it DOES ring when I have an incoming call! I can sit and watch the call come in and no ring. Volume is up all the way, phone isn't even vibrating though it's supposed to do both. I'd hoped with the last update, it would have been fixed but no. So I miss as many calls as I answer because it only rings when it feels like it.

And no, I haven't touched the built in program to silence for certain things. The only thing I have is DoubleTwist alarm which shuts off all incoming anything for 8 hours before the alarm goes off, but the phone was acting up prior to my installing that.

I'm not as happy with this phone as I think I should be...

So how I fixed my volume. Seetings/accessability/turn off all sounds. My android has turned off the sound several times with no indication it is off. Not fun since I use my phone as my alarm! Turn off all sounds was not checked, so I checked it went to my home screen, then back into accessibility and unchecked it. Then got all my sounds back. Very frustrating! Third time I have had to do it in about 3 months.

If any one jnows how this keeps happeining let me know! Possible hot key?

Fairly basic but also a must know for volume control-thanks. I'm wondering if you can recommend any good driving voice control apps. The main reason is I use my phone for navigation and the stock S Voice app does not work with hangouts or with bbm. I'd love to find a better hands free app if there is one.