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Google's music streaming service arrives on iOS looking familiar, but missing a couple of features

Google Play Music finally arrived on the iOS App Store late last week, giving iPhone owners the opportunity to access Google's library of streaming music on their devices. Over at our sister site iMore they've been putting Google Play Music for iPhone through its paces, and they've found it closely matches the Android version in terms of playback and basic functionality, as well as looks. From iMore's Richard Devine:

"If you're a user of any of Google's other iOS applications then you'll feel immediately at home with this. It's attractive to look at, and very distinctively Google. The white cards on light gray background is clean and crisp with the Google Play Music signature orange highlights adding just the right splash of color. It's basically a carbon copy of Google's own Android app, and it's so incredibly silky smooth to navigate around. The sliding motion of the menu coming out from the side, the player view minimising, general scrolling up-and-down and side-to-side is all without flaw. I actually think it performs slightly better than the Android version. But it isn't the only Google app that could be said of."

However it isn't all smooth sailing — there's no in-app purchase support, which means you can't buy content or subscribe to All Access from within the app. That's likely due to Google not wanting to share a cut of profits with Apple. So listening to your existing stuff is easy to do, but if you want to buy more you'll need to fire up the web interface.

Check out iMore's full review for the lowdown on Google Play Music for iPhone.

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Google Play Music for iPhone reviewed


Do they not offer Led Zeppelin in the ios version too? Odd you can buy led zeppelin in the play store but not listen to it in all access. I wonder how long till apple bans it, $10 a month for almost everything to listen to is an amazing deal and would surely take away from apple's profit some.

I'm guessing that Led Zeppelin (and other high profile bands) aren't fans of the royalties from all-access but a-ok with song and album sales.

I am a diehard Google fanboy, but this was the last app that I would need to switch to iOS, if Apple made an iPad that is 16:9 and I didn't love Google so much I would consider switching just to try the A7. I just have no desire to look like a doofus with 4:3 display lol

I have no problem with Google giving iOS a taste of android features, but I just wish apple would give android a taste of their features.Apple is like that person who just takes takes and takes. Rarely giving back. On top of that I can't see many iOS users using this service when they have itunes radio.

I have an iPhone 5 (although I just ordered a Moto X and will be going between the two), and also subscribe to iTunes Match and use the crap out of Google Music. I actually had gMusic 2 to listen on my phone and iPad, but having an official app is great, not to mention it's another thing I can use now with my Chromecast.

There isn't really one particular app. I just think it would be nice to have that option. To name a few imessage, iradio, and maybe even siri. Not saying these match up to their android counterparts though bc I don't believe they do.

you should be burned at the stake!! ;)

However, i would like some iMessage, but i think eventually gogole will get there with hangouts... but i dont know what the hell is taking them so long.

I would definitely want iMessage. Especially not that iOS7 makes it look more like an Android app.

Posted via Android Central App

Its not necessarily an app but I would love to have AirPlay support! Its a shame Google was able to deliver a cross platform way of streaming content but yet Apple has their version closed to only iDevices! Its especially annoying because I use a MBP and have an Apple TV. There is no Google Music app on the Apple TV so in order to stream my content wirelessly I have to either use an iDevice to connect and do it through there or go out and buy a chrome cast (which would take up yet another input on my tv).

Absolutely, Google definitely would want more people buying their music (usually cheaper than itunes and better sales) regardless of what OS they are on.

to be fair, and i dont know why no one has mentioned this, you cant buy music in the android app either AFAIK. Pretty sure it directs you to the play store, which isnt available on iCrap. lol But i totally agree. Thats all on apple.

Google not wishing to share profits with Apple sounds like a load of bull. It's almost certainly the other way around.

Posted via Android Central App and Droid Mini

Nope. Apple gets a percentage of in app purchases. Google probably doesn't want to share.

Posted via Android Central App

Apple gets 30% of in app purchases. It's not hard to figure out this will never be a feature on iCrap devices.

Even if it's about Google music..I still don't think they should be showing any apple products in here! This is an apple free get off!

Posted via Android Central App

Omar, this is not an Apple-free site. This is a site under the Mobile Nations brand which covers Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Blackberry 10, and even used to cover webOS. Do your research or go to a different site if you're immature enough to even require an "Apple-free site!" like they are drugs.

Lol you must have an iPhone or something to even waste your time replying on my comment. .and again..This is for android only..whether you like it or not..and calm down..I have an ipad I have nothing against apple or iPhone's they are just wack compared to my Galaxy Note 3! :)

Posted via Android Central App

While it's true that replying to your posts IS a waste of time as nothing you've said is worth replaying to, this is NOT an Apple-free site. It's an Android site and what Google does with its services on other platforms is relevant news to those interested in Android, in some cases it heralds what may be coming next to the Android platform (such as the updates to hangouts on iOS a month or so back), in other cases, it's simply healthy to know the differences in what's available.

Thanks but I don't need you telling me when I can and can't comment.

My point was -- and still is -- this blog is androidcentral, not iphonecentral. I don't give a rat's ass about how a Google app performs on an iphone. And judging from other comments, I am not the only one that feels that way.

So someone else can't tell you what you should or shouldn't comment on, but YOU can tell the AC staff what they should or shouldn't write about?
This is a quick article about a very prominent Google/Android service and its application on another platform with a quick rundown of some of the differences. It's not like there has been an article about iOS every day for a week. Crawl back under your bridge where you came from.

Lol. The AC staff can write about whatever they please, and I will continue to say an iOS app review doesn't belong on an android blog. Anyone else can agree or disagree, including yourself. And this may come as a surprise to you, but calling people names (or insinuating such) does not earn you any respect. In fact, people are more likely to disregard you.

Yes, you're perfectly free to exercise your freedom of speech to ignorantly claim that reviews of Google services shouldn't be discussed on an Android site. Because that makes a lot of sense.
If you post like an ignorant troll, then folks are going to call you a troll (or insinuate it). The first line of defense of most trolls is that they can say anything they want and anyone is free to agree or disagree with them.

"...ignorantly claim that reviews of Google services shouldn't be discussed on an android site."

Correction: You forgot to include "Google Services *on iOS* shouldn't be discussed on an android site".

I don't think it is unreasonable to expect an android blog to stay focused on *android*. You may think otherwise, and that is fine. I am not going to get upset because your opinion is different than mine. But you can rationalize your name calling all you want, it still makes you no more respectable. Good day.

Following your logic, AC shouldn't write articles about Chrome OS as it is not Android... Or do you complain about Chrome OS articles too?

Posted via Android Central App

Do you go to a pizza shop expecting to see chicken nuggets on the menu? I visit AC and other android sites for articles about android OS and the android ecosystem. Not iOS. Not Windows Phone. Not Blackberry OS. Not even Chrome OS (but I'll give them a pass for Chrome OS since it is quasi aligned with android). Of course it is ACs prerogative to post articles about whatever they want. But when I check AC, I am not looking for info about iOS apps or Google Services on iOS. I realize that no mobile operating system exists in a vacuum, and that some apps & services overlap. But when I want to read a review of an app on a particular platform, I'll go to a site that specializes in that platform. And I simply don't think a review of an iOS app belongs on an android blog, even if it pertains to Google Services. Just my $0.02. I am done with this thread and I'm moving on...

"(but I'll give them a pass for Chrome OS since it is quasi aligned with android)"
Congratulations on proving your ignorance. Chrome OS is not aligned AT ALL with Android. What happens in one means nothing to the other. In fact, what happen on Chrome means far less to Android than what happens on iOS

For example, Hangouts on iOS got SMS integration ahead of Android. Google Search on iOS (Google Now on Android) has on several occasions gotten updates ahead of Android, giving us a sneak peak at what to expect next. So the Play Music App finally coming to iOS is a relevant bit of news, especially as it is almost identical to the one on Android, it gives us more more App that we might see sneak peaks of features on.

Continue your kvetching if you want, all you're going to do is continue to prove just how little you know, how wrong you are, and that you're just pitching a fit because you don't like iOS.

Did I say what happens in Chrome OS happens in android? Reading comprehension fail.

The only reason I give Chrome OS a pass is because I am slightly intrigued by it. THAT is why I said it is more aligned with android. "More aligned with my interests" would have been a better choice of words.

I'll give you credit for guessing that I don't care for iOS...which is why I use android.

This is a recurring cycle. AndroidCentral is not the blog for you, simply put. You want an Android fansite dedicated purely to Android and Android only. This is NOT what AndroidCentral is. Once again, AC is a subset under a larger brand of mobile OS sites called Mobile Nations which cover every major mobile OS under the sun. When BBM was released on Android a little while ago, AC covered it. When iOS got an update to a Google service we use on Android before we even got it, AC covered it. When HP bought webOS and did a huge firesale of their tablets because they didn't sell well, AC covered it. None of these three examples simply off the top of my head are purely Android related.

For everyone who gets upset in this endless cycle where an AC editor posts something that is related to Android/Google but also speaks of another mobile OS, THIS. SITE. IS. NOT. FOR. YOU. Some of us have evolved past baseless fanboyism and moved onto realizing each platform and company has its strengths and weaknesses.

This is what makes AC, Crackberry, and all the rest of the sister sites, BETTER than their competition on the web!

In response specifically to you, sublimaze, your analogy of "Do you go to a pizza shop expecting to see chicken nuggets on the menu?" --> Do we expect it? Hell no, because all the other websites/blogs ("shops") do not include them. Would we welcome it with GIANT, OPEN arms? Hell yes we would! In fact, we do.

We like what AndroidCentral serves up; its menu has relevant variety in it.

Feel free to stick to your same boring menu over and over again, day in and day out.

I'm not going to jump in this argument, but I do agree that the Mobile Nations "brand" is unique: all of the major operating systems are represented by their respective "banner" sites, as well as having articles written, on occasion, by the sister sites that may be affected by a particular news piece.

I don't normally read iMore, Crackberry, or WPCentral, so it's nice to see a story, here, that talks about situations happening to those OS's that can reasonably be expected to have an impact on Android or the mobile phone industry in general.

Posted via Android Central App

"I actually think it performs slightly better than the Android version."

Uh, not really. It works alright, but I always have issues with it saving playlists for offline listening. It always freezes before it finishes and I have no idea why. The Android app will automatically download new music you add to an offline playlist in the background.

There's also no option for restricting/allowing downloading music over cellular. They only give you the option to allow or disable streaming over cellular.

I'm really glad. Finally the coworkers at work with iPhones who have been using my phone for Google Music can enjoy it on their own devices. :-)

I find it comical that the folks commenting at iMore are complaining about the keyboard being left from iOS6 and some other functions being based on Android design. Be glad that Google shares their services cross-platform at all. It's definitely not reciprocal (not that I want it to be though).

I come to AndroidCentral, not iPhoneCentral or GoogleServicesCentral or even GloatAboutSuckyiOsVersionsCentral. Knock it off, please.


You gave this logic so comprehensively that it's a "very hard not to crack" for "Apple fanboys". It seems Alexa rankings/ratings for iMore are declining and thus, Mobile Nations chosen Android Central to "save them". :)

I've been waiting for this so I could get my wife using it on her iDevices. She had been using Pandora primarily, but she likes this app so much more. She doesn't buy music anyway, so the fact that isn't an option is fine with her.

I've tried it on my iPad mini and ehhh...

It doesn't perform better than the Android version as Richard claims, performance is typical of all iOS apps (e.g. stop and buffer for an age before allowing you to do anything).

Also, it looks ridiculous on an iPad because it's an iPhone app. Say what you will about "phone apps" on Android tablets, at least they all scale and adapt to make good use of screen!

Compared to the very polished Google search, Chrome, Gmail etc. apps for iOS, this one is a bit crap.

I agree. I tried on my brand new Mini ipad and it's ridiculous.
Nowadays i don't understand why google make this application that fit only on iphone and not on ipad.

Well i prefer to use it on my HTC One. :)

Sorry for my poor english it's not my natural language.


hey Please link me to the place on Android Central where it says there will be no mention of Apple in any article posted.