Frontback for Android

A popular photography app called Frontback just found its way from iOS to Android today. Though it’s fundamentally another photo-sharing app, it’s got the resonably fun gimmick of shooting from both the front and back camera at the same time. Both images are posted, one on top of the other, leading to some interesting pairings.

If you have a Samsung device, similar functionality is already baked in, but Frontback has a decidedly sharp user interface for this kind of shooting. You’ll find all of the usual sharing options here, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, as well as Frontback’s own cozy little community.

Any mobile photographers interested in giving this a shot? Which apps do you use to share your photos?


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Frontback comes to Android, lets you take photos with both sides of your phone


So I downloaded this. It lets you take the "back" pic first, then the front, then gives you a posting page. I didn't want to post my pic. I clicked on the menu dots and had a save to library option, but no clue where that goes. Haven't tracked the pictures down yet. First impression is that it's a great concept with a poor implementation.


I found the pictures in a frontback folder. That folder doesn't show up in the gallery by default, and there doesn't seem to be a way in the app to get to those pictures. Average Joe User will be confused.


That is terrible. I would think the point is to have it in your gallery instead of easily posting it for strangers to see.

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might be kind of fun. as noted, i already have this functionality on my samsung device but a nicer interface might make it more useful.

never mind, Galaxy Note 3 is not supported. odd but ok.

I know right? Definitely a great camera feature that allows you to better capture awesome moments. I have some awesome pics that I had taken with that mode.

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My LG G2 does this as well.

If this feature is already in factory software, don't install this. It is for older phones without the feature.

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