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The news coming out of Research In Motion just keeps on flowing. We're just over a week into the reign of new CEO Thorsten Heins, and the latest is this new image of the BlackBerry London secured by our cousins over at Crackberry. For those that aren't familiar with the going's on over in the BlackBerry camp, BB10 is the next generation QNX based OS that is supposed to herald a whole new era for the platform. The BlackBerry London is thought to be the first BB10 smartphone. 

In his first interview with Crackberry, Heins brought a lot of insight with him. He also, you may recall, gave them his thoughts on Android hardware and how it "all looks the same." Forgive us for saying this, but the London kind of looks a bit a lot like an Android smartphone. Droid X, anyone? It'll probably run Android applications as well, via the Runtime for Android Applications feature found in the forthcoming Playbook OS 2.0.

The first leaked images of the London were vastly different to this. With its angled corners, and the kind of brushed metal finish found on the ultra-expensive Porsche Design P'9981, that sure did look different. Different to anything RIM had ever put out, and definitely different to anything in the Android war chest. 

Crackberry Kevin thinks the London looks like a trimmed down version of a Blackberry Playbook. As a Playbook owner, I definitely see a resemblance. It's a little disappointing though if this is what the finished hardware will look like. Android does have an awful lot of black slabs, just as BlackBerry have an awful lot of QWERTY devices

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New picture surfaces of next-gen BlackBerry smartphone, looks a little familiar


You guys are absolutely right. Because writing about a leaked phone that looks a hell of a lot like an Android phone the same week the new BlackBerry CEO talks smack about Android phones all looking the same is just nuts. 

Oh, and never mind that the new BB OS can run Android apps. So you're right. Absolutely no reason to pay attention to what BB's doing. Let's just stick our heads in the sand.

We wrote upwards of 126 stories last week. Find me another Android site that writes as much as we do, as well as we do, and reviews as many devices as we do. This isn't filler. We don't need filler. We don't have time for filler.

I'm going back to work now.

Thanks Phil,

I guess some folks forget the relationship between the various sites.

I came over from crackberry to this site when I purchased my HTC EVO based upon articles on crackberry linking to this site.

I find it interesting that the new CEO disses android and the phones, yet a picture leaks of a future BB device that looks like a DROID. IMHO, BB's have keypads and a trackpad/pointing device.

A new BB that runs android apps? Why wouldn't I just buy Android hardware? :)

Keep up the good work.

Damn Phil!er! Did someone forget their blood pressure meds this morning??

All kidding aside, there is definitely a need for blackberry content, they are planning another invasion. Keep up the good work!

What I find odd is in the article it says how it looks familiar and looks alot like an Android phone!

Correction, it looks alot like the iPhone which is what the Android phones look like. Hello!!

Well I guess all they did was copy one of Motorola's designs so in people's eyes here that is ok. I wonder how closely the OS resembles iOS and Android. But doesn't matter if they copy thats ok.

I guess you dont understand the limitation of screen ratio's. Is everyone else supposed to use odd screen shapes because the iPhone used a traditional screen shape? The only resemblance it has to an iPhone is its rectangular shape. I guess Apple has the patent on rectangles now. I guess soon they will be suing geometry and every wide screen tv maker, and every sliding door lock designer. The innovation just doesn't seem to stop flowing from Apple.

They all look the same regardless of who started it. They're all candybar slabs of technological goodness. Goddamn fanboys.

It looks nothing like the iPhone. Even before reading the article, I thought to myself "Wow, that looks just like a DROID."

Why is cashxx still a member here? All s/he does is start a iPhone vs Anything war and it's getting old.

Disagree, the screen shape, and black slab look is decidedly Android looking, It may not be a night and day difference, but iphone with their single button and metal frame look considerably different from Android, Windows and now blackberry 10 devices, which all then to look extremely similar, which is fine it's about the hardware specs and what the OS can do, I'm not looking for a flashy status symbol.

And the Guiness World Record for largest phone with the smallest screen goes to....... BlackBerry London! Congrats, I think?

I personally don't think there's a lot of different forms that a smartphone can take. What else can you do with all the electronics have to go into it? There's only so many shapes that it can take. There was the iPhone, which was different from the BlackBerry. You have android, which is different from Apple. Every designer phone gets flamed... What ever.

I concur. Theres only so much you can do when you are designing devices that do the same types of things. We can;t watch content like netflix or youtube with any other shape. I don't think its so much a choice in design than a design necessity.

Who the effing cares! RIM and BlackBerry are irrelevant at this time. So they have a new moron of let them sink and never waste our time with these losers again.

Look at how HUGE the top and bottom bezel is... Looks like an LG marquee our Samsung Conquer 4G to me, only it has that ugly bezel. And that strange pattern on the back.

I don't dislike RIM, but in the mobile space, they missed big opportunities in the past two years or so. I'm actually interested to see what they'll do now that their backs are against the wall and time is short. Brings out the best sometimes, but those horrendous cartoon superhero ads aren't a good start.

I also would like to add that if they can put BlackBerry goodness, with android apps and some of apples good looks, they've got my dollars. The way I see it, Google caught a lot of companies sleeping. By the time anyone knew what was happening, it was over. That doesn't mean no one else knows how to make a phone. It may take the ones that do know how to make a phone a while to catch up. RIM went uncontested for a long time. Like everyone else, they got complacent. I welcome them back to the fight. In the end, we all win from healthy competition.

the devil is in the details. it's easy to create a dreamy photoshop render of wishes. but an actual working device with software and hardware that works seamlessly and flawlessly and has a thriving ecosystem is a much much harder thing to accomplish. IMO RIMM has neither the talent nor the leadership to compete and they are in a negative death spiral from which they can not come back from.

the trend is clear, RIMM is doomed.

If the large bezels indicate that there's a much larger battery inside it I'm all for it. I'm tired of carrying a USB wire in my pocket to charge my phone along with the extra spare battery that I have in case of emergencies. The extra bloat added to our phones by carriers is just ridiculous. Don't even get me started on Carrier IQ. The android platform is good but it isn't perfect. Infact, I would say there's a lot of room for improvement. And before anyone gets started, I'm not hatin', I'm just saying...

I did too at first, until I realized the main reason it got such great battery life was because of the small screen and inability to do much besides email and texts.

When I use my EVO3D in the same way I used my Bold, it gets a solid 2 days of battery life. I use it for so much more though that rarely happens.

Agreed, offered excellent value for money in the recent sales. It has pretty much all the apps to meet my use case. The OS is fantastic and the hardware first rate. We all need RIM to succeed. Without competition why would Android continue to improve? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not many have actually lived with a playbook. Dismissing it because it says 'BlackBerry' on the front is a little narrow minded.

Intersecting ...

To the people who are saying too late :

- Blackberry ain't dead yet,
just because it popularity is declining in the U.S. that doesn't mean it ain't popular around the world. In some countries they are more popular than the iPhone.

- it takes time for building a new OS, after all they ain't making a new ROM (I'm referring to the protocols & laws they have to follow)

Yes, they should've responded sooner to the iPhone with something better than the Storm. But they made the same mistake as Nokia & tried to ignore the iPhone & that almost killed them
I hope the new CEO saves the company . The comption is good for us

& No, I dont have a Blackberry, never had & never will

Its a garbage render of a htc titan. Blackberry have been talking bout what they are going to make for the last two years and always end up with the same crap phone......actually it just keeps getting worse.

I like the options and competition that comes out, be it Apple, Windows or Blackberry. This is what drives the companies to make better phones and that's win for us consumers. One of my fav words is options. :-) Thanks for the info Phil..

i LOVE android but i hope to god that BB would stick to the first leaked pic of the phone bc that is the sexiest phone i ever seen!!!

With all those squares/boxes on the front screen it looks more like a Windows phone to me. But who cares, if RIM can build a better phone it's good for everybody in the long run. The better other platforms get the harder Android will push to stay on top.

QNX is Linux, Android is Linux. RIM basically reinvented the Android wheel. Why doesn't rim just make really secure devices and really solid apps built on Android. You can't tell me there isn't a market for android powered devices with RIM style security and keyboard.

On another note the black slab is dumb.

"Why doesn't rim just make really secure devices and really solid apps built on Android. You can't tell me there isn't a market for android powered devices with RIM style security and keyboard."


Ok I think if black Berry just for experimental purposes developed an android ics phone and dropped the price a bit people would buy it just stock ice just to see how people would react

I think RIM is doomed no matter what kind of handsets they make if consumers are still at the mercy of BIS. All those outages left a sour taste in my mouth. I'm sure I'm not alone.

I think it looks quite nice. But it's only a picture and you can't really judge the experience until it's in people's hands.

I don't expect it'll replace anyone's android, but all the "ugh it looks just like another android phone" I'm seeing seems a little unfair. That's the form factor that's most popular so you can't blame them for going with the mainstream at the moment.

Lets wait and see what it's actually like before judging. If the UI is slick and the battery life is good and it's as functional as a messaging tool as the current BB crop, it may just do very well indeed. And if it has a decent library of apps and games (native or otherwise), then maybe RIM has a chance of making a comeback.

That thing is to smartphones what a Hyundai is to cars. Damn them for using the same form factor that works. You guys are mostly nuts.

Thanks Phil and crew for information that is important I'm this era of a smart phone a day being introduced.

Looks a lot like an Android device? Are you kidding me? Looks more like an iPhone (which Sammy has copied very closely). But as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But this isn't good news for Blackberry - they are bleeding cash and customers and now they are copying Android - which copied Apple. Good luck with that!

I'll keep my Samsung Infuse thank you. : )

Isn't the only reason people use blackberries is their (supposedly) great keyboards? I actually hate them, with a blackberry without a physical keyboard with an OS that has already been labeled as not ready for prime time, and uses Android apps to try to make up for the lack of a good app market, What is the point, RIM?

If you want Android apps buy an Android and some customization get an android, if you want something that's easy to use get a iphone or windows phone 7, which I find great for business. RIM is obsolete.

I don't think it looks like anything anymore than any other phone. That's the form factor of a full touchscreen smartphone, no surprises there.

It does look very cheap with the large bezel all the way around. If that's a real rendering, it's not going to be able to compete in the premium market, even if it's as thin as those pictures make it look.

Hope it does well, but not expecting much. Likely a last gasp, kind of like the Pre. I don't think Android is all that great by itself, its abundance of good hardware and apps are what make it worthwhile. If RIM can give us a superior OS, which really shouldn't be that difficult, that can also leverage the power of the Android Market, they may have a chance to succeed.

Hmm.. gave up on BB after my Storm and Storm2. Very happy with my Galaxy Nexus, and have NO PLANS to ever go back to BB. They lost me forever with empty promises for years, a lack of commitment to touch screen, and failure for software upgrades. Each time I had to ditch the phone and get a new phone because the new OS level wasn't compatible with a one year old phone.

Yep, this phone, if it ever does actually materialize, is over a year too late already. Their customer base is gone and most, like me, are not looking back. And Microsoft is already proving just how difficult it is to gain traction in this market even when it is excellent.