Current LG Nexus 5 could be the last Nexus-branded handset

Update: A subsequent post suggests LG could be making one of the first Silver devices, running a Qualcomm MSM8994 chip.

Original story: Prolific phone leaker @evleaks has teased that Google is likely to launch the first so-called Android Silver handsets in February 2015. What's more, the company's Nexus program could be coming to an end earlier than expected, as an additional tweet claims that there'll be "no Nexus 6." The usually accurate leaker is the latest source to talk about the demise of the Nexus family, tying it into the launch of the rumored "Silver" line of premium smartphones early next year.

A few weeks back, The Information reported that Google was set to unveil Android Silver as a new standard for premium Android hardware, similar to the current Google Play edition lineup, but backed by a substantial in-store presence with carrier partnerships. Silver devices would be built to Google's specification, with speedy updates and a limit on bloatware. It's been suggested Android Silver would enable Google to have more control over high-end hardware, which is dominated by Samsung, while bringing a Nexus-like software experience to a wider audience.

There are still many questions posed by the potential evolution from Nexus to Silver — not least how it'll affect tablets, what'll replace Nexus as a reference device for developers, and how it'll impact Google's OEM partnerships. But if today's reports are accurate, the line that started with an HTC-built Nexus One in 2010 might well end with the Taiwanese company's second Nexus device, the rumored HTC Nexus tablet, later this summer.

Source: @evleaks (1), (2), (3)

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First Android 'Silver' phones tipped to replace Nexus line in early 2015


So many of you are so sad & angry at Google.. But you fail to realize, there are so "Few" of you.
Look at it through Google's eyes.. They lost money on Moto and They made zero profit selling the Nexus Line.
Now imagine Google phones in EVERY Verizon store.. EVERY AT&T store.. Sprint along with T-Mo.
Google has the budget to do just as many Commercials as Samsung does. and you don't "Search It" you "Google It" .. Google's name is as synonymous as Kleenex is with Tissue.
If they only sell 51% of their $600.00+ compared to what they sold of the deceased Nexus line of devices they will make profit.. but being available on EVERY major carrier.. they are going to sell a hell of a lot more devices than they ever did through the playstore.

The Nexus 5 is $349, not $600. Part of the benefit of the Nexus 5 is a far cheaper price along with the pure Google experience. I hope we don't lose the former with silver.

innov8ion... Nexus is DEAD.
Where have you been???... the SILVER LINE is going HIGH END ($600.00 - $700.00)
Google will NO LONGER make $350.00 phones.
There will be NO Nexus 6.
E.T.A. per Google for their SILVER LINE is early 2015.
Again Nexus-Is- DEAD..... So go grab one of the lame-duck remaining Nexus-5's if you desire one.
Google is through with that line of products.

Is it just me, or does this post read like it should be in cut out newspaper letters? It looks like something a bomber would send to a newspaper in the form of a bomb threat.

What kind of freak are you to track something from 4 months ago...
I'm so RIGHT about everything that you search 4 months into the past to try to prove me wrong..
What A Joke You Are..
AS I PREDICTED.. The $350.00 Nexus is DEAD..
They are $700.00 Nexus 6's now.... What A Dope you are dude... Yes.. with a capital D.
Don't bother me.. anymore.

I understand there are "so few of us" - but not as few of us as you think -

But we are more of a minority here in the US than the rest of the globe, and that is just because everyone is stupid. People who have their subsidized iphones and galaxy S5's on ATT and Verizon simply cannot rap their minds around the whole dilemma:

"Buy a nexus 5 for 349, or buy an iphone for 199...."

So I know that you say there are so "few" of us, but in my god honest opinion anyone who uses android but has not purchased a nexus phone in the last 3 years is a complete and utter fool. Unless there were some extraordinary circumstances that kept you from going nexus, you have wasted all sorts of money on lesser quality devices and a lesser quality mobile experience.

And that is why the "few of us" are sad to see nexus go.

Yo .. Chief.. you speak for EVERYBODY?
As best as I can remember.. about 30 Million alone bought S4's
20 Million bought Note 2's
10 Million bought Note 1's
I'd say, HTC and LG has sold a fair share of devices as well.

But.. we are all "FOOLS" because we don't want what YOU want.
We are all "FOOLS" because even though we may have the income.. or simply have a savings account / budget for the toys we want.. We are still "FOOLS" for paying more to get what ***WE WANT***...

Do you have ANY IDEA how S-T-U-P-I-D you sound.
Don't call people fools for spending THEIR money the way they want to..

Yo... Raider.... Chill!

haha yes... a person who buys a subsidized phone for 200$ and pays that interest back over 2 years is a fool.

ATT: 2 year CONTRACT: 24 mo @ (55 data plus 40 phone= 95) = $2280, plus $200 phone, plus $36 activation = $2516. = FOOL

Straight Talk (or other off contract): NO CONTRACT: 24 mo @ (50 unlimited data+voice+text) = $1200, plus $350 phone YOU OWN = $1550. = NOT FOOL.

Or you could buy a new nexus every 12 months and have 2 new phones over the same 24 month period that someone else is on contract, and still save $616.

I am sorry, but anyone who doesn't think they are getting ripped open by subsidized mobile plans is in fact STUPID.

Don't take this so personally. You say to get what "YOU WAN'T" you have the right to spend way more money and get less? You're right... and i have the right to call you all fools, and point out why.

Sorry your Ends are so tight.. "Maybe Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.."
Nexus is DEAD.
So.. Let not discuss a phone that is being phased out..
Thanks for doing all the math... but it's not needed.
You See,
By YOUR way of thinking.. EVERYONE that does not wear $10.00 Walmart Tennis Shoes..
Buy new cars that cost less than $15,000 and..
Pays more that $100,000.00 for a home.... IS A FOOL AND THEY ARE BEING RIPPED OFF.

Some of us work hard to buy the THINGS we want.
We REALLY don't care if you CANNOT afford to Splurge on some things in life..
Not Ours.. LOL!

And you know what? YOUR being Ripped Off right now by your own way of thinking..
You paid $250.00 TOO MUCH for your Nexus..
ANY Smartphone can do what your Nexus does..
Dude.. Sorry they ripped you off too. Next time do your research.. there are *$100.00* Smartphones now.
Wow.. What a fool you are to not know that.


You refuse to listen to what I am saying... You are trying to point the argument in a direction that I never intended it to go. I understand paying more to get more. What is wrong with the statement "paying more to get less, is foolish"? Cause that is all that I originally said.

That is why i didn't buy a MotoG and bought a Nexus 5. I wanted more, and paid for it. And the examples i gave in my previous post compared two plans which provided comparable products... Paying more to get more has its merits, paying more to get the same or less is foolish.

But I will not be able to dissuade you from anything, so I will give up. You are either hard headed or you just came here to flame, either way I cannot figure out why you would take any pleasure or comfort in the nexus line getting canceled... What do you or any other consumer gain from that? Without the nexus line we never would have had phones like the MotoG or the One+ that have set an incredible precedent for contract free smartphones... which in the end forces the big carriers and manufacturers to get more creative or offer MORE for their high dollar devices.

Dude.. You really ramble don't you.
YOUR the one PISSED Nexus is DEAD..
I don't care... (Really I Don't)
Please don't cry to me because Nexus is Dust.. I'm done with this dude.. back to your world man and leave me be... Damn.

A few years ago jerks stole my phone and not being financial at the time, I wound up on contract, my Galaxy Nexus was held back 2 operating systems by the phone company, got so annoyed, I tried to unlock and root it. That bricked the phone, when the Nexus 4 went on discount, bought one, got $200 resale, because it was a 16 GB. Bought Nexus 5 for $470 AU, so latest Nexus, LTE advanced, WiFi ac, 32 GB only $270 and no carrier getting in the way of updates, also bought 4 Nexus tablets, no carrier got in the way of their updates either. Looking for generational change for my next devices, not incremental change, Tango hardware levels, in 64 bit, ideally in UHD, my Nexus 10 only cost $300, as it's an 18 month old device, but it's in QHD, it like Tango was $1,000, when first released. At conference, they said Nexus was continuing, if Samsung is making UHD next year, it could be UHD, the Note 2 sold 20 million; QHD, 128 GB of flash phablets, are already out there. Apple have beaten us to the punchline on 64 bit, resolution, Android L will be 64 bit, ARM says 64 bit phones, are coming in Christmas, let's give them a run for their money, on flash, RAM, resolution, over a hundred GPUs. If we don't make big changes soon, phones will become commodities, fine for googameistro, but lousy for OEMs.

I wonder what this means for the 2 devices coming to Verizon that Google said in a statement. Was hoping it was a phone. I'd still buy a Nexus 5 now if it came to VZW.

Yeah that's what I asked myself too. If they introduce it as "Silver Line" does that mean a "Gold Line" will be the next big thing?

Posted via Android Central App

Silver.. Second best. Google has poor management. Eliminating the Nexus line is a huge mistake. They had an excellent structure in place and now they're going to fuck it all up. Nexus being sold directly by Google as well Google Play edition phones was the best way to go about it.

Next Google will eliminate Gmail. As soon as they have a winner they discontinue it. I give it to Apple in that sense. They don't abandon their users.

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

The Silver name has me scratching my head. Wouldn't it be third best platinum is up there too. Lately titanium has been getting some limelight, maybe it's between bronze and silver.

Of course this is just a rumor at thos point so I'll reserve judgment until something is official.

Meh, platinum is overused in the credit card arena. When you go to buy some jewelry, platinum isn't cheap. I don't think that's the image they want to convey.

Silver still has quality and is affordable, though gold is ultimately more useful. I hate the color of gold though.

Agreed. Platinum is one of the most overused branding words out there right now. When I see "platinum" these days, I think of shitty credit cards and terrible vodka.

You can make cheap vodka into smoother top shelf like vodka by running it through a Brita Pitcher with a Filter a couple times too. The filter helps get rid of the impurities with in the liquid

I imagine the actual name of the program is probably an internal name. I don't think they'll sell them as 'Silver' Devices..

I really don't care what they call them, I just want them to be great phones, at the current Nexus Pricepoint, and finally have availability for Verizon.

When I hear silver I think of coins and cheap jewelry you can buy from a 50 cent machine AND second place.

It's an incredibly poor decision.

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They should have gone Palladium and hooked it in with the Arc reactor schtick from Iron Man... Just sayin...

I am pretty sure it's the manufacturers who are eliminating the Nexus phones. Too low profit margins on them.
Furthermore, this would make a lot more sense for a mature operating system; letting all manufacturers get equal access. Sort of the opposite of what Microsoft are doing at the moment while killing Windows Phone...

The problem is that the Nexus line is not a winner. Nexus 7 tablets have sold pretty well, but none of the rest of the line have put up impressive numbers.

I knowz right, everyone should stop making phones till some1 canz sell more unitz than Samsung but also not make phones at the same time #yoloswag

Dude calm down. You are over exaggerating this way too much. This just a rumor... When it becomes official then go ahead and rant like crazy. Second of all, this program probably won't be much different than the nexus brand at all, except it will have a different name. In fact, it may even be better than the nexus program, because according to the rumors, these silver phones will have a more prominent place in carriers.
Posted via Android Central App

It seems that way, I know there are discussions behind the scenes but to get rid of the Nexus line, will for me at least be a huge loss.
If they do release the "Silver" edition devices, these do need to be made available World wide and not just stateside as the Play Edition devices have been thus far.

Posted via Android Central App

Til this day a lot of people dont know google nexus existed. I didn't know about the nexus until nexus 4. To come close to competing with other manufactures Google would need carrier support.

I think the change makes sense, the Nexus 5 really started catching on and selling well, even with normal users.
With a retail presence they will be able to sell to more average users and show average users what vanilla Android is about and show the other OEM's up with updates.

They aren't going to eliminate gmail that just hyperbole, this is actually a logical progression for the nexus line.
You may not like it, but it is.
And I'm a big nexus guy myself, I use a nexus 5 and my fiance uses a nexus 4 and likes it better than any android she's ever owned.
I see the opportunity that a vanilla Google backed nexus like line with a retail presence has with average users.
Furthermore silver kind of makes sense to me, Silver is quality, but not unreasonably expensive :)
In no way is this abandoning users, it's a evolution of their products. I don't understand why anyone would freak out about this before even seeing the handsets silver offers. I'm sure they will be great.

Sorry these days going the $600 + route isn't going to cut it with me. Google is really making some bad moves (IMHO) lately

But the Nexus was not a very popular phone. Only people like us really bothered with them. So for use it may seem to be a bad move but for Google its effect might be negligible. If they start marketing Android Silver, organizing with carriers etc, they have the potential to gain some good revenue and possibly mindshare. For a company that is what really matters. We all love Google, and their subsidized / free products, but at the end of the day let´s not forget it is a business.

Google doesn't care. they don't need to make a lot of money selling hardware - especially at the expense of their partners in the ecosystem. the big money/margins/profits for Google is in search and services. and that's where the future is too. Google wants their hardware partners to be fat and happy and profitable so that they can keep flooding the market with Android devices. Google does not want to be a hardware competitor and piss off and alienate their hardware partners. the Nexus line is a delicate balance of offering a reference design phone inexpensively and direct worldwide for developers and enthusiasts to help further the platform - not the unwashed masses. and that's fine with Google. Google doesn't care if Nexus doesn't break any big sales records.

Google doesn't really care which Android phones sell as long as Android gets the win/sale. Google doesn't want to push the Nexus too hard because they don't want to sabotage/alienate/cannibalize all of their other hardware partners.

But maybe, Google wants to try something else. Historically, the approach you mentioned was what was and apparently is working for them. But companies evolve. I am intrigued to see what they plan to do with this Silver lineup.

seems to conflict with this -


The Nexus 5 competes directly with every other Android phone on software features, not just on hardware and price. Lockheimer tells us that Google doesn't consider the Nexus to be "a hobby, we take it really seriously, and there's a growing number of people who are actually buying these." For the first time, the rest of the Android ecosystem might have to start taking the Nexus seriously, too. Google's services truly do give the Nexus 5 an edge, and the thing about edges is that they can cut.

perhaps there will be three categories - Nexus, Google Play Edition, and "Silver" Certified.

That's a great idea. But what leaves me scratching my head is that the Nexus phones always had top shelf hardware, and mid-to-low price points. How does that figure into the pricing scheme?

If all of these are going to be somewhat Nexus like in software , and if the pricing is going to Nexus-like, (top shelf hardware and low prices) what's going to warrant a high price point, since it won't be the hardware?

Short answer: There isn't going to be any Nexus-like pricing in this program. Good hardware will mean high prices, just like the current Google play editions. Maybe ther'll be some low price points, but they aren't going to have good hardware.

I understand google wanting to get out of the retail-hardware business, they are not good at it, and they probably regret getting into it. But they did provide a value found in no other avenue. It stinks that that is most certainly going away.

It doesn't conflict at all. It's the progresson to move something they take seriously into a bigger arena.

blame Samsung. they're also the reason Google sold Motorola.

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I somewhat agree and I'm posting from a gs4 smh ever since apple sued the crap out of them (total bs) they have been going crazy smh samy your better than this

There it is, the Samsung hate. Glad to see that you didn't disappoint. Care to cite me a reference? A link maybe? One based on fact not conjecture.

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I really hope the Nexus line does not die. Switching over to T-Mobile or AT&T in the fall and really wanted the next Nexus. I had the GNEX on Verizon.

Go Moto X. After having the Nexus 5 for 6 months, I sold it for this phone. Surprisingly the Moto x has had the best Android experience I've ever experienced... on a 9 month old phone.

Posted via my Moto X (Sorry Nexus 5, too many issues)

Would you still recommend getting the Moto X now or wait until the next Moto X? My Nexus 4 is getting a bit long in tooth and I really need an upgrade.

If you can wait for the Moto X+1 then do it. I couldn't wait any longer so I got the X now. But if I didn't, I would have destroyed my old Droid RAZR.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually I have the Moto X Developer Edition. I've had one since it was released. I just miss all the available Kernels and ROMs for flashing.
I love the Moto features. Active Display is the best.

The Nexus line of phones IS going away. Google already clearly stated that. The "Silver" devices will replace the Nexus line.


Here's a slogan for them "the golden age of the smartphone is over, let the time of silver begin!"

Yeah, i'm being reactionary and jumping to conclusions, but I'm Hunan. It's kind of our thing.

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I think this is a step in the right direction! Most manufactures have better tweaks then Google! Camera and Gestures!

Posted via Android Central App

If all this means they'll just be charging $600+ for a "nexus experience" phone, then I'm out. All they've done is become apple. In fact I'll move more downmarket than up with phones like the moto g. And i would think that would make inexpensive devices, like the moto e/g, extremely popular, more so than they already are.

In reality, I'll likely hold on to my N4 for as long as possible. It's been a great device for what i paid ($250) and does everything i need.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

Yeah, the days of me spending 600 dollars for a phone, or being tethered to a carrier for a subsidy, ended with the Nexus 5 purchase. Not. Going. Back.

Most people still buy via carriers and brand name phones (primarily Apple and Samsung). You guys are a small minority compared to the masses.

Posted via Android Central App

That's irrelevant in my world. The N5 has ticked most of the boxes for me, and I'll be looking for a similar experience with my next phone. Luckily that won't be anytime soon, so I've plenty of time to see how this Silver thing (and the rest of the Android space) shakes out.

Yeah, the oneplus one is looking more and more tempting...

But we'll see, maybe it'll turn out for the best. (:/)

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I've already moved "downmarket" and gotten a moto g. It's not quite as nice as my Nexus 4 was, but honestly the difference in performance really is not that big of a deal at all for me. So long as other companies keep putting out phones like the Moto G, I see zero reason to ever fork out over $400 for a phone. If Google does away with the Nexus line in favor of what sounds like a bunch of $500-600+ phones, then I'm done with buying phones from Google.

Very Well Said Young Man.
This coming from a guy still loving his $125.00 Quad-Core Alcatel Fierce..:-)
But I do have my eye on the OPPO Find 7.. It is all things as far as I'm concerned (especially 0 to 75% charging in 30 minutes) but should I spend $600.00 on that device it WILL be a 2 - 3 year phone. But I hear you on the Moto G.. the only other device (once things settle in for them) is of course the 1+1 @ $299.00 / $349.00 that makes sense in this $600.00 to $750.00 cellular world..

And you would still be using Google's services, which is their bread and butter. So they get what they want without having to sell you a break even cost device.

Basically, Google is telling its OEM partners that it doesn't like their Android customizations, custom launchers, custom lock screens, branded app stores, and branded apps. This seems pretty similar to what MS intended with their "reference hardware" designs and Surface tablet line--and we see how well that went over with MS OEMs. How does Google suggest that these OEM partners differentiate their products and make money?

If I were at MS, I'd be gathering folks in the war room to figure out how to take advantage of this. MS has a long tradition of successful hardware partnerships and could use this somewhat hostile message from Google as an opportunity to rekindle those relationships, especially with the restructured Windows Phone licensing program. But, MS also needs to help these partners figure out how to differentiate in ways that are meaningful to customers.

Android without Google services is of little commercial value to Google. This is an advantage for MS as, although MS is expanding their cloud offerings, they're not totally reliant on them. And unlike Google's, most of MS's cloud offerings aren't about generating ad revenue. The company can be more lenient in what it allows OEMs to remove/include and possibly structure WP licensing programs around that: include our apps/services as default and WP is free; use your own and pay a nominal licensing fee.

How's that working out for OEMs like HTC now? Unless you're like Apple and have a lot of influence over your supply chain or you're like Samsung and control most of your supply chain, it will be tough to compete on price while maintaining profitable margins. Plus, OEMs generally have access to the same hardware components, so competing on specs becomes an arms race of "firsts": who's going to be the first to release a phone with a new Qualcomm processor or a new hi-res display. And price is tricky because, while it does influence consumer behavior, lower price points usually come with lower-spec'ed hardware, which can compromise the user experience. This has been part of the perception problem MS has faced with PCs: people buy a $400 PC and have a mediocre Windows experience while their friends rave about the Mac experience, which is running on a $999 system.

Price may be a priority in the purchasing process, but people seldom accept the notion that they're making a conscious trade-off in the experience: "I can spend only $100, so yes, I accept having a slow phone and slow-running apps." Similarly, a car buyer with a $10k budget wouldn't accept buying a car that goes only up to 60 mph.

The core problem is that the concept of "bells and whistles" doesn't translate as well to computing tech as it does to things like cars. With something like cars, manufacturers start with a base experience and look for ways to add value on top of that with things like premium interiors, sound systems, etc.--things that people may or may not deem as important. But some items are just non-negotiable and must be part of the base experience for all cars. For example, while independent climate control might be a luxury value-add, having A/C that blows cold vs. cool-ish is not.

Contrast this to smartphones where manufacturers start with a high-end experience and then try to pare it down in order to fit lower price points. But there are very few places manufacturers can pare down before they encroach on what consumers would consider non-negotiable territory. Having a responsive phone with smooth app performance is not a "bells and whistles" luxury feature. Yet, the processor and RAM are often the first things manufacturers target when trying to pare down a device. The end result is an overall degraded experience.

Whoever can resolve this discrepancy between what users accept as price-driven trade-offs vs. what is typically delivered at lower price points should find success at the value-conscious end of the market.

the customizations are good in the sense that they drive innovation in the platform and some of them come back to be baked into future versions of the OS and also end up as Apps in the ecosystem.

Currently on a custom Moto X and I am quite satisfied with it. That being said I was looking forward to a new Nexus later this fall. Now with this I'll have to reassess what my next purchase will be.
As it is i'm probably going to get a Lumia 521 for a second phone and to program for.

If this is the way they are going. My time in the Googlesphere may be coming to an end.

Posted via Android Central App

Nah, I want a break from Android. Was going to test the waters in WP8. This may have just pushed me over the brink.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm excited to see what Google has in-store for these Silver devices. As much as I love the Nexus line of devices, I knew that it wouldn't last forever. Hopefully, with Android Silver, Google can nail a good price point and increase the retail presence of stock Android devices.

To the people complaining: we're the minority, get over it. With the addition of GPE devices, the most blatant hint was given that Nexus devices would be on their way out.

The silver the silver lining to a cloud after a rainy day. Im on board. Im a Touchwiz/Sammy guy but I can appreciate a Google device as much as anyone else.
id pick up a N4 Or N5 again just for the hell of it now though lol.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

Unless the silver phones are cheap, then no deal. Why not just get the dinner line to replace the Google play edition. That would be more ideal. Then manufactured can still make a pretty penny on their put android devices

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Everyone stop crying, this is a good thing, now the OEM's will have to step up their game.

Posted via Android Central App

Couldn't kill it off soon enough for my liking. At least the n5 was a vast improvement over the n4 POS. Who knows, 5 more and they might have gotten it right
Posted via Android Central App

Must... Resist... Urge... To... Respond... To... Trolling...

Damn, I failed.

Resistance is futile.

Posted via Android Central App

There it is, the Nexus hate. Glad to see that you didn't disappoint. Care to cite me a reference? A link maybe? One based on fact not conjecture.

Well first you are too dense apparently to realize I was pointing out the inconsistencies in what you post, and what you expect of others. But you still didn't disappoint. You backed up your opinion with two articles containing someone's opinion. And of course the N5 is an improvement over the N4. At least it should be, since its the newer device. But there's also plenty of people who truly enjoy/enjoyed the N4.

And I have a Moto X, and agree it's a great phone. Better, in my opinion, than the Galaxy Note 2 that currently resides in a desk drawer.

Either way, contrary to your personal beliefs, you are not the be all end all of Android phone opinion and fact, and you are merely another hater and troll who likes to stir up arguments.

And contrary to popular belief, its perfectly acceptable to feed the just have to mix the right amount of poison in with it.

never claimed to be THE android authority. The venom for the N4 is well deserved. It was the worst executed Nexus device imaginable. Google had the perfect opportunity to grab the reigns and show the Android OEMs how it should be done, and they half-a**ed it. Poor battery, worse camera, lack of storage...the list goes on.

The X and the Note are two different classes of phones. If I did not need the S-Pen of the Note 3, as well as loving the bigger screen, the X might be sitting on my desk right now.

No, I have been very consistent with my posts. I have always said that the N4 was a crap phone. The N5 was an improvement and I have not said too many negative things about it. As for other OEMs, I generally do not hate on them, some of the actions, sure. Some of the half measures (looking at the Camera on the One (M8), absolutely. But overall if you bought any phone in the last year, you are getting a great phone. You just have to decide what you absolutely need and find the phone that fits.

I was with you, until you called him a troll. I'm starting to absolutely despise that word.

I will say, NoNexus had always been a critic of the Nexus line, probably since before he joined this site. But, when you think about the execution of all of the Nexus devices, compared to the possible potential that each one had prior to their respective releases, you can't help but get angry and feel as if Google intentionally gimped the Nexus line to not anger the OEMs. I say this as a fan of the Nexus line, and even I feel that after the GNex, the 4 and 5 (loved the 5, when I had it, BTW) could have been much better phones.

NoNex is now a troll.............. How Bout That!!!
The biggest mistake about the Nexus 5 Merc was that people wanted to compare it to Samsung, HTC, LG's Flagship devices.. It never was in that group. The Nexus 5 was always "A Mid-Range phone with Top-End Specs..
Google is smart.. Time to stop loosing money on the Nexus line and go "Head-To-Head" with other Flagship devices.. right there in the store.. even possibly.. with EVERY carrier (wouldn't that be something) "Google" is synonymous with "Search" the way "Kleenex" is synonymous with "Tissue".. it's time for Google to take advantage of their name.

Completely agree with the last paragraph. Also, yeah, it's kinda difficult to not compare the Nexus devices to the flagships by HTC and Co. Google definitely doesn't need the Nexus devices to get its name out there. With this new line of devices, they just need to establish a physical presence.

I have been called worse by better people I am sure.

Honestly the only thing wrong with the N5 was the camera, and it could have used a bigger battery (but I will not quibble on that).

I (and most others) know that the Nexus was never meant to really go head to head with the Flagships from Samsung, HTC and the others, but with things like battery and camera, you have to hold it to the same standard as the other phones in that year.

You just contradicted yourself in my opinion NoNex..
You can't hold a $350.00 device to the "Same Standard" as a $600.00 device.
Google was "allowed" to cut corners somewhere at that price point.

I was torn between the X and the N5; I went Nexus because I felt I could stretch my next phone purchase a bit longer with the beefier internals. It was really close though. Very happy with my N5; I've no doubt I would've been happy with the X as well. If they keep the same general concept with the X+1 I think I'll push my wife in that direction; assuming they don't mess with the size too much. As it is the ergonomics of it would be perfect for her.

Of course. In 11 months, my contract was done and I was going to move to a Nexus and off Verizon. Looks like there won't be a Nexus to move to in a year. :-(

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You can get a Moto X +1 by the time you are off contract. They are as good and in many ways better than the Nexus.

Posted via Android Central App

Motorola may be the first out of the gate with a Silver device. Moto X is already there, showed them how it's done. Specs on hardware can differ but enhancements like Assist and Active notification are how you improve the experience with minimum bloat.

Posted via Android Central App

Apple fans are pretty tame these days actually. They pretty much stick to their scene. The varying Android factions (Samsung, HTC, LG, Nexus and even some Moto guys) are the flamers these days.

Just to clear the air, I am with the Moto Faction.

This statement seems a little hypocritical, I assume you think Samsung and HTC should also stop making devices because of how vitriolic SOME of their users are?

I like the nexus line, I don't like the galaxy S line but I wouldn't say it's crappy because it's not, it's just not to my taste.

Care to point that judgemental eye at yourself?

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O the butthurt over pricing has already started. I am sorry Google has spoiled you with underpriced phones. Be thankful that gave them to you for pennies while they did and stop complaining.

Google can finally have real, no comprises flagships instead of nitch phones that are half flagships, half cheap dev hardware.

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Must be nice to be so independently wealthy that you don't have to concern you self with such trivial things such as cost.

And by the way, its niche, not nitch.

It would be nice...

It would also be nice to have realistic expectations for pricing and to realize that when only one company is pricing something that low, there is a reason.

Google is not a hardware company. They make no money on Nexus devices. All the other companies have to make money or they go out of business.

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I think Google and Motorola both proved you can !take a very nice competitive device and sell it at a reasonable cost. I doubt if Samsung drops the prices of their phones a bit, that they will go out of business.

Really.... That's the card we're going to play, now? Just because someone mentions that they want a phone with no compromises, that person is automatically rich and has no regard to cost? Please, tell me you don't actually believe that crap.

He actually mentioned price and cost directly, stating that anyone concerned over increase in pricing was just "butthurt."

So lack of reading comprehension.. That's the card you're going to play now? Please tell me you didn't actually type that crap.

I strongly suspect this may not be entirely Google's choice. If no OEMs actually WANT to make a nexus phone or if Google could tell that they were nearing this point, then perhaps Android Silver is a way to tackle this issue head on. I'm basing this suspicion on the fact that LG was once again rumored to be the OEM for the Nexus 6 and we've never had a single OEM manufacture the nexus phone for 3 years in a row. As LG gets more successful their incentive to create a Nexus phone probably decreases and I don't think Samsung or HTC is interested in the phone (tablets are a different story) at all.

Still makes me sad. I really liked the new model Google was pushing of being able to buy phones WITHOUT a carrier. And, especially with the Nexus 5, they had almost achieved the goal of having a single phone that worked on all carriers. I'm not sure what involvement carriers will be able to have with the Android Silver program but I can't imagine it will be nothing. I really don't want unlocked bootloaders and stock tethering to go away. Who knows.

Thankfully (despite what the naysayers might say) the Nexus 5 is a damn fine phone and will last me through 2015 so I have time to see how this all plays out.

I think your comment is spot on. At some point, I think all of the OEMs were nearing the end of their patience with the Nexus line. Also, though, I *think* I remember reading an article about the Nexus program only lasting five years.

Yup, just got mine in February so I've plenty of time with it to sit back, have some popcorn, and see how it all shakes out. It's guaranteed to be interesting. Change is not only inevitable, it's exciting!

People posting here are foolish. Most people buy a phone that is well marketed or make a decision based on what they were told to buy while at the store. I have never seen an ad for nexus, nor have I ever seen a representative endorse the nexus phone over any other phone in the store. Over half the cellphone users in the US can't use the nexus series with their mobile provider.

There are also rumors that Samsung will try to switch their phones to the Tizen OS. If this happens then android will take a huge hit, since Samsung is a huge chunk of smartphones sold around the world. Google needs to be prepared if something like this were to occur, and that's what project silver will be. It allows Google to be in to participate and actively promote phones, as well as market vanilla Android since the common perception is that Android OS is the mess that Samsung calls Touchwiz.

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Samsung is going to have phones that run tizen, but I in no way believe that they are going to full on with all of them. They really would be shooting themselves in the foot. I think they are smart enough to know that reinventing the wheel is pointless...

Why would they endorse a phone they make no money on?

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If there's one thing I don't need it's "vendor tie ins". It sounds too much like what you on the USA have particularly badly done to you.
The great thing about Nexus is that it is not tied in to anyone. I put my SIM into my nice new Nexus 5 and switched it on. If I was to change phoneco, I would switch it off, swop SIMs and switch it on.
That is consumer friendly. Forcing me to unlock it is not friendly. I have heard of people paying up to £10 UK, for this privilege. (I suspect users of iThings may post more for it though.)
I like the Nexus price, simplicity and the openness. It's not broken. Why fix it?
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I am pretty sure that one of the requirements for "silver" will be an open handset, but you never know...

If by open you mean it won't be carrier locked I think you are going to be sadly disappointed. If the change in strategy is aimed at getting the devices sold by the carriers you can bet a large sum of money that the US carriers will require the devices to be carrier locked.

I am sure that the option will be there, but I also have to believe that they are going to be selling them direct from the OEM and on the Play Store, like the GPe

Though the leak refers to early 2015, could the Android Silver devices be the S5 Prime and M8 Prime models that have been leaked recently?

I could be way off base....but they would be high end.....

Yeah I do not think that they are. There may be a GPe version, but I doubt these are silver program phones

I would understand the change in the name if they are going to use the carriers. I would defiantly buy one if I could subsidize it on T-Mobile

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@evleaks: LG handset, running a Qualcomm MSM8994, to be among first Silver devices. Successor to the Nexus 6 initiative, expected on Sprint in the US.

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If I had an extra $400.00.. I would buy a Nexus 5..never open it and just frame it.. The LAST "Free From Carrier's" American Made Phone..
We'll have to turn to China's *1+1* line of devices in the coming years to experience *Freedom* from ALL carriers.

R.I.P. Nexus.
Services Will Be Held Tuesday October 7, 2014 @ 1:00 P.M. EST.

Boom. Let's hope that this isn't OnePlus's only rodeo. I'd love to see them jump head on into the arena for the long haul.

Well.. technically, you're correct.. my bad..
But.. it does not matter anymore...
Nexus is Dead.
R.I.P. Nexus.

I'm glad that Yarrell got banned, so we don't have to read his stupid posts about this.

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So lets see. I will be able to go to an AT&T store and buy a phone with blasted touchwiz or HTC sense with it's ugly clock and calendar all over every screen..god I hate them....already on it. I know a lot of people like it but I don't. But I get home and uninstall touchwiz or Sense and it's apps and then get to download the Google experience launcher so now I have a Samsung/HTC phone without "some" of the bloatware and the GE launcher. IS THAT IT? IS THIS WHAT I AM READING? I have now paid $600+ for this "premium" phone? And suppose Samsung/HTC decides not to play along and there is no samsung Silver phone....then what?

Google hasn't proved that they have control over OEM in other areas so why would they have control in this one - money notwithstanding?

I am not going to pay $600+ dollars for a phone( not even a Google Play edition phone) every year or even every two years....NOT GOING TO HAPPEN....and I am not going the carrier route either.

So if this NEXUS 5 is the last nexus phone...then this will be the last phone I have for as long as the thing can make a phone call...period.

Do not be so silly as to believe that people just have to have a phone because it can take good pictures or because it has the latest screen..or People use their phones for utility and as long as they last folks might just keep em...just like the majority of people do today.

There goes the need for website like Android Central to report about the newest thing...because that won't matter too much least not to me...because my phone can complete a phone call and that will be good enough.
I am angry. I am VERY angry.

Wonder how many countries are allowed to buy from the Playstore this time or will it be the usual few again while the rest of us get ripped off by the retailers?

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The idea of carrier partnerships and branding worries me. Sounds like a defiled nexus program. Hopefully there are unlocked options.

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This really sucks for consumers. No more unlocked, contract free, high-end smartphones. This works out great for the carriers. So now consumers are back to paying full retail for their devices if they want to keep their unlimited data (those of us that still have it) or getting the device at the discounted rate, giving up the unlimited data and being locked into the two year contract. If this turns out to be true, I will be very sad.

Not in the US. Any phone purchased through a carrier is carrier locked whether you buy it subsidized or pay full price off contract.

Ok. Here you can buy a phone at a store that sells phones, TV's, computers and whatever and it's not locked. Like if you go to a Sony/Samsung/Apple store and buy a phone it's unlocked.

I personally don't think they'll fully remove the Nexus line/brand but rather add the Silver line to be the more consumer version of it and the Nexus would fall back on being just for devs as it originally was intended.

Here is my input for your "average consumer". I'm not super geeky, I don't know all the latest greatest features or hidden quirks for a phone. I fight fires for a living; it takes me hours to figure out my device. That being said, I bought the Nexus 5 because it was within my prince range and didn't come with a contract. Going forward, if I am going to be paying premium prices for a device I might as well buy Samsung who has an established history of high end high price devices.

Your move, Google!

The Nexus phones are my preference. However, if a Nexus type phone is offered by many OEM's ..... this might give us more choice. It's actually appealing if you think of the possibilities. A moto G {almost pure Kit Kat} at the low price point to a flagship price point having to meet Nexus like specification. The OnePlus One and Oppo devices are looking attractive. I don't want Sense or touchwiz.

I don't care for the "Silver" name. I wore silver back when I was young & dumb.
"Nexus" is a great name for a product & Google just wants to throw it away. At least call it "Gold" or something creative at least.

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It's a shame to lose Nexus, but this is surely a great idea. No longer will we have to compromise on one phone running Google's Android. Now we'll be able to choose from a wide range of different devices at different price points and with different specs, all running virtually the same OS.