Samsung has released a batch of new advertisements for its Galaxy S5 flagship Android smartphone. The videos focus on common issues with mobile devices of today that have been addressed with the latest iteration of the premium Galaxy phone. From waterproof certification all the way to increased battery life through extreme power saving, Samsung is highlighting features that make the S5 the popular choice of many.

Check out two more adverts below, as well as our in-depth Samsung Galaxy S5 review if you haven't already done so.


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Samsung shows why you should #ExpectMore from your smartphone with new Galaxy S5 ads


Exactly. No one actually cares about HTC and why they are doing worse each year. It's an Apple and Samsung smartphone market with everyone else duking it out for the crumbs that is left.

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LG just became the third largest in the smartphone market, behind Samsung #1 and Apple #2 Article at Droid-Life made it sound like LG has a bigger footprint now

I think consumers should also do a little more research on other handsets before defaulting to the Samsung phones.

Not saying they are bad, but there are genuinely excellent alternatives out there. I personally find 3 of them (HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 and LG G3) to be better than the GS5 in their own ways.

Also, props to Samsung for advertising features that we actually use. Private Mode, U.P.S.M. and IP67 will make a lot of consumers interested.

Yeah I am constantly amazed that people do not put the thought into purchasing a phone that they should, but I suppose I shouldnt be. Lots of Americans go with what is advertised.

To be fair though, the M8 camera is tough for the average consumer to understand (16MP vs 4 Ultrapixels), Sont has almost no US presence in US carrier stores (where I would say 75% of people get their phones) and the G3 is new.

Especially if that device is going to be with for 2 years, and cost $600-700

After my D1 in fall 2011 I started researching when the bionic, rezound, Droid Razr, Galaxy Nexus all came out in 3 months, and have not stopped ever since

I agree that the 3 alternatives I mentioned have their own downsides, hence the reason I said "in their own way".

Personally, it's either the One M8 or G3, but the GS5 and Z2 are great phones too.

Not a great effort overall, but better than most other phone companies out there. They show a feature off and add a touch of humor

These were actually funny! Hopefully these go on TV. Its been said time and again stuff like this is why Samsung is ahead of other Android OEMs.
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I thought that they are cute. But the one with the Indian guy, I think that they played up his accent and I didn't like that.

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Samsung's ad company does some good work. I laughed at each of these. I think my favorite is the one with the call from the boss. The delivery of "Perfect, I don't have a job know." tickled me.

Made me laugh, love the refreshing adverts! Great job IMO & kudos to Samsung and the advertising team behind these ads. Agreed the guy on the couch steals the show.... :-)

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