Patience is a virtue. Remember that! With all the Froyo news around the web, it's a little hard to be patient though. But hey - we can't blame you. We can't wait to get our grubby paws on the Evo 4G's new Android 2.2 update. But until Aug. 3, we all need to sit tight.

In the meantime, Engadget scored some screenshots of a few little apps and features that the EVO will be getting next Tuesday. For all of you folks out there who struggle finding the right key in the dark, HTC now has you covered. It looks like the update will bring a new Flashlight app to owners of the phone. Finding that key was never easier. 

In addition, it looks like HTC will allow you sync all of your Facebook events and birthdays to your calendar. Finally, if that wasn't enough, app sharing will also be made available. That is, only if the developer has not made the app copy protected. Remember what your mother said when you were young, "Remember to share Johnny." To view the rest of the screenshots, hit the source link. [Engadget]


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EVO's Froyo update to bring a Flashlight app and other new goodies


How large is this update and is it a long process? I know on the iPhone, some updates have been over 500MB and the whole process could take 45 minutes. Just curious.

That's what I had been using until I noticed LED Desire Light has two brighter settings than LED light... The widget doesn't look stock like LED Light's but works just as well. The morse code / SOS function in the app is kinda silly but you never even have to look at it if you use the widget. It's also free btw.

Every US carrier is going to disable wireless tethering. You'll only be able to use it on the Evo if you pay the $30 a month.

unless your phone is rooted and you are using a modded ROM.. ;) Been using wifi tethering since i got the phone and havent paid a dime. :)

I've read that it's being released as of 12 pm (CST)in Texas... I'm checking every time I think about it (which is about every minute or so...) :D Thanks for the link, mboothwv! I'm tempted to call support and ask why they're playin' with my emotions...

It already does in the leaked update. The flashlight is surprisingly awesome and everything listed here is included in it. So, I would safely say that yes, the Incredible will be getting all this in its official Froyo update.

I really wish someone from Sprint would jump on here and clear up why their website says it's available but the EVO says no updates available

4.57pm on East Coast. No update yet. Tried both HTC software update and Firmware update, just to be sure! ;-)

Nitpick: why is it that every flashlight widget/app feels the need to provide feedback on your screen with some image featuring a bright light? Isn't the LED itself enough feedback?

If I'm in a situation where I need a flashlight, the LAST thing I want is unneeded light shining directly into my eyes when I'm trying to pick something out in the dark.

obDisclaimer: Old fogey. Bad vision. Bad attitude.

Longtime reader first time comment...I just want to say I hope the Evo has a long run in mobile life years...this is truly a phone that takes care of everything and now with 2.2 its just going to get better from here. Maybe it will even get 3.0 when that comes out later down the road...but for now this will do....thanks for the website guys and keep up the great work. G1...moment...and now Evo

Wow! a $200 flashlight......can't think of a time i need that. I do n3eed the phone to work like my samsung instinct did, with my hands free blue tooth.