EVO 3D case

Ah, the evolution of an EVO. Before you present an Sprint EVO 3D case. It's part of the process of the launch of a smartphone. First we have an announcement. Then a hands-on. Then maybe a ROM leaks. And the phone gets featured in an advert or two. And now, we have the EVO 3D accessories popping up ahead of the launch which is still slated for "this summer." Carry on, folks.

Thanks, anon!

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deltatko says:

Glad to see any news about it at this point. I want me some dual core, sense 3.0 goodness, and the sooner the better

sprinttouch says:

Awesome, can't wait! I'm still hoping for early June :)

mtmjr90 says:

Omg I can't wait for this. Thank god I'm on a corporate plan with 1 year upgrades:D

...on a side note, and I'm not a grammar Nazi I swear! ...but "an Sprint EVO" reads funny=/

irock1985 says:

I wish Sprint would stop toying with my emotions and drop the release date already.... and then after that I hope I get it a day early since i'm first on the preorders at my local best buy ^_^

mhmmdy123 says:

Most likely the release date would be on 06/06/2011 as they did with first EVO 4G.

Dark_Blu says:

Waiting for the review with bated breath. First two accessories to get are extended battery and extended battery case (because neither from my EVO would work with the EVO 3D.

Gelst says:

Glad to see accessories coming out, I dont even think the EVO had accessories at launch.. Come on EVO 3D !

svargas05 says:

Of course there were accessories at launch for the Evo 4G.

There were several cases.

aoaleman says:

Awesome. This is a sign the release date is close! Thanks for this.

deltatko says:

Phil, was this reported to be in a Sprint store or did the source say?

My preorder is done at bestbuy as of Wednesday morning now it's the waiting game. Trust me this wait won't be long I predict June 3rd 2011 for the launch date since the number 3 is big on this device. I also believe that either this Friday or next Friday May 20 sprint will make it offical either way I am 100% ready to rock my new Evo 3d. My old Evo 4g has a caring buyer for 250.00 so the granddaddy of 4g will have a good home as well. The count down has began...

inuchan says:

I am so excited! It will be my love for a year till the next best thing comes out. Sorry Evo 4G your old news.

Awesome! Cant wait.

svargas05 says:

I get butterflies in my stomach......

lue4 says:

Hej guys,

found this today on youtube.
What do you think? Looks like a Nexus S for me?