Droid X (Xtreme) with Evo 4G and iPhone

It's been a few hours, so we should see another leak of the Motorola Droid X anytime now and -- oh, look, there it is.  That's it on the left, hanging out with the Evo 4G and an iPhone. We get another look what this all new Motoblur may look like, but we still have no real idea how useful it may end up being. All these leaks mean it must be getting close to launch, right? One more pic of it after the break. [Android Forums via BGR]

Droid X with the Droid Eris


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Droid X seen alongside the Evo 4G, iPhone, Droid Eris


If the EVO wasn't big enough than this comes along. Think I will pass on both and wait for a wee bit smaller one. Don't think I could carry around either one of these in my pocket comfortably.

You don't have to, the evo actually fits great in the pocket, its just thin enough to not be a problem. So unless you are a gay emo with skinny jeans (or a girl), it should be fine.

Every time I see people complain about the size of the EVO I laugh. If my Stepmother can walk around with a HD2 in her little hands and be blown away with how great it feels, I find it hard to believe that all these "men" seriously find it tough to carry around.

Hey maybe I'm missing something.

Yes, you are missing something. Most of these guys like TIGHT lady pants and like to bitch and moan about a phone that is like a month off from release.

Watch and wait.

It's really not that much bigger than the EVO, im kinda looking forward to it as long as the motoBlur has a off switch. Does anyone know what processor this will be rocking, dual core snappers hopefully..

Maybe its just me but, I'm used to carrying big things in my pants lol.

Let me just get this out there: I would absolutely get the X if it just ran stock Android. Everytime I see Motoblur in whatever form, I think to myself "well there's a phone I won't be buying." What a shame.

What's even worse is putting BLUR on a phone like this. The Droid X's horsepower and screen target a completely different segment than BLUR. BLUR is for social networking floozies who don't know how to use a real smartphone. You know, the kind of people who don't buy over-sized and over-powered phones like the DX.

With or without BLUR, though, I have to ask: what's the point? The DX is basically an EVO, minus 4G, minus a front camera, plus extra $$$$ on your bill (VZW vs. Sprint). I guess some people actually /enjoy/ throwing their money away.

From what I've read the newer version of MotoBlur is quite usable and should enhance the phone social networking capabilities. Also, MotoBlur can be removed from the phone without using customer roms or hacking to my knowledge. In regards to the statement in comparison of the Evo to the DX I still think the Evo is the overall better phone in terms of specs, but people who are using Verizon aren't throwing their money away. If everybody got "great" service from Sprint then yeah I think their customer churn would reflect that. Sprint is doing a great job with their marketing of the Evo and I hope it pays off, but I do believe that Verizon also does quite well in terms of overall coverage and for alot of people that's an investment worth making.

Do you have evidence to back this up, or is this your personal, shoot-from-the-hip insult that you read somewhere and decided to chime in to show your intelligence?

Stupid carrier remarks are just that - stupid. For my market, my needs, and my phone, Sprint is reliable and fast.

Now, go away.

you forgot to say better network, but u think the EVO is better than DROID X cause of the 4G, front camera?

Man!!!! DROID X outperforms EVO 4G, is really a speedy phone.

Ohh really?? You know this how? Yeah it's *supposed* to have a faster processor and stuff. But you know its a speedy phone and outpreforms the Evo because why? Because it isn't released yet and you haven't had any hands on time with it and there's no video footage of the phone. Wow, idiot...

At this point it is ridiculous to buy or not buy a Android phone because of the software it is or is not running, unless it is a year old and can not be updated due to hardware restrictions. With hard working folks at xda plus other sites, custom roms are out there to fit almost anyone's want or needs. To me at this point it should come down to the hardware and how it feels in your hand to you. If it feels good to you and you like it, buy it. You can load a custom Rom and make it the way you want it. Isn't that the idea of Android, to break free of the Steve Jobs take it or leave it way of life?

Because even the Droid Incredible doesn't have a public method to get root. So sure, you can call it open if you are able to flash your own roms, but they try to hard to break that ability.

Im new to android im coming from BB. I have been reading up on rooting of phones am i reading it wrong? Couldnt you root the phone and put sense UI on it?

The Droid X's screen appears to be larger than the EVO's... They're on the same plain, so I dunno what gives... Either way, that's one big phone.

I think it's just the angle and positioning of the phones/camera. If you measure with your fingers, the two screens actually seem to be nearly identical in size.

It's a 16:9 screen ratio as is with the Droid. This will make the screen appear taller and thinner in portrait orientation. the iPhone is a 4:3 screen ratio and I believe that the Evo is more like a 16:10 ratio. This Motorola phone is also higher resolution @ 854 x 480 versus 800 x 480 of the Evo (as is the Droid). This will work out great for future movie watching for anamorphic-ally adjusted movies and "Hi-Def" TV shows, scaled down to these resolutions.

Wow! The EVO and the DROID X sure make that iPhone screen look small.

The irony is that the iPhone screen isn't all that tiny, which just really puts it out there that these ANDROID devices are offering up some honking big screens.

Funny thing is, I've played with both the DROID Incredible (VZW) and the EVO (Sprint) at their retail stores and the screen - while considerably larger than that of my BlackBerry Tour 9630 - don't feel overwhelming to me at all.

Now fitting these puppies into your pocket comfortably; well - that might be a different story entirely.

Nonetheless, I still think I want an EVO!

Droid X has a 4.3 screen same as Evo. But it does look bigger in the pics. 2.1 is ok depending on how fast Motorola does updates. Or how fast it's rooted. What about physical keyboard? I like the phone but not Verizon. Verizon is the deal breaker.

Holy Mackerel! ...and some people thought the EVO was too big! This is definitely a phone that should be marketed for the "Big & Tall" man. I can see the adds now - Guys like Shaq holding a "little" iPhone 4 or a "normal" (for him) sized Droid X.

Lol big phone right there. It also looks like a bigger Droid... like fatter. We'll just have to see.

man I really wanted this device, I think I might stay with my Incredible because having that on my hip along side my EVO I would look weird.

While I'm here, I thought I also offer up a query (maybe even a future AC poll)...

At what point do these ANDROID device screens get so big that they stop being smartphones and begin to encroach on "tablet" territory?

I think 5". I cannot remember its name, but there is a device coming out with a 5" screen that is being billed as a mini tablet and cell phone. Someone knows what I am talking about, LOL

Why does everyone get all hot and bothered about Blur? Just install a new launcher like ADW and be done with it.

I love that the Droid X is much bigger than the EVO. People in Verizon talked down on the EVO claiming it was too big. Now they get a 4.3" screen device and its freakishly large.

Just to throw out there, even though the EVO looks big it fits good in my pocket, I thought the same thing....that it was gonna b two big n boy oh boy do I love my EVO

so you can disable blur and use a regular launcher? sold. i dont care about any new update speed or anything. i have FroYo on my Droid, and dont see the fuss honestly. The DX will be rooted soon enough, and all issues with blur will be erased. :)

Damn, a screen bigger than the Evo's??? Looks to me like it is a 4.4" or 4.5". That is one big phone

I voting its 4.3 and its the camera angle. Sense is the only UI over Android I can live with.

If you do not like the Moto/Shadow Blur you can always install a new launcher from the market a.k.a. LauncherPro to give you the stock Android look. Once this phone is rooted (and it will be), getting rid of the Blur apps and replacing them with stock Android .apk's will be cake.

What I don't understand is why Motorola makes their screens taller but skinnier. The proportions of the EVO screen are perfect IMO. Compare the Incredible with the Droid and you'll see that the Incredible's screen is wider but shorter than the Droid's (Both being 3.7 with different proportions). I perfer HTC's screen proportions much more than Moto's.

Droid Owner

because a 16:9 aspect ratio makes sense as far as movies and HD video is concerned. It is the perfect anamorphic screen.

is it droid X has bigger screen than evo? this one is pretty fucking sexy...and i like the physical button, absolutely a plus to me. so Droid X > evo

Is the same screen size as the EVO is just bcause of the physical buttons....that's why is taller

I would be much more inclined to buy the Motorola version than the HTC version , I am so sick and tired of the crappy battery issues with every single HTC phone I have ever owned , Motorola is far superior to HTC in almost every aspect , although I am still on the fence about a 4.3 inch screen and anyone who says thbat isnt to big is just fooling themselves , its not really a phone anymore , its closer to a tablet

Looks like a lot of people neglecting the screen's aspect ratio.

Droid was 854x480, while other HTC phones were 800x480.
I'd say it's the same here.

At the same 4.3", Motorola's screen is bit longer vertically and bit shorter horizontally.

They are NOT the SAME SIZE screen, even if they have the same 4.3" diagonal length.

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The Droid/Milestone had a real 16:9 aspect ratio thanks to that extra 54 pixels. I expect the DX to be 16:9 as well. 16:9 is a good thing, for a number of reasons.

I am tempted to buy the EVO, but widespread WiFi problems, plus now the news that the graphics are capped at 30 fps has made me hold back on buying the phone. I'm on WiFi much of the time. I'm watching to see if the problems are patched.

Also, it is my considered opinion that Motorola build quality is slightly better than HTC build quality, as the Motorola Android phones don't seem to have connectivity problems, which crop up in one form or another on almost every HTC phone.

On the other side of the coin, Motoblur is a deal killer for me if they are going to start putting that on every Motorola Android phone. I used to root my phones, but can't be bothered anymore (to each his own), so really don't want that social networking crap on my phone.

Okay, a couple things to keep in mind here.... Moto-blur is should not be a deal killer, just use another launcher, I recommend Launcher Pro (or Pro Launcher...it's fast, very fast. Super smooth app drawer).

And so far as ''connectivity problems'' are concern also keep in mind there the only problem is that the Evo doesn't have the same exact stats as the other phones. Us geeks like to compare everything to see 'whats best', but at the end of the day the only thing you have are a bunch of numbers that tell you things you never ever would have detected without careful measurement. The Wifi connectivity problems are only an issue if you are at a at the edge of your wifi signals limits anyway, a matter of a few feet or a closed door would likely have all of these devices performing nearly identically. That said I have experienced nothing but fantastic signal strength from my Evo.

Also, the '30 fps' cap is most assuredly because of software configuration, and I'd imagine it's more Sprint's doing than HTC. Froyo will likely fix this. Same for the wifi radio issues.

Not to say that Motorola doesn't build a fantastic robust phone, but, don't be swayed by a bunch of nit-picking nerds. That actual noticable difference between these devices in every day use are negligible.

We're nerds, we nit pick, it's what we do. Get whatever phone you want, they are all fantastic pieces of technology. Enjoy the one you get and don't obsess over your device not being perfect in every way. None of them are.

I already use Launcher Pro on my Droid. But I just don't want Motoblur on a phone I buy. No thanks. I prefer plain vanilla Android if I can get it. To each his own.

Re Connectivity problems:

Evo: I know some owners don't have problems, but many do, as the reports on the forums reflect. Some owners can't get more than 10' away from their router w/o losing WiFi signal. That is not the "edge of a WiFi limits". That is not acceptable.

Nexus One: 3G Connectivity issues due to the internal antenna -- a well documented problem. If you cover the bottom of the back of the phone with your hand, many N1 owners lose 3G signal. There are videos of this around.

Incredible: Grounding issue. When the phone is laying on some surfaces or in some car docks, when using the touch screen with one hand, and not touching the phone with the other hand, it is unresponsive due to improper internal grounding.

There is a lot to like about HTC phones, and I owned a G1 for a year, but there are well-documented connectivity issues with many HTC phones. It's just factual. You can consider this nit-picking. I don't.

I use wifi on my evo whenever I am at home and have never experienced the issues of a low signal. sure it reports a lower signal, but the important thing is that it always maintains it.

You guys make me chuckle, I moved from BB to an incredible and am very happy. I hope every manufacture make these kick ass phones all on android the only losers are apple and rim...I love all this new hardware, google will run the world! Thanks for making me chuckle with all your pissing contests.


Try em all, use the one you like best, and be thankful that others can do the same thing vs. one piece of hardware for all.

Although i like the device and specs IT'S TO DAMN BIG. I have a iPad for sitting back and doing what ever. I don't need a phone that is the size of a f'ing netbook. For God sakes.

OK, Just to drop my 2 cents in for shits and giggles. 1) everyone likes different size phone, i think it all depends on what size phone you are comfortable with. For me a 3.7 to 4.0 inch screens is good, a 4.3 inch screen is just to much screen for me. I have medium size hands. 2) the Droid X and the EVO 4g run at almost the same specs,the evo does use sense ui, the moto x is running on blur. BUT the Droid x is say to do video recording in 1080p witch is a plus on motos' side and it is said to have a front facing camera. For me a 4.3 inch screen is too big for my thumb to reach top to bottom.3) Pocket size all depends on the size of your pants.

South Plainfield and Piscataway on the screen. Nice to see Jersey get a free plug even if it was unnoticed. BTW Evo paved the way for these phones to go bigger and get away with it but any phone that doesn't have what the EVO has or something better equals fail. I know its early but Evo is Mike Jordan and all these other phones are every other player to follow.

Does this phone have a front facing camera ?? Some sites say no it doesnt ?? I agree however I think it is just to big , but if they pack in enough features and memory, it is getting to the point I can stop using my laptops LOL so I may just give this gigantic phone a try , its more appealing to me than the Evo , I am sick of HTC and there garbage battery life , I also think Motorola is a far more durable product that anything HTC makes , going to check this out when it hits verizon for sure !!

Does this phone have a front facing camera ?? Some sites say no it doesnt ?? I agree however I think it is just to big , but if they pack in enough features and memory, it is getting to the point I can stop using my laptops LOL so I may just give this gigantic phone a try , its more appealing to me than the Evo , I am sick of HTC and there garbage battery life , I also think Motorola is a far more durable product that anything HTC makes , going to check this out when it hits verizon for sure !!

Has anyone else noticed that the X appears to have a different launcher in these pics than the "ninjablur" launcher we've seen? Looks like helixlauncher.

If your going to walk around with this thing on your head you might as well just use an iPad the battery last longer it's just as thin and the screen is big. These phone are getting like rappers chains in the 90s FLAVA FLAV!!!