Droid Incredible BOGA offer

Now that they are finally back in stock, it looks like Verizon wants to push as many HTC Droid Incredibles out into the eager hands of the childr- .. err, consumers, as possible (to clear way for the HTC Merge perhaps?). As such, Verizon is treating the Sense phone to the same offer they blessed the Samsung Fascinate with when it launched back in September. To promote the deal, Verizon has updated one of their DInc commercials with the BOGA offer, which you can view past the break. [via Droid Life]



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Droid Incredible gets Buy one, get any offer


Or you could just get it from wirefly for 49.99. Works out way cheaper

Edit. Didn't notice its any phone nevermind

Wake me up when it is buy one service plan, get the second for free. Until then, a big YAWN to Verizon. Their buy one get one free is nothing but a scam to pump up your monthly bill. EVO.

Well if you NEED two phone its a great deal.

I think we all understand that someone needing only one phone isn't going to jump on this offer just for a spare phone.

Timing is smart on this, because lots of Families get or upgrade phones as kids go away to college.

With the exception of the kids call free promotion, there is on "Buy one Plan, get Any" option.

It's not a scam. If you need two phones, this is a great value. There are also a lot of customers who WILL NOT BUY a phone unless it is on bogo. Even if they dropped the price to $99, those customers would still avoid it until it's BoGo.

If I weren't with Sprint and didn't own this awesome Evo then the dinc would definetly be my choice on big red... not a big MOTO fan and HTC sense is the best skin by any phone brand ever...

Not exactly a scam. As a shareplan owner, I wish we had a bogo offer when I got my Since and she got her droid2. Coulda saved 200 bucks. Plus, if you have inlaws that never use their phones on your plan, and keep a phone for 4 years at a time, you can spend $200, deactivated the phones and deactivated the old ones and not pay the data plan, then sell two new phones on eBay for $500 a piece. You just use up phone upgrades for 2 years.

nice, for us hardcore VZW fans. with my corporate discount my bill is better than the same plan on Sprint. And you, or I rather, can't beat the service.

@ ace spades

Droid 2 is only 39.99 on wirefly.com thats new contract and upgrade. I never by phones from carriers directly (currently Sprint)

@ albokay

Lol! No kidding, don't get me wrong, I do like BlackBerrys I'm not a phone prejudice kinda guy, but after ALL the Droids available and being sold, I'm sure they have to move some BBs. After getting my mits on a D1 for 2 days I realized they make a better cobbler than a mobile device.

With 2 lines for upgrade, looks like I get an Incredible and an X! Makes the decision on. Which one to get much easier.

For those of you that think the free phone is a blackberry, its buy one get any. Means buy a dinc, get your choice of the verizon lineup free. That's android phones, blackberries, or any other phone they have. They get you on the whole have to get a dinc but then you could get the x or droid 2 or fascinate etc.