Droid Bionic teardown

Can't have a high-profile launch without a high-profile teardown, and the folks at iFixit have done their thing with the Motorola Droid Bionic. There's really nothing of any great surprise in here, though it's certainly confirmed that there's 16GB of internal storage (it's a SanDisk SDIN4C2-16G chip, if you must know), even if you can't access it all.

Hit the link below for more breakdown pr0n.

Source: iFixit

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moosc says:

Wonder if xooms 32internall memory would swap with bionics 16gb card?

aapold says:

I would have been shocked if the teardown did not in fact reveal smartphone parts and screws.

ksat says:

From the model number of that 16GB card, sdin4c2-16g, I can only assume it's Class-2 (slow!). How would a Class-10 card do in there? Would it have any significant speed improvement?? I would imagine it would - to some extent, at least.

moosc says:

Android os doesn't perform well above class 6. And class2 cheaper then class6.

ksat says:

Are you saying that the OS is responsible for read/write functions to the SD Card? I would have thought that's chipset code/functionality and wouldn't be limited to OS.

Regardless, seems silly to put a 1.5Ghz dual-core proc in then slow things down with a sub-par SD card. Kinda of like putting in a 8MP when 12MP cameras are all of $1.00 more per...

Wuffpack99 says:

Seems silly to fatten this guy up just for an 8MP camera. Why not go with 5MP and take 0.1" off??

moosc says:

Because 5mp is so yesterday. Id rather see the 12mp

Splendor says:

Ugh...Motorola is still using the same headphone jack contact springs. I'll never buy another Motorola phone until they change those connections to either a ribbon cable or soldered connections.

El Jefe says:

Good. More for me then.


kandiman1224 says:

Do not want!