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The long slog that is the Motorola Droid Bionic's road to release continues. First up is the video you see above, which gives a nice look at the speed within the new Philblur UI, as well as the live wallpapers and transition animations. Pretty standard stuff, but it's nice to whet the appetite some more.

And the boot animation is now available for installing on other devices, if that's your thing. You'll need to be rooted, of course, but the option's certainly there. Have at it.

Sources: Youtube, Droid-Life


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Droid Bionic again on video; boot animation available for other phones


everyone with Verizon has been waiting since CES (January) for this phone. by the time it comes out no one is gonna want it. Verizon takes too long to get the goods out to the people. speed it up guys! if you really want this phone, just go to Sprint and get the Photon. its essentially the same phone.

Whoa - that wobbly-ness is like straight from Compiz or Fusion or whatever the Linux peeps call it nowadays. Kinda cool to see on a phone...

This phone will blow away all current phones. I've waited and waited and will b a bionic the day before release.

I like the way everything is put together. I'm thinking of getting it as well on release day. however I'm still undecided whether or not I should wait for the Droid HD, vigor or Nexus prime. The specs on the Prime and Vigor is gorgeous.

I used to want this phone, but now it seems outdated. 8 months ago a 1GHz dual core processor, 4.3 inch qHD display, VGA front facing camera and Gingerbread 2.3.4 looked pretty slick. Today, they look like something you would get from a "buy 1 for $199.99 get one free" phone. Thanks Motorola and Verizon for releasing a phone that will be behind the curve before its actual release date :)Guess I'll just wait a few more weeks/months for the HTC Vigor, Nexus Prime or Droid HD.

You forgot one important thing: There's an LTE radio in it. That's the difference. If it didn't have an LTE radio, it WOULD have been released 8 months ago.
The HTC Vigor will have awful battery life, Nexus Prime is probably not going to be on Verizon, at least anytime soon, and the Droid HD will probably suck at battery life too. No idea on that one yet, but I can tell you that the Nexus and Droid HD will "most likely" not have LTE. That's the selling point of this phone, 4G LTE.
The basic hardware is, yes, 8 months old. But it's still the top on the market currently, and just a little faster CPU in the Vigor won't make a difference and in general HTC phones have terrible battery life. My friend is kicking himself in the ass for buying a Droid Incredible II instead of waiting out and getting a Bionic or just going Droid 3 or X2. It's still a great phone though, he loves it, but he only hates the battery life.

kind of reminds me of honeycomb when switching from one pane to another, with the edge glowing. I like that aspect of it.

If anyone freaks out about this bug and says that this phone will be terrible, they are mistaken. One bug for a feature that hardly any people use (it looks cool, but never really is practical, most people use the bottom bar or just switch really fast) isn't going to break a phone. Motorola will patch it, and most likely there will be an update as soon as we get the phone anyways, probably to patch that, any other little bugs they found, and/or the root that was discovered on the Droid 3.
Otherwise, I think this phone looks great, I can't wait to plunk down $300 (well I have NE2 so like $250) for this phone next week and pre-order it!