Droid 3 teardown

What man builds, man must also take apart. At least that's how it goes for the folks at iFixit (we're not letting them near our phones any time soon), who snagged one of them newfangled Motorola Droid 3s and have thoroughly disassembled it. And, low and behold, it's a smartphone. No real surprises -- it's a 4-inch Droid 3 with Gorilla Glass and a dual-core TI OMAP processor, plus all the usual screws, glue, transistors, diodes and vacuum tubes you'd expect in a modern-day smartphone.

Now if only they could have put it back together with an LTE radio inside.

Source: iFixit


Reader comments

Droid 3 torn down, contains snips and snails and puppy dog tails (and smartphone parts)


does anyone know where to buy the parts? i figure taking it apart is partially to show so people know how to replace things? i'm looking for the usb port for a D1, bought mine used and someone jacked it up

also, does anyone else have a problem staying logged into AC?

AC logs me out like a bank. It is ridiculous and they should fix it. How about forever as a login time?

I have already had the joy of replacing a digitizer on one of these by far the most simple to take apart of the 3 droids