Cox HTC Hero Android PhoneCox HTC Hero Android phone

When we brought your the first pictures of a Cox HTC Hero back in May, we were expecting it to only be a test device -- it's not a young phone, after all. But Cox has just launched its wireless service in a trio of markets -- in Orange County, Calif., Omaha, Neb., and Hampton Roads, Va. -- and the Hero the HTC Desire are among the new carrier's ranks.

The Desire's going for $69.99 after two-year contract and $100 rebate, and the Hero's just $49.99 after contract and rebate. Voice plans will start at $39.99, and, and unlimited data runs $30 a month. [Cox via Bloomberg]


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Cox...? Cox wireless... mmm... unless the phones comes with all cox channels.... lol wishfull thinking... but good job cox finally with cell phones out... lets see if they can perform with the big boys... 72$ish a month.... ok... but im guessing 10-20$ more for texting.... yeah... no...

Steb0ne says:

I believe they are partners with Sprint (as this has been in the works for a while)... hopefully that means Wimax is coming soon to those areas.

gvndeb60 says:

They have roaming agreement with Sprint.

gvndeb60 says:

Oh, and the press release lists 5 Android phones, you say 2.

Ohhhh sweeet... but why they have their own monthly plans..? So we get cox on our sprint phones.... lol?

Lol @ gvndeb60
Thats cool... sooo... were getting cox in our phones.... lol


xs11e says:

I don't see $70 as being competitive?

T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T all offer me plans at $10 - $15 less per month.

Dude its unlimited everything texting, web, gps, talking to cellphones, andbtv... so for 70$ thats good... i cant see any of the others beat that...

I live in Orange County & if I was dying for an HTC Hero, I would get Sprint's version.

jimmycinla says:

With CoX being an MVNO of Sprint does this mean Sprint might offer the Desire ? I'd like to see a 3.7" Android on Sprint soon!