Cosmos app for Android

Science! (But the app's a wee bit lacking.)

The reboot of science series Cosmos kicked off over the weekend, and there's already an Android app ready to bring a wealth of related content to your phone. Nestled within are video clips, supplementary reading, high-resolution images, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and a neat calendar which condenses the entire lifetime of the universe into 365 days.

The show is hosted by astrophysicist superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson, and though it's built to entertain, there's a lot to be learned about the stars and our planet. For those unfamiliar, Cosmos was originally a PBS special hosted by scientific luminary Carl Sagan in the 80s. It not only managed to explain astrophysics in a digestible way, but it also made the science interesting and inspiring.

Unfortunately, the Cosmos app doesn't support full episode viewing. You'll have to get FOX Now for that. Also, no love for Nexus 7 users, as the app is "optimized for most medium resolution tablets (16:10) with 8-inch 10.1-inch screens."

Did anyone catch the show live over the weekend? How'd you like the reboot?

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eahinrichsen says:

So what'd you guys think of the show? The first episode of any pop science series is always pretty broad and heavy on the "GUYS, SCIENCE IS REALLY REALLY NEAT," and this wasn't any exception, but I liked it. I'm pretty committed to watching the rest as they air, and not even bothering to wait for it to post on Hulu.

Edit: anybody else not getting sound in the app?

CMercs says:

Heck it's being broadcast on a hundred different channels (mild exaggeration). But it's definitely worth watching. I'm getting into it with my sons.)

chefmbeland says:

No sound for me either.. Can't even raise the media volume while in the app.

vansmack says:

No love for the Nexus 10 either, but I recognize that it's not a medium resolution tablet either.

ScottColbert says:

Just an FYI, Fox is saying they're working on a fix for tablets inclusing the N7.
" should work fine on your Nexus 7 (I'm looking at it on mine right now!) We're researching why the Play store is saying it isn't compatible. Thanks for your patience!"

As for the show, I enjoyed it, but fear it's going to be dumbed down from the original.

MetalMike901 says:

As a society that continues to be dumbed down, they have to meet the target audience I guess. If it was super smart, they'd lose most everyone. Sad but true.

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Warrenisit says:

Ding ding ding!

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jwyche007 says:

It's better than nothing so stop complaining. Fox easily could have done another stupid fucking reality/game show instead.

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ScottColbert says:

Who was complaining? I was making an observation dipshit.

MetalMike901 says:

Who's complaining? I'm glad to see it back on the air, per my comments below. Don't get your panties in a bunch now, k?

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kelayz says:

You guys seem to be arguing over nothing. All of my what

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FreudSlipped says:

The explanation of the "calendar" was pretty weak. I had to hit the pause button on the dvr and explain that to my wife and daughter.

CMercs says:

But I do hope that the one in the app is interactive. That would be COOL!

flychinook says:

I just lol'd, as I had to do the same for my wife. To be fair, she was doing something else on her computer, and didn't start paying attention until they mentioned what "day" the first flowers came to be.

Insp_Gadget says:

As someone who loved the original with Carl Sagan, I was eagerly anticipating this series reboot. I enjoyed the first episode. The updated visuals were great. I don't think Neal Tyson has the dramatic flair that Carl Sagan had, but he had his moments (Loved when he put his glasses on for the Big Bang.) I'm looking forward to seeing more.

MetalMike901 says:

Love this series rebirth and looking forward to the rest of the shows. It's highly refreshing that a TV show actually stimulates the mind to wonder and thought, instead of mindless drivel like 99% of programming. As an astronomy buff, I love this stuff.

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JDMR777 says:

I'll definitely be watching the show every week.

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deviatomic says:

Surprise, it won't install outside the US, in spite of being the largest global TV launch of all time.

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BLCoyote says:

-my intellectual property rights-

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TheMillsDad says:

Bugger! Was looking forward to installing this, but what a surprise no UK support. Shame as I loved Carl Sagan in the 80's and my 8 year old loves Bryan Cox's "Wonders of..." series.

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Pyroshane says:

I really enjoyed Bryan Cox's "The Science of Doctor Who" special but was not aware that he had a regular series. I will have to check it out!

eahinrichsen says:

Well shit, Wonders of the Universe isn't streaming on Netflix. That's a shame; I like Brian Cox a lot.

Really well done, especially with all the visuals. Also, I think Seth MacFarlane did all the voices for the animations. As he is an executive producer.

miknxn says:

Watched it with my daughter and loved it. HD visuals were awesome with the right screen. Giving the app a try. Tried last night when going to the website but it kept saying it wasn't available for my device at the moment but I guess it is as its installing as I type. Thanks for the play link AC. Looking forward to the show.



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neodoru says:

I love the show (made a tribute trailer with better music ), but the app sucks.
I'll make an interactive app in unity as a tribute.
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Ommadawn says:

Alas, neither the show, nor the app are available in my country...