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YouTube rolled out updates to both its Android and Google TV apps to let users control their TV YouTube experience from their phones in just one tap a while back. Users can essentially pair and control their Google TV viewing experience with any number of devices and manage a queue of upcoming videos. Be it your own devices or a friends, as long as they're on the same Wifi network as the Google TV box, the phones or tablets can be a controller for managing a playlist of videos on the big screen. It's a pretty neat feature to help with the social watching of videos in the living room, assuming that you or someone you know actually owns a Google TV.

Google is trying to fix that problem by announcing new partners for Google TV that will include this quick device pairing at CES 2013. Devices from Bang & Olufsen, LG, Panasonic and Sony will be shown off next week, with partnerships announced between Google and Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Vizio and Western Digital as well. These are really neat features provided people actually get to use them, and with a partner list like that we surely hope we see some compelling new devices.

Source: Official YouTube Blog

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S_C_B says:

I would love to my Vizio Smart TV to get the update.

emd2009 says:

This feature actually also works currently with the xbox 360 youtube app

BMIC50 says:

And my PS3.

firesteve828 says:

I use this feature all the time with my Vizio Co-Star and my nexus 10

galfert says:

All I want in the Sony NSZ-GP9 to finally launch. I wouldn't grip about something better but release it already please. The non-Bluray Sony was not good enough for me to replace my Revue. I want the mic on the remote feature. It would be nice if it supported Skype with a camera too.

bsharitt says:

Is this something different than the existing ability to control YouTube on my WDTV with my phone?

dannyB0i87 says:

Not sure how it works on Google tv but pairing with my Samsung "smart" tv is completely useless since I have to do it all over again every time after switching the tv off;/

I do something similar with my NeoTV using YouTube LeanBack. Also, I thought I posted this comment already, but I don't see it anywhere now.

This. I absolutely love this feature. It's great when you want to show someone a video real quick but don't want to have to go into the (admittedly poor) YouTube app on your TV.