Nexus 4 headphones

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Nexus 4 headphones - They could be yours if you win this contest!

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Contest winners: Nexus 4 headphones!


I purchased these thinking they were decent and wanted to replace my cheap pair with ones with flat cables.
Wow, these ear buds SUCK. The tips are horrible, the sound quality is BAD!
I've bought better ear buds for the same price, I'm pissed because I had to pay shipping and tax on it.

Man that sucks, I really wanted some so bad, do they fit Snug though? Well If the Sound sucks then its doesn't even matter at this point. My skull candy's work pretty good for me homie.

That's why I ordered skullcandy 50/50 from Amazon instead and got it for around the same price as these ones.

The sound quality is really great, as well the bass. However, when I wear them it feels weird because this is my first time experiencing this kind of headphones that actually goes inside the ear hole.

@Michelle Haag

Thanks for the announcement of the result of Nexus 4 headphones winners!!

Congratulations. It's a very exciting and creative event from androidcentral. Hope they will continue this type event more and more.

Thanks in Advance

A nice alternative are the Palm Pre earbuds. Pretty cheap and they sound good too. Not Palm branded either.

I wish I could say the Nexus headphones were great but they are far from it. They are the type of headphones that go in your ear and seal your ear canal. I personally hate these type of headphones most of the time because you cant hear anything around you, i can hear every step i take, and i can hear the cord brushing against my coat in my ear. Once the phones are jammed in your ear they sound average. They are inexpensive but they are not great.

Thanks Michelle, and Mobile Nations! They certainly look and feel better than twenty clams earbuds, and (n.b. to naysayers), after 12+ hours of audiophile burn-in, they sound really darn nice. Button control is consistent with Nexus simplicity: one-touch,easy to work, and works every time.