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How to improve your HTC One M9's battery life

HTC One M9 battery

A few simple tips and tricks to help your M9 last longer

Despite boasting a slightly higher-capacity battery than its predecessor, the HTC One M9 hasn't brought about a huge jump in battery life compared to the M8. There's still a lot of power-hungry hardware to run, and as such the M9 is good for about a day of use most of the time. Like most phones, more intensive use might have you reaching for your charging cable before the end of the day.

So how can you get more out of your M9's fixed battery, and solve any battery drain issues you might be experiencing? We've got a few tips for you after the break.

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1 month ago

AT&T pushes out small over-the-air update for its Samsung Galaxy Note 4


AT&T has a small update that's currently rolling out for owners of its Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, with a number of minor changes and fixes.

The download size is just 142MB but AT&T still requires that Galaxy Note 4 owners grab it via their Wifi connection rather than from their cellular network.

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1 month ago

T-Mobile begins pushing out Lollipop update for LG G2


LG G2 owners will be pleased to know that T-Mobile has finally started pushing out the Lollipop update.

Nearly one month after entering carrier testing, T-Mobile has started the roll-out of the Lollipop update for the LG G2. The update is now pushing to devices, bringing them up to Android 5.0.2, with software version D80130b. Included in the update is Google's new Material Design, along with new notification handling, Smart Lock, and much more.

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1 month ago

First look: The HTC One M9+, in pictures

HTC One M9+

With the HTC One M9 already available in much of the world, we take a quick look at the India-bound M9+, with a dual camera, fingerprint scanner and Sense 7 on board.

The HTC One M9+ — India's modified version of the HTC One M9 was just announced, and we've taken a brief look at it. Basically think M9 with "an all new Duo Camera" that features a 20-megapixel f/2.2 main sensor with sapphire lens cover, a fingerprint reader on the front (splitting up the lower of the dual BoomSound speakers), and HTC Sense 7, all powered by an eight-core MediaTek Helio X10 processor.

The front-facing camera is still the HTC UltraPixel model, and pretty much everything else has the same look and feel.

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1 month ago

The affordable Honor 4X launches in the UK, listed on Amazon for £145


Honor today announced the release of the Honor 4X in the UK. The affordable smartphone with a 64-bit processor is listed on Amazon for £144.99.

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1 month ago

HTC launches One M9+ in India, One E9+ also makes its debut in the country


HTC is betting on its quad-HD devices — the One M9+ and One E9+ — to counter the Galaxy S6 in India, which is currently available in the country for ₹49,900.

The One M9+ is scheduled to go on sale in India from May 3, with pricing at ₹52,500. Considering that HTC isn't going to make the One M9+ available in Western markets, it makes sense for the Taiwanese vendor to launch the handset in several Asian countries. At this stage, there's no word as to when the standard One M9 will make its way to the country.

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1 month ago

Here are the Android 5.1 OTA update links, and how to use them


Now that Android 5.1 (still Lollipop) has been officially announced with a few new features and presumably a bunch of bugfixes, it's time for the updates to begin. As always, that starts with Nexus devices. And that means we can speed the updates along a little bit, if we're so inclined.

If you're the kind of nerd who doesn't mind a little sideloading or factory image action, go ahead and bookmark this page. We'll update it as the links roll in. Be sure to check your software versions before starting. And if you need help, hit up our Nexus forums!

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1 month ago

Should I upgrade from the Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy S6?

Galaxy S6 and S5

A year removed from the Galaxy S5's launch, more than a few people are asking about the upgrade to the GS6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is absolutely the hot new phone out right now. And while plenty of people are considering upgrading from whatever phone they have, the folks with a Galaxy S5 in their pocket are particularly intrigued. The GS6 isn't just an incremental update from the GS5, boasting better hardware, screen resolution and internal components along with new features. Most importantly for many, the GS6 has dramatically improved the camera experience as well.

But no matter the improvements in experience, it's not always a guarantee that the new version is worth the direct upgrade when most people have had the Galaxy S5 for less than a full year — let us help you make that decision.

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1 month ago

Lollipop update rolling out for Verizon LG G3


The Lollipop update for the LG G3 on Verizon is available right now through the Verizon software upgrade tool on Windows computers, and the over-the-air update should follow shortly.

Verizon has updated the LG G3 support page with details about the Lollipop update for the device. When the website gets updated it usually signifies an over-the-air release of the update is coming. Some users have already been able to download and install it from the Verizon software upgrade tool, which unfortunately only works on Windows-based computers.

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1 month ago

Sharp announces insane 5.5-inch 4K display with pixel density of 806ppi


Sharp's 4K panel is set to enter mass production in 2016, and will likely make its way to flagships next year.

Now that QHD displays are here, manufacturers will undoubtedly be looking to offer screens that offer even more pixels per inch. Samsung has hinted at launching a handset with a 4K display in 2015, and now Sharp has unveiled its 5.5-inch IGZO 4K panel that offers a pixel density of 806ppi.

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1 month ago

We go hands-on with the Huawei SnapTo


Huawei has recently announced the SnapTo and we got to play with it for a few minutes at a media event in New York. The Huawei SnapTo is an unlocked LTE Android device with some decent specs for under $200. It supports LTE for T-Mobile, AT&T, along with smaller wireless service providers.

Want to see it in action? Check out our Huawei SnapTo hands-on video.

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1 month ago

Top accessories for the Moto X (2014)


A phone can be awesome all on its own, but when you bring accessories to the party, it can reach new heights.

While users could certainly just buy a phone and have that be the end of it, if you want to help get the most out of your Moto X, there's a few accessories you should consider investing in beyond a simple case. And after our months with the Moto X, here are the accessories that we believe can take your Moto X experience to the next level.

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1 month ago

LG G4 preview: Everything we know so far

LG G4 leak

Thanks to a slow trickle of info from LG — and a torrent of new details from a leaked microsite — we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the company's biggest smartphone release of 2015 — the LG G4.

The LG G4 is almost upon us. The Korean company has been announcing some of its next flagship's headline features over the past week, and more recently a leaked (and only partially complete) microsite for the phone dropped even more info on us.

Between all the various details emerging online, the G4 is slowly starting to come into focus, and we've brought all the information you need to know — both official and unofficial — into this extensive preview. Join us after the break.

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1 month ago

In pictures: Is this the LG G4?


A collection of LG G4 images from the recent microsite leak

Thanks to the leaking in full of an apparent LG G4 Korean microsite we have a pretty good idea what to expect from LG's next flagship phone. As the leaked site likely won't stay online forever, we've collated just about all the leaked G4 images, and present them below for your perusal. Behold, our best look yet at what might be LG's leather-clad 2015 flagship...

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1 month ago

LG G4 apparently outed in new pics — with a few serious caveats on the specs


And there she be, folks. The LG G4, as outed a wee bit early on a mostly official-looking microsite.

The LG G4 has been unveiled in drips and drabs by LG over the past week, but today it's been outed in full. Sort of. The listed specs appear to be a mix of what's already known confuddled with something that resembles the LG G3. So take things here with a bit of a grain of salt. (The pictures, however, look pretty good.)

Anyway. Here's the deal:

Mentioned is a 5.5-inch "Quantum" display, (which brings to mind the new tech LG's using on its 4K TVs announced at CES earlier this year). Note that [when LG announced its new mobile display tech on April 2](quantum jump in terms of key features), it only mentioned a "quantum jump" in color and other features. So that sort of lines up, maybe.

The phone's also reportedly sporting a rear 13-megapixel camera with f/1.8 lens — again, that aperture is already known — with dual flash, laser focus and optical image stabilization. But the total resolution is listed in this leak is in conflict with LG's own release, which lists 16 megapixels.

One spec listed that almost certainly has to be incorrect — which certainly makes you wonder how much else is a placeholder or simple made up — is the mention of the G4 running Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat and not Android 5.x Lollipop. So, again, we're really taking what's noted with a pretty big grain of salt at this point.

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