ComScore has released its latest round of data, which tracks the smartphone market during the months of May, June, and July of 2011. During this time period, 82.2 million Americans owned a smartphone, up 10 percent from the previous three month period. Google’s Android remains the top smartphone platform with a 41.8 percent market share, which represents a growth of 5.4 points from the previous three months. Apple’s iOS comes in second with 27 percent, while RIM and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 represent 21.7 and 5.7 percent respectively.

Hardware wise, Samsung remains king, with 25.5 percent market share, with LG coming in second with 20.9 percent. Motorola is third with 14.1 percent market share, a drop of one point for the recently acquired manufacturer. Apple and RIM round out the market with 9.5 and 7.6 percent respectively. Remember that this data represents both feature phones and smartphones, which may explain why HTC, which produces smartphones only, is curiously absent from the data.

Among features used by consumers, text messaging is still on top, with 70 percent of smartphone owners reporting usage. Internet browsing and app downloads are both up with 41.1 and 40.6 percent usage respectively. ComScore’s full report is available at the source link.

Source: ComScore


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ComScore data confirms that Android, Samsung remain kings of the mobile market


I use Samsung, myself, but I find it odd HTC isn't on that first list. Haven't they had record sales resently?

On the other hand, now that I look at it, this is looking at all phones from the manufacturer, not just Android phones. And Samsung has a pretty significant proprietary collection.

Not odd at all. The ones on the top are manufacturers who make both smartphone AND dumbphones. The reality is that dumbphones still make up a HUGE % of the mobile market. *shrugs* Not everyone gives a crap about having a smart phone...and I'm starting to get there. If physical keyboard devices up and totally vanish from the market I will go back to s dumb phone then continue to use a v-soft keyboard. I hate then THAT much.

i call bullshit. Pretty sure HTC is the number 1 android phone maker and they are not even on the list?? i dont get it.

That was my question initially. On the other hand, HTC only makes Android and WP7 phones, if I'm not mistaken. Samsung makes both, plus has a huge feature phone market.

Considering that HTC only makes smartphones, I would say the chart is right. The top clearly says it is for smartphones & non-smartphones.

You also have to realize that the top 5 only account for 77.6% of the market so HTC sales are accounted for, but just aren't enough to make the top 5 manufacturers of ALL mobile phones. They would be under 7.6% with all the other manufacturers not in the top 5 (Sony, Nokia, etc.)

HTC is not the biggest Android company. Samsung is the biggest Android company. They also make dumb phones and have their own smart phone OS called Bada that does nothing in the USA, but has a strong presence overseas.

I'm thinking this can't be right. I'm no fan of apple, but how can they have a 27% of the market share in operating system but only 9.5% of hardware? I know there are tons of simple feature phones out there, but this seems a little... off.

The first list is all phones. The 2nd list is only smartphones. That's why there is a big difference.

Most people actually don't have smart phones.

Watch Apple panic and start suing individual owners of Android handsets. You owe us money because....umm...ummm your phone plays music and we invented devices that play music on the go!! PAY UP!!

Hey if if works for the RIAA and porn industry.....

This will change drastically when the iPhone releases on all carriers (if the rumor is true). Just saying that so we all don't have heart attacks when new numbers are released. Hype drives Apple sales, the mainstream media will hype that like no tomorrow.

Here's hoping GSII and Nexus Prime can help put a damper in that though.

I'm pretty sure they said that about the iPhone coming to Verizon. Granted it was not a completely new device but Sprint is not going to make a huge difference. Will there be people that upgrade from an Android device to iOs? Yes, most definitely but it's not going to make a huge difference. The fact of the matter is that Sprint has arguably the best Android lineup right now and adding iOs for those that want that is not going to be a bad thing. I like Sprint to gain new customers, their customer service is fantastic and their pricing is A+ compared to the others.

Personally, I don't care who number one is. It doesn't have an effect on my user experience so long as we aren't doing as bad as webOs.

I don't think the iPhone coming to Sprint or T-Mobile will do much. People who really wanted the iPhone largely swichted to AT&T. A few waited for Verizon, but the iPhone did not sell very well on Verizon. Android will continue to destroy iOS.