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CNN Android app for smartphones

We knew CNN could make an Android app -- our headline "CNN's Android tablet app a model of how to present an overflow of news" on the Honeycomb app pretty well summed that up, if we do say so ourselves. But one thing that was missing was a companion application for smartphones. That hole has now been filled.

CNN just released its Android smartphone application. And it's just about the perfect mix of overkill of breaking news, video, still images -- and the all-important "iReport," or the ability to document news yourself and sent it in. (No, we will not call it "citizen journalism.")

The application is as intuitive as it is overwhelming. You're greeted with a host of news in a number of categories -- top stories, U.S., world, politics, justice, entertainment, tech, health, living, travel and opinion -- and those are just for CNN's Lindsay Lohan coverage. (Zing!)

You have easy access to CNN's treasure chest of videos, though you'll have to sit through a 5-second advertisement to watch them. There are ads embedded in the stories, too, but they're not intrusive.

There's also the ability to share stories via e-mail or through the usual social networking sites you might have linked to your phone, or you can go a step further and link them directly to the CNN application.

All in all, it's a great news app from a great news organization. Our only complaint thus far is that it took so long to get it. Check out our video review and grab the download links after the break.

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Reader comments

CNN app for Android phones


I've been waiting for this. I don't see a download link and can't find it in the market though. Is it Gbread only?

It's really no contest. I prefer FOX news for content, but this CNN app STOMPS all over FOX News android app. Since the last update the Fox news app is a broken shell of it's former self. Part of it is that as much as I like FOX, they are Apple whores...I also imagine that Rupert is going to bring The Daily to Android and he wants to charge us for news, so it's only natural that they would break their free app.

I'm a die hard Republican but unfortunately most Republicans are Apple zombies and FOX is no exception(just check out their BB Playbook "review") Calling it a review is being kind as it's more like gadget propaganda. Oh well, I'll take a more liberal take on my news if it comes packaged in a beautiful Android app like this one CNN has produced. It really sucks too: Conservatives have no idea the disservice they are doing to their cause by being so biased towards Apple. They are throwing away the largest platform out there and ceding the territory to their competitors(both financially and politically) without even realizing it. They are drunk on Apple juice and are going to wake to a terrible hangover one of these days.

I'm glad you feel so qualified to proclaim what tech company "most" Republicans are loyal to, and also to use the word "they" quite liberally.

If only all of us felt so qualified to pass mass judgements without the basis of fact.

just my own personal opinion based on my own personal experiences. Sorry it butthurt you so much.

It's just been my experience that my fellow Republicans think Google is some huge evil corporation run by hippies that are out to mine your personal data and give it to Obama and his DNC operatives. They also think Google wants to someday rule the world and turn it into one huge communist run commune.

By contrast they think Steve Jobs is some self made all American entrepreneur who is the epitome of the American way and protects them thru his walled garden and would never violate their privacy. It's actually some pretty sick shit. And you can point out all day long how liberal he really is and how he is a former hippie himself and they will hear none of it. Drunk on Apple juice.

I'm still amazed every day that I can sit in a room with 20 Republicans and agree on most everything politically but when the subject of Google or Apple comes up I want to start kicking the shit out of each and every one of them.

FWIW, I use the word "they" because when it comes to Google vs. Apple, I do not agree with them. When it comes to politics, then it is "we".:)

Weird... around my locale, iPhone = Democrat. I don't know anyone who owns an iPhone and claims to be anything other than Democrat, and usually the slightly fanatical, "my party can do no wrong" sort of Democrat.

Maybe it's a regional thing or something. All I know is I catch major flack from conservatives...they act like I'm some kind of traitor. If one more of them tells me to sell my Xoom and get an iPad I'll knock their block off :) One that really pisses me off is Matt Drudge. That guy posts links to hit pieces on Google almost weekly while at the same time advertising his iPad and iPhone apps. I've emailed him countless times about an Android app and never received a response even tho he's responded to me about other topics.

You really havent figured it out? Gosh... It couldnt have anything to do with the lord and sav... er, I mean Rush Limbaugh, going public with stories about how "Google is in bed with the Obama administration" and "Google, George soros, and Satan in three-way alliance to turn world into socialist hellhole" Um, i mean, to promote network neutrality, which is akin to communi/fasci/socialism, which as we all know is akin to hell.

Where have you been?

It makes sense that cons would gravitate towards Apple. They love authoritarians and in the tech world Jobs is an unrivaled authoritarian (perhaps with stiff competition from Larry Ellison). If Ayn Rand were around today, she's probably make a Job-like character the hero of Atlas Shrugged.

I cannot for the life of me get this app to work on my Evo with CM7 Stable. It goes into the app fine, and I can see the "CNN Headlines" at the top and "Top Stories, U.S., World...etc" but down below where the content should be I just get the spinning loading icon, but nothing ever loads. I also noticed that absolutely nothing loads in the widget, it is just a blank rectangle.

Is anybody else experiencing this problem? I always visit and would love this app to work on my phone!

Edit: Ok now it seems to be working. Nothing changed so I am not sure why it didn't work for those few hours. The widget still won't show anything though...


My expectations were high, based on the glowing review, but I was sorely disappointed with the app. To me, it seems a cluttered hodge podge heavily dominated by video reports.

To each his own, but I much prefer written reports, with an occasional video, where the subject warrants viewing. I will stay with the CBS, USA Today and Fox apps.

News for the illiterate.

I have never understood why you would want to watch a talking head read you something that you could read faster yourself.

If you want news at least an hour before CNN gets around to telling you about it just follow @breakingnews on twitter.

Google News for me. That and several key news sites overseas for an international point of view. RSS is great for this in your favorite RSS reader.

Anyone who limits their news to a single source in this day and age is crazy. Especially with the shenanigans CNN has been caught at over the last few years.

It has both. There's a text report and if you choose, you can click on video. I didn't know there were RSS snobs out there. I guess there are snobs for just about anything.

This is great news. What would be better is the Wall Street Journal getting off thier "you know whats" and do the same thing.

Where the bloody hell is the BBC app for Android? It was promised to us last year. Seriously, shame on you BBC, letting CNN beat you to it and supporting iOS only.

My favorite news channel app is the MSNBC one. Good looks and has worked just fine on my stock Samsung Fascinate. I can even get my Rachel Maddow fix on it.

I d/l this app and like it basically but I had to uninstall it. It kept my GPS on searching my location I'm guessing looking for local stories or weather updates. Too bad but the EVO battery is bad enough w/o this problem.

whoever wrote the review must be getting paid by CNN or something. The App is absolutely 100% terrible and in most cases force-closes on any device I've tried it on (Nexus One, Xoom, Galaxy S, etc...)

works great on my Galaxy S Fascinate! Videos stream perfectly and moving throughout the app works great.
In regards to other news apps....none are any better than the other in terms of reporting. They all put their own personal spin on stories and as with anything (tv, print, internet) don't believe everything you read as final and complete. Too many people are too gullible and don't realize that aside from video, news stories are merely one reporters (or one new organizations) PERSPECTIVE. I don't spend a lot of time watching/reading the news because it's all about ratings and shock value. They never report about all the good that goes on in a community, town, country, etc. It's all doom and gloom or nothing and imo, I've got enough to worry about in my own life to let endless negativity from news organizations from around the world affect me.
I keep CNN, Fox, MSNBC, AP, and a few local news apps on my device and lightly breeze through them in my spare time. They all have some good things to offer, but in the end its all drama.

I use Pulse a lot, but I also have used the MSNBC app and will probably use this new CNN app. That's the great thing about these devices, you have a choice and it's not either/or. I'm not sure why people have to turn everything into a pissing contest when you can have your cake and eat it too. I guess that's human nature.

Anyone else wondering why this app requests the permissions it does - like phone calls - read phone state?

It really likes to keep the GPS running too...

Reading phone state is not that big of a deal. It has to know to shut up when a call comes in.

GPS running is because they try to filter in local content/ads.

If it can't get a good enough fix it keeps running. Lots of apps make the mistake of waiting for a precise fix, when all they need is a very rough one (town level is enough). But in this case it looks like a genuine bug, as some reports say the GPS keeps running even after you shut down the app.

The CNN app is crap! Developed a problem several updates ago where once you open an article it freezes up when you go back to the main page. Are you stupid CNN? Can you really not fix this?