Chameleon Launcher garnered quite a bit of attention when it first launched for tablets. Its widget centric UI may not be for everyone, but it's different, and makes great use of tablet screen real estate. There has been talk of a phone version coming to market, and the developers, Teknision, have recruited for private alpha testers of the product. But, how well will it work on a phone? 

Android Central @ CES

Some of the curiosity is laid to rest, as on the official developer blog the first video footage of Chameleon for phones is shown off. It looks pretty interesting, and might surprise some as to how well it transitions to the smaller screen. They show it running on the Galaxy Note 2 and the Nexus 4, and highlight features such as the scrollable app tray, and folders. 

To get to the phones, you need to skip ahead in the video to 1:52. Before that though, Teknision shows off some new features surrounding folders on the tablet version. 

As we mentioned, Chameleon for phones is in a private alpha testing stage at present, but Teknision hopes to release a public beta to their Kickstarter supporters of the app soon. Additionally, the developers are present at CES 2013 in Las Vegas this week, showing off the product in person.

Source: Teknision


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Chameleon Launcher for phones finally shown off on video


Looks pretty cool actually. It needs to be cheaper and have a free version though before it can be widely adopted. I know I won't but it without a free trial. I use nova prime now but never would have bought it if they didn't have a free version.

My thoughts exactly. I'd really like to give it a try, and I don't mind paying for it if the performance is good, but I'm not going to spend money on an app with such terrible reviews without having the chance to check it out first.

Looks kinda cool, but it also looks like it will take you approximately 7.5 hours to set up your tablet UI...

I was a kickstarter backer for Chameleon. I loved the look of the launcher and how it worked. I quit using it because of the lack of widgets. No new widgets have been created by the company for quite some time and the music player widget has never been released. I wish they would focus on native widgets before deciding to expand to phones. It is going to be hard to get people to buy Chameleon the way it is now.

You summed up my thoughts exactly.

I got it and was very underwhelmed with the available widgets. More current reviews still show that the launcher is still slow on many devices. Issues like slowness and lack of widgets need to be addressed before moving to phones.

True. They haven't created new widgets in awhile. But there's a new create your own option. And Chameleon now allows using other widgets. Personally, I prefer mixing the two instead of the original, totally flat look.

I'll admit that I found an .apk and sideloaded it on to my N7 to see what Chameleon is all about. I'm glad that I didn't pay to find out as I deleted it after all of 10 mins of tinkering. It's a great idea and the videos make it really compelling but it's just not ready for primetime and the initial cost without a trial is just plain stupid. Then again the developers might know that so that's why there is no trial, nobody will pay for it otherwise.